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Can BTech Graduates Apply for IIT JAM? - Clear Your Doubts Here! (FAQ)


IIT JAM After Btech




IIT JAM Exam is one of the most famous exams among graduates from the science field. It is an exam which provides an opportunity for aspirants to take admission in some of India’s Top Colleges for their Master’s in Science Courses.


The IIT JAM Exam is conducted for those students who have completed their B.Sc. in some related field. Due to its popularity, aspirants from different courses have also shown interest in this exam and candidates from Engineering field are the most common among them. Is IIT JAM for Engineers as well?


Since the exam provides you an opportunity to get into famous colleges like IITs and IISC Bangalore, many aspirants from Engineering field are keen to know about their eligibility for IIT JAM Exam. Lots of questions are asked by the Engineering candidates about the exam. Are you an Engineering Student? Are you confused whether to go for IIT JAM or not? If Yes, then this is the blog, created for just you.


To start with all the FAQ’s, let’s have some basic knowledge about the exam.



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Courses You Can Join Through IIT JAM Exam


It is a common misconception that IITs are for Engineering Courses only and JEE and GATE are the only exams to get into these colleges. But as said before, it’s just a misconception. The IITs offers lots of other courses as well.


Through IIT JAM, you can take admission in the IITs and IISC for the courses like M.Sc., Ph.D., M.Sc.-Ph.D. Dual Degree Course. So, if you are interested to pursue a career in Pure Science and Research, then this is the right exam for you.



Eligibility for IIT JAM after BTech.


If you are an engineering graduate, wondering about JAM then you must be aware of the Eligibility for IIT JAM after BTech. We will not discuss the details here but if you are interested in getting the complete information, then you can click on – IIT JAM Eligibility Criteria.


In short, to become eligible for the exam, you must have scored at least 55% in your graduation degree if you are from GEN/OBC category. If you are from SC/ST or PWD category, then you must have scored at least 50% in your BTech. Now, the question arises, which engineering branches are eligible for the IIT JAM Exam? Some graduates are eligible, and some are not, depending upon their graduation branch.



Frequently Asked Questions by Engineering Graduates


There are lots of questions which comes to mind while deciding, whether to go for IIT JAM Exam or not. If you are an engineering student, then it is quite obvious that you will also have some queries. There are many questions flooding on the internet related to IIT JAM after BTech. And our expert team has tried to answer almost all the major ones. Let’s check them below.



Question 1.) Are Engineering graduates eligible for IIT JAM?


Answer.) The answer regarding the above question simply depends upon the branch in which the aspirant has completed his/her bachelor’s degree. If you’ve studied the essential subjects for a given duration of time, then yes, you are eligible for the exam.



Question 2.) How difficult is IIT JAM Exam for engineering graduates?


Answer.) This is a question which comes to the mind of every engineering graduates who are willing to appear in this exam. Is IIT JAM for Engineers tough? Well, the exam can be a little difficult for the engineering students as compared with students form B.Sc.


You can understand this more easily through the following example:


Suppose, you are a graduate from branch Electronics and Communication and you are willing to go for the IIT JAM Physics. Now, throughout your graduation, you have studied deeply in electronics covering all the diodes, transistors and circuits.


But Physics is not about the electronics only. Electronics is a part of Physics. And the IIT JAM exam is more focused on core Physics. So, those who have completed their B.Sc. in Physics, have an upper hand in this. But with complete dedication and efforts, you will be able to crack this exam easily.


Yes, it is tough, which exam is not? The opportunities after IIT JAM Exam are immense and you have to make efforts to crack the exam because nothing comes easy. For a little inspiration, read the story of Vaibhav Sharma who being an Engineer cracked the IIT JAM Physics Exam with AIR - 3. Read it Here



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Question 3.) Difference between Gate and JAM? Which one is better?


Answer.) The Graduate Aptitude Test (GATE) and the Joint Admission Test (JAM) serves nearly the same purpose, which is to provide an opportunity to the graduates who are willing to pursue their master’s from the IITs and other top colleges. Now, the question arises, which one is better for engineers? IIT JAM for engineers or GATE?


Now, the answer depends purely on the aspirant’s desire. If you are unable to decide, then you should ask yourself the following questions:


Are you interested in switching from technology field to pure science?

 Do you want to pursue your masters or Ph.D. in science from India’s top colleges?

 Are you looking for an option other than GATE to get into IITs?


If your answer is Yes, then IIT JAM is surely a better option for you. The IIT JAM Exam is comparatively a little easier as compared to the level of GATE.

But there is another aspect. What if your answer is No to the above questions or you are just confused between GATE or IIT JAM? If you are an engineering student, then GATE will be a better option for you. GATE not only provide the opportunities for MTech. But also, it’s scorecard is mandatory in getting you a job at various PSUs and other Government Organizations. So, make your decision wisely.



Question 4.) Being an engineering graduate, how can I prepare for IIT JAM?


Answer.) The IIT JAM Exam is not an easy exam to crack. It will take lots of efforts and dedication. But sometimes, hard work cannot assure the ultimate success. To crack the exam, you must be able to do the smart work along with the hard work. To study smart, you will need the best IIT JAM Preparation Tips.


Going for a good coaching institute can really help you in your preparation for IIT JAM. But smartness is, to go for a good study material and prepare at home. Joining some coaching in a big city is always challenging for students who are not residents of that city. The accommodation charges, coaching fee can prove to be costly and time-consuming.


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