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IIT JAM Exam 2019 Reviews by Experts! [Complete Paper Analysis]




IIT JAM Exam was successfully conducted on its scheduled date, Sunday 10th Feb 2019. The aspirants who gave their best for preparing for this tough exam finally felt the relief after they had appeared for their chosen subjects. If you are preparing for IIT JAM 2020 Exam, then you must be facing a question – how was IIT JAM 2019 Exam?

To help you get the correct answer, we have come up with the IIT JAM 2019 Exam Review as per our Experts.

JAM is surely considered as one of the toughest entrance exams to scrutinize the eligibility for taking the M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs at the top institutes in India. To prepare for this exam, one must do the complete analysis of last year’s exams. By analyzing these IIT JAM Exam Reviews you can get the valuable info about the trend of questions, what will be IIT JAM expected cut offs etc.



IIT JAM 2019 Exam Reviews & Analysis


As per various students appeared in the exam, the IIT JAM 2019 Question Paper was almost of the same difficulty level as compared to IIT JAM 2019 paper. Out of the three sections, the NAT (Numerical Answer Type) questions were quite lengthy and time-consuming. While the other sections were of quite similar levels of the IIT JAM 2019. Questions from Biological Sciences are expected to have pictorial questions wherein Mathematics, the question will be tricky just like other previous years.

In overall, the IIT JAM 2019 question paper was easier as compared to the previous years’ papers. While many students were comfortable in NAT, others did well in MCQs and MSQs. Therefore, the cut off will likely to remain same as in the previous year.

IIT JAM 2019 was conducted in online mode and held for seven subjects (test papers) including Biological Science (BL), Mathematics (MA), Geology (GG), Chemistry (CY), Physics (PH), Biotechnology (BT) and Mathematical Statistics (MS).




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As per the IIT JAM Exam 2019 Reviews


There are several unexpected questions in Mathematics which are quite tricky and time-consuming.

 Physics was no surprise and had the same type of questions as in the previous years’.

 Questions in Biological Sciences (BL) involves a good amount of questions which consists of images and figures.


Overall, the question paper was manageable for an average student and provide a good chance of selection.



IIT JAM 2019 Paper Analysis


Below we are providing you the complete information about the number of question asked in the IIT JAM 2019 Exam. In the given table of IIT JAM Exam Analysis, there are 3 categories of questions, which are:


MCQ - Multiple Choice Questions

 MSQ - Multiple Select Questions

NAT - Numerical Answer Type


The data is taken from the question papers of the year 2019. You can also get the papers in PDF format by clicking on IIT JAM 2019 Question Papers.



Exam Analysis of IIT JAM Chemistry 2019



Marks of Questions Asked

Basic Concept in Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry 3 - 3
Organic Reaction Mechanism and Synthetic Applications 11 4 -
Qualitative Organic Analysis/Spectroscopy 2 2 3
Natural Products Chemistry 1 2 1
Heterocyclic Chemistry 2 - -
Periodic Table 2 - -
Chemical Bonding and Shapes of Compounds 4 2 2
Main Group Elements (s and p blocks) 1 - -
Transition Metals (d-blocks) 2 2 2
Organometallic Compounds 2 - -
Bioinorganic Chemistry 1 - -
Instrumental Methods of Analysis 2 - 2
Analytical Chemistry 2 2 2
Basic Mathematical Concepts 3 - -
Atomic and Molecular Structure - 2 2
Theory of gases 2 - -
Solid State 1 - -
Chemical Thermodynamics 2 2 4
Chemical and Phase Equilibria - - -
Electrochemistry 4 2 4
Chemical Kinetics 2 - 1
Adsorption 1 - -
Solution & Colligative Properties - - 2
Spectroscopy - - 3
Total Marks 50 20 30




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Exam Analysis of IIT JAM Physics 2019



Marks of Questions Asked

Modern Physics 2 2 2
Oscillations, Waves & Optics 8 4 3
Mathematical Physics 8 4 1
Electricity & Magnetism 10 4 1
Solid State Physics & Devices and Electronics 3 4 8
Mechanics & General properties of Matter 7 2 13
Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics 10 2 2
Total Marks 50 20 30



Exam Analysis of IIT JAM Mathematics 2019



Marks of Questions Asked

Sequence and Series 10 - 2
Differential Calculus 12 2 7
Integral Calculus 3 - 8
Vector Calculus 5 2 1
Differential Equation 7 2 4
Modern Algebra 7 4 2
Linear Algebra 6 4 3
Real Analysis - 6 3
Total Marks 50 20 30


The types of questions asked in the exam of Biotechnology, Biological Science, Geology, Mathematical Statistics were nearly same as that of question papers of IIT JAM 2018.




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IIT JAM Exam Analysis of Last 5 Years (2015-2019)


If you want the best results, you must have the best strategy. It is a fact that you can’t master the complete syllabus of IIT JAM. You must prioritize topics to study smartly and efficiently. For this, you will need the IIT JAM Exam Reviews of last 5 years.

To help aspirants building a most effective study plan, Eduncle has come up with IIT JAM Exam Analysis of last 5 year’s question papers. By using the below infographics, you can easily prioritize different topics on the basis of their weightage.



IIT JAM Exam Review (2015-2019) of Chemistry






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#Organic Chemistry






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#Physical Chemistry





IIT JAM Physics Exam Analysis






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IIT JAM Exam Review (2015-2019) of Mathematics





IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics Exam Review






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IIT JAM Exam Review of Geology





IIT JAM Exam Review of Biotechnology




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IIT JAM Biological Science Exam Analysis





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Through this blog, we have tried to meet the questions that arise in an aspirant's mind who just appeared for the exam and is now eagerly waiting for the question papers, answer keys, information on the IIT JAM expected cutoffs & results.


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    Hello Pawan kumar,   The JAM 2018 cut off will be released along with the announcements of JAM results i.e on March 20, 2018. To know the expected cutoff marks click here - IIT JAM 2018 Cutoff Marks   Kind Regards, Eduncle Tea
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  • Falah Deeba
    Sir mjhe JAM BL ka syllabus smjh ni aa rha hai q ki usme physiology hai par mentioned ni hai plant ya animal,aur energy transformation chapter v ab tak to pdha ni,usme kya hona chahye.
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    I scored 46 marks in iit jam chem can I get iit or nit?
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