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NEET Question Paper for all sets

NEET Exam is going to be held on 6th May 2018 (First Sunday of May). Aspirants who are willing to crack the exam need to practice more and more. While practicing, NEET 2017 Question Paper and NEET Sample Paper play a very vital role in the exam preparation.


NEET Exam Question Papers help you in understanding the marks distribution and weightage of various topics. Checkout the NEET Paper Pattern and Marking Scheme to understand the latest trends and leverage the strategy to attempt the NEET Paper accordingly.


Below in this blog, we have provided the NEET Previous Year Question Paper which help you to increase your confidence level before appearing in the exam.




NEET Question Paper 2017 – Grab it Here!!



Solving the question paper will help the aspirants to manage the time more efficiently. This will also give a fair idea about the distribution of topics asked in the exam. Download NEET Paper 2017 from the table below.



S. No. NEET Exam Question Papers
1. NEET 2017 Question Paper Code A
2. NEET 2017 Paper Code B
3. NEET Question Paper 2017 Code C
4. NEET 2017 Paper Code D
5. NEET Paper 2017 Code P
6. NEET 2017 Question Paper Code Q
7. NEET 2017 Question Paper Code R
8. NEET Paper 2017 Code S
9. NEET 2017 Question Paper Code W
10. NEET 2017 Paper Code X
11. NEET 2017 Question Paper Code Y
12. NEET 2017 Paper Code Z




NEET Previous Year Question Paper – Download Now



Once the NEET Syllabus is completed, the candidates are advised to solve NEET previous year question paper to prepare more effectively for the exam. To download question paper of NEET for previous years (2016, 2015, 2014, 2013), click on the links given below in the table.


S. No

Last Year NEET Question Paper

1. NEET 2016 Question Paper Phase 1
2. NEET 2016 Question Paper Phase 2
3. NEET 2015 Question Paper (Re-Exam)
4. NEET 2014 Question Paper
4. NEET 2013 Question Paper




NEET Question Paper – Frequently Asked Questions!



This section is an effort to bring the complete information of NEET Exam Question Papers to you. Checkout the list of NEET Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before applying for the exam.



Ques 1: Who sets NEET Exam Question Paper?


Ans: Professors of different colleges are asked to set 1 to 3 questions so that they cannot leak the NEET paper to anyone. CBSE collects those questions via fax and once questions are received, these are proof read by CBSE paper setters.


Ques 2: Can you predict this year’s NEET questions?


Ans: Everybody has their own prediction level. Also, everyone makes their own calculative guesses.

You feel confident when you complete the syllabus and revise it thoroughly. Paying attention to the important topics is crucial but don’t trust the predicted topics and questions blindly.



Ques 3: Is it true that NEET Paper Leak happens every year?


Ans: No, this isn’t true at all.

The papers have never been leaked, and with all the measures taken after 2016, it is unlikely to happen in future also.



Ques 4: What is the difficulty level of NEET Question Paper?


Ans: Difficulty level of the paper vary depending upon the NEET Preparation level. Past Year Question Papers of NEET were of moderate difficulty level.



Ques 5: Do questions repeat in NEET Papers?


Ans: Chances are pretty low. But the format and type of questions are same. So, solving NEET previous year question paper can be beneficial.



Ques 6: What are the NEET 2018 Question Paper languages?


Ans: The exam will be held in 11 languages. Hindi, English and 8 vernacular languages. Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil and Urdu.



Ques 7. How much time do candidates get to read the Question Paper?


Ans: No additional time is given to read the paper. Some candidates prefer to solve questions one by one. While some read the complete paper first.



Ques 8: Are NEET questions taken from other competitive exams?


Ans: Yes sometimes questions are taken directly from the other exams like IIT JEE etc. in Physics and Chemistry sections. But the majority of the questions are not asked in any other exam ever before.



Ques 9: Is vernacular NEET Question Paper tougher than English and Hindi Paper?


Ans: No! All the questions in these question paper must be same, only the language is different.



Ques 10: How many questions are normally asked from NCERT Books?


Ans: On an average 80 – 85% questions are asked from the NCERT Books. If any candidate read NCERT thoroughly, then he or she can surely score approximately 450 marks in the exam.



Percent-Wise Distribution of Questions in NEET Paper:


Biology: 85 – 95 % questions are asked from NCERT.


Chemistry: 30 – 40 % questions are asked from NCERT


Physics: 5 – 10 % questions are asked from NCERT.



Here we have provided the complete list of previous year question paper for 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013. You can easily download it and start practicing papers to make your career in medicine.


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Don’t let the doubts stop you! As Eduncle team, we’d be glad to assist you regarding any query related to NEET Papers. Write your query in the comment section below, our team would revert you at the earliest.



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