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Last Minute Tips for NEET 2021 Exam - Effective Tricks for Revision

NEET Last Minutes Preparation Tips


Dear Aspirants,


All of you, being a student, might have experienced several examinations in your life. Still, every time you are about to take an exam, you can’t help getting stressed.


As soon as you get to know that there are only a couple of days left to face the exam, you start panicking about your preparation and performance.


Furthermore, while speaking about NEET Exam, you can presume comparatively higher stress level in your minds. But you must know a fact that even if you are far off from being prepared, there are few NEET Last Minute Tips that could boost your scores out of the blue.


The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test requires a systematic and in-depth knowledge of all subjects. With the thorough study of topics, you must have some handy NEET last minute revision tips with you. These tips will help you in recollecting the important points that you will need to remember on the day of exam.


And, if you are curious to know, let’s begin with the most important NEET 2021 last minute tips for the last days of exam and for the D-Day. These tips will prove to be effective for giving your preparation a final stroke.



NEET 2021 Last Minute Tips to Be Followed a Week Before the Exam


The preceding 7-10 days before the exam are most crucial for an aspirant, who wishes to crack the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test in very first attempt. You need to put correct efforts in those days to maximize your scores. Keep on reading further to know what are the strategies and last minute suggestion for NEET 2021.



1. Revision is Must


The moment you realize that you are now remaining with not more than a week, you can sense that the rapidity at which the time goes on, has increased. And, with this, you feel anxious about the NEET Syllabus you haven’t covered yet.


But, this is not the time to start a new topic and prepare it from the scratch. Rather, you must concentrate on revising the notes that you have prepared at the time of preparation.



2. Proper Rest and Relaxation


You might be a hard-worker and smart learner, but it’s a fact that without having proper rest and relaxation, you won’t be able to grasp the perfect essence of what you have read.


As per the NEET last minute tips, you are suggested to fix 5-10 minutes’ break in every study slot of 1 hour. It will help you in getting relaxed and continue your studies without getting tired.



3. Health is Important


The experts suggest that when you are about to appear for any exam, you must be healthy, both mentally and physically. For being healthy, you must take healthy diet and exercise daily.


Don’t skip your food while you study during the last days of preparation. Without having a proper diet, you may feel sleepy and tired.



4. Practice Daily


One of the most important NEET last minutes tips is to practice a lot on daily basis. We suggest you practice NEET Previous Year Question Papers and mock tests in the last few days.


Practicing papers and various sets of mock tests can improve your level of confidence and also help you in taking the test in the actual feel of the D-Day.



5. Concentrate on Important Formulas


The research shows that focusing on the important formula in the remaining days of exam is one of the most followed NEET last minute revision tips among the toppers of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test.


The reason is that the questions which are based on the formulas or facts have more marking weightage than others. So, revising the formulas can help you increase your score in NEET Result.



6. Focus on Diagrams and Graphs


As per the Expert's suggested NEET 2021 last minute tips, candidates are advised to study with the help of diagrams and graphs while revising. With the help of diagrams & graphs, you can revise the points within a very short duration.



7. Don’t Start Any New Topic


The last few days of exam is not the correct time to study new topics, so you should avoid getting engaged in learning them. If you continue preparing a new one, it will create confusion and your stress level will also be increased, which can affect you badly in the exam.



8. Make Your Strong Sections Stronger


While preparing for the exam, you can find some topics over which you have good command. So, the last minute suggestion for NEET 2021 is that you must make those topics stronger.


You should not take the concepts which create confusion and are very tough or tricky. Strengthening your strong subject areas will help you in getting good scores.



9. Clear Your Queries


In the last days, while studying if you face any doubt or query regarding any of the subjects, you must consult and clear your doubts with your teachers or friends, who have proper knowledge of the respective subject.


Getting all your doubts cleared is one of the important NEET last minute tips because before entering the exam hall, you must not have any confusion left in your mind.



10. Work on Your Speed and Accuracy


Your speed and accuracy play a very important role while attempting the Paper. As per the NEET Exam Pattern, you will get 180 questions. Out of these, you must attempt the maximum number of questions in the provided time limit of 180 minutes.


But the attempts that you make must be accurate. If you use guesswork and mark wrong answers, you have to pay by the means of negative marking of ‘-1’ for each wrong attempt.


Therefore, when you practice previous papers or mocks test series, you must set a time limit for solving them. Make sure, you must go for accurate attempts.


With these points, we conclude all the important NEET 2021 last minute tips to be followed in the last week or days before the exam.


And now, we are moving towards some more instructions to be followed by the aspirants on the D-Day.



NEET Last Minute Tips for Exam Day to Boost Your Performance


To avoid the last-minute rush and uncertainties, you must take care of few important points. Below, you can find the last minute suggestion for NEET 2021 Exam that will maximize your performance in the exam.



1. Organize Important Things


Before you appear for the exam, you must organize the important things to be carried to the exam hall. We suggest you arrange the following items/ documents one night before the exam: -


One postcard size photograph to affix on Performa

One passport size photograph to affix on attendance sheet

 NEET 2021 Admit Card with photo affixed to it.

 Photo ID proof (Aadhar, Driving License, Pan Card etc.)


There are also few items that are restricted to the exam hall. List of these restricted items are as follows: -


 Stationery Items (Textual material (printed or written), bits of papers, geometry/pencil box, plastic pouch, calculator, pen, scale, writing pad, pen drives, eraser, calculator, log table, electronic pen/scanner etc.)

 Communication Devices (Mobile phone, blue tooth, earphones, microphone, pager, health band etc.)

 Ornaments (Ring, Bracelet, Earrings, Nose-pin, Chain/Necklace, Pendants, Badge, Brooch etc.)

 Watches (Watch/wrist watch, camera, etc.)

 Other items (Wallet, goggles, handbags, hair pin, hair band, amulets, belt, cap, scarf, eatable (opened or packed) etc. And, any metallic items which could be used for unfair means, for hiding communication devices like camera, Bluetooth device etc.)



2. Get Up Early


On the Exam day, you must wake up early in the morning, so that you can get ready on time. Have light breakfast and reach the NEET Exam Centre on time. Before leaving, you must check that you are carrying all the important things with you.



3. Avoid Stress & Stay Confident


Don’t get stressed about how you will perform in the exam. At the exam hall, you may face many aspirants panicking about the exam, but you should avoid them and be confident about your NEET Preparation.


Tensed about the NEET paper attempting strategies? If yes, read the article further.



Last Minute Suggestion for NEET 2021 Exam - Paper Attempting Tips


The strategies that you follow for attempting the paper is the main thing that will add extra scores to your scorecard. Have a look on to the following NEET last minutes tips for attempting the paper.


National Eligibility cum Entrance Test consists of subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. It may be possible that you are having command over any of these subjects. So, you must start with your stronger sections and attempt the tough ones later.


The exam paper will be having a combination of easy, moderate and tough questions. So, you must not devote much time to difficult questions, if you are not getting the answers in one go.


Competitive exams are always the game of speed, in which you have to attempt maximum accurate attempts in the given time limit. So, maintain your speed with proper time management.


In case you are done with all possible attempts and remaining with time, you can take a look at them again to make corrections.


And finally, you must stay calm and confident regarding the answers you have marked.


Patience and Confidence reward you with success in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. Therefore, stay confident and focused! You will surely crack the exam.


If you have trust in your preparation and believe that you will surely be going to crack it, you have won the half battle. Your mindset can help you in reaching the half of the destination. So, stay relaxed and calm!


For more NEET 2021 Notifications, stay tuned with Eduncle.


All the best aspirants!





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