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How Difficult is IIT JAM – Reason Why It's Toughest M.Sc Entrance Exam

IIT JAM Difficuly Level


IIT JAM is the dream exam for almost all the candidates who want to pursue master’s degree in India. “How difficult is IIT JAM?” – This question keeps haunting B.Sc Candidates. To help you with this, Eduncle has come up with this blog.


The journey of the IIT JAM may be hard as candidates have to sacrifice many things. Don't GIVE UP. The beginning is always the hardest. Success rewards those who work hard.




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Number of Candidates Appeared in IIT JAM Yearwise – 2015 to 2021


The competition is huge. And also, the difficulty of IIT JAM Exam and No. of Candidates are increasing exponentially. In this section, let's analyse the no. of candidates that appeared in IIT JAM Exam in last few years.


Year No. of Candidates Appeared (Approx.)
2015 25,000
2016 45,000
2017 54,654
2018 55,498
2019 66,958
2020 60,972+
2021 62,654


The above table shows that the no. of candidates is increasing every year which means that chances to crack Joint Admission Test is getting lower year by year.


There are numerous reasons why many aspirants are attracting towards this exam. Many candidates are willing to extend their area of knowledge in Research and Scientific field through the admission into higher education courses in top colleges of India.


Yes, Competition is Increasing – But Success Favors the Brave!



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How Difficult is IIT JAM – In Terms of Selection Ratio


JAM is a tough nut to crack, this is not because of the difficulty level of the questions. Of course, the question asked in the JAM Test are not easy. But IIT JAM is tough because the selection ratio is very low.


Let’s take some data to understand better -


In 2017, 11512 candidates appeared in IIT JAM Chemistry and only 889 seats were available in all the colleges put together (15 IITs, 16 NITs, and 2 CFTIs) which means a Selection Ratio of 7.72%.


As per the given analysis, there is no doubt that the competition as increasing. Despite the increased competition and candidates, the no. of seats remains the same every year (more or less around 1500).



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Difficulty Level of the JAM Test Paper – Last Year’s Comparison


According to the IIT JAM Analysis and Expert Reviews, we have found that JAM 2020 was of moderate level as like 2019 Exam. Below we have listed the difficulty level of the last few year's IIT JAM Exam.



Year Level of difficult
2016 Moderate
2017 Moderate
2018 Difficult
2019 Moderate
2020 Moderate
2021 Moderate



IIT JAM – Last Year Trend of Cutoff


The marks required to qualify IIT JAM Exam is always a topic of speculation. In this post, we have decided to give insights into last year's trend of Cut-Off Marks. You can check the last 5 years IIT JAM Cut Off to get analysis of difficulty level of exam.



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Difficulty Level of the Questions Asked in Joint Admission Test


As per the IIT JAM Exam Analysis, conceptual and tricky questions are asked in the exam, which makes the paper little different from the previous trends. In 2020 and 2019 exams, formula-based questions held more importance. This made candidates struggled in JAM Exam.


In 2020, the NAT section was quite lengthy & time-consuming and there were some tricky questions in the MSQ’s section, which made paper little harder as compared to previous papers.



How Difficult is IIT JAM from Undergraduate Exams?


Generally, for any competitive exam the toughness, as well as competitiveness, decreases as one goes up in the hierarchy i.e. Undergraduate exam being the toughest and the Postgraduate being the easiest out of all.


The reason behind this theory is that no. of candidates scatters into the different field as they progress in life. Just in case, after completion of UG many candidates get a job, they will not prepare for the PG Entrance Exams.


JAM Exam is lesser known exam as compared to JEE, CAT, GATE etc. It is not even as competitive as them. Maybe, because pure sciences don't attract masses as much as other fields do.


Now let’s compare the IIT JAM Exam with other exams through which you can get admission in IIT’s.





Even though IIT JAM and IIT JEE look similar, there are certain key differences between these two exams.  If we talk about the difficulty level, IIT JEE is tougher than IIT JAM.  Unlike JAM, IIT JEE is conducted in two stages involving JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.





GATE and IIT JAM both are the Post Graduate Level Exams for admission in IITs. But if we talk about the difficulty level then we must say, GATE is tougher than IIT JAM.





Both the exams are popular for M.Sc Exams. The basic difference is that after cracking the JEST Exam one cannot get admission in IIT. JEST Exam is easier the JAM.


Know the detail difference between IIT JAM and JEST Exam.



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In case of any query or doubt regarding the M.Sc Entrance Exam, feel free to ask. You can place your views in the comment box given below. We are always there to help you.


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  • Krishna chaitanya
    I'm in second year 4 th sem if I start now is there chance to crack IIT jam chemistry
    Hello Krishna,
    Greeting from Eduncle!
    Yes, you can crack the IIT JAM Chemistry exam if you prepare in the right direction. you can get our expert guidance by
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  • Mohammad moinuddin
    I am preparing for iit jam economic 2021 .. how I start my prepation . you know this is Frist time taking economic also .. please guide me
    Hello Mohmmad,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    You should check the complete syllabus first and make a strategy accordingly. Check out the complete
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  • Palak
    iit jam will provide which university for biotechnology and seats for general
    Hello Palak,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    The IIT JAM exam is organized for around 20000 seats. Check out the IIT JAM s...
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  • Shweta
    I'm preparing for iit jam can I start my preparation
    Hello Shweta,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    To start preparing, you should go through the complete syllabus first and make a strategy accordingly. Check out the complete details...
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  • Shib sagar
    i m preparing for iit jam Chemistry 2021 what strategy should i follow to get a IIT and i m obc
    Hello Shib sankar,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    You can check the IIT JAM Preparation Tip...
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  • Rhitom
    Hello, I am 2022 IIT-JAM Physics aspirant. What books should I study for preparation and what strategy should I follow to get good AIR in exam. Do I have enough time for Preparatio...
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    Hello Rhitom,
    Greeting From Eduncle!
    You have much time to prepare for IIT JAM 2022. You can check
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  • Samiksha
    I am preparing for iit jam biotechnology. Please suggest me good books.
    Hello Samiksha,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    You can check the best books for biotechnology here - IIT ...
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  • V k guru
    i am a jam maths 2020 aspirant,will i have enough to study for this xam nd suggest some best books for jam maths
    Hello V.K. Guru
    Greeting From Eduncle!
    Yes, you have enough time for IIT JAM 2020 Preparation. Ans the best books for JAM Mathematics are: -
    Integral Calculus: F. Ay...
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  • Bachewar kamaji Bachewar
    I want to prepare iit jam maths 2021.Which books are very important ?
    Hello Bachewar Kamaji,   IIT-JAM exam is a great opportunity for the students who wish to get admitted in IITs or NITs. So it requires a good and dedicated preparation. You ...
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  • Nikhil
    Sir, i am a 2021 iit jam aspirant for physics which books are helpful for it.
    Hello Nikhil, Check the important books for IIT JAM here. Some of These are suggested and recommended by AIR 1 Swarnim Shirke.
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