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With an increasing popularity of NTA NEET, more and more PCB Students dream and aspire for this highly ambitious Medical Entrance Exam. As NEET is the perfect gateway to join the Medical Graduation Courses such as – MBBS & BDS, the competition remains tougher every year.


To mark the success amongst lakhs of aspirants, students tend to prepare for the exam more strongly while covering the huge NEET Syllabus altogether. From last one month, there were speculations regarding revised NEET Syllabus 2019. But NTA cleared the air by announcing on the official website –


The Syllabus of NEET UG 2019 will be exactly same as it was for NEET UG 2018. There is no changes in the syllabus.


Skipping a single topic from the official NEET Syllabus 2019 PDF can make you lose the score points in the exam. So, here we have come with the detailed and prescribed NEET Syllabus 2019 PDF, along with the important topics and chapter’s list.



Check out NEET Eligibility Criteria 2019  to get assured that you’re allowed to appear in the exam!



Please read the entire blog and start your preparation journey from now onwards.





NEET Syllabus 2019 PDF | Download for Physics, Chemistry & Biology



To make it convenient for you, we have divided the NEET Exam Syllabus 2019 into three categories based on the subjects list –



 NEET Physics Syllabus

 NEET Syllabus for Biology

 NEET Chemistry Syllabus



Let’s start over one by one!




NEET Syllabus 2019 for Physics 


Apart from the topics enlisted in the official NEET Syllabus 2019 PDF, the candidates must also cover their Class 11th & 12th PCB Syllabus. Go through the overview of Most Important Chapters for NEET Physics.



NEET Syllabus Topics of Class 12th Physics




 Current Electricity


 Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism


 Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents


 Electromagnetic Waves




 Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation


 Atoms and Nuclei


 Electronic Devices



NEET Syllabus Topics of Class 11th Physics


 Physical World & Measurement


 Laws of Motion




 Oscillations and Waves




 Motion of System of Particles & Rigid Body


 Work, Energy and Power




 Properties of Bulk Matter


 Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory



Considering all the above-mentioned chapters, there are 100+ sub-topics under the NEET Syllabus 2019 PDF. To quickly download the NEET Syllabus PDF along with the complete list of Most Important Chapters, please click on the following button.



Download NEET Syllabus PDF for Physics




NEET Syllabus 2019 for Biology


Here comes the list of most important topics that you’d have to study even after qualifying the exam. NEET Syllabus for Biology is not that huge but its importance is higher than the other two subjects.


Biology is the subject which Medical Aspirants have to study frequently throughout their career journey.


Below, you can check out the do or die chapters for NEET Biology.



NEET Syllabus Topics of Class 12th Biology




 Genetics and Evolution


 Biology and Human Welfare


 Biotechnology and Its Applications


 Ecology and Environment


 Principles of Inheritance and Variation



NEET Syllabus Topics of Class 11th Biology


 Diversity in Living World


 Structural Organization in Animals and Plants


 Cell Structure and Function


 Plant Physiology


 Human Physiology



  Download NEET Syllabus PDF for Biology




NEET Syllabus 2019 for Chemistry


NEET Chemistry is the most scoring subjects among all the 3. The questions come from this subject are generally based on the 11th & 12th Class difficulty level. So, here we come up with the NEET Syllabus 2019 PDF along with NEET Important Topics.



NEET Syllabus Topics of Class 12th Chemistry


 Solid State


 Chemical Solutions




 Chemical Kinetics


 Surface Chemistry


 General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements


 p Block Element


 d and f Block Elements


 Coordination Compounds


 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes


 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers


 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids


 Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen






 Chemistry in Everyday Life



NEET Syllabus Topics of Class 11th Chemistry


 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry


 Structure of Atom


 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties


 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure


 States of Matter: Gases and Liquids


 Chemical Thermodynamics




 Redox Reactions




 s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals)


 Some p-Block Elements


 Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and Techniques




 Environmental Chemistry



To get the complete NEET Syllabus 2019 along with the most important chapters, please click on the download button below –



  Download NEET Syllabus PDF for Chemistry




NEET Syllabus Chapter Wise Weightage PDF | Mark the Do or Die Chapters for NEET 2019



Are you all going to start your preparations? If yes, then you might surely be thinking where to start from!


In this situation, you may go with any of these approaches –



1. Note down the entire NEET Exam Syllabus 2019 and start covering all the topics one by one.




2. Start with the NEET Exam Syllabus Important Topics! Firstly, cover the topics whose chapter wise weightage for NEET 2019 is higher than the other ones. This way, you can cover the entire NEET syllabus with a smart approach.




As Eduncle always motivates students to learn smartly, we here advise you to go with the 2nd Approach. If you’ll study the topics based on their NEET Exam Syllabus Chapter Wise Weightage 2019, you’ll have fair chances to add more scores to your winning bag.


To help you out in planning the right approach to kick-start your preparations, we have enlisted some important topics based on their NEET Exam Syllabus Chapter Wise Weightage 2019.


Hope these will help you in easing out your NEET Preparation Tips.




NEET 2019 Syllabus Chapter Wise Weightage for Physics [Expected]



S.No. NEET Important Chapters 2019 Weightage of Chapters in NEET 2019
1. Mechanics 10%
2. Thermodynamics 9.5%
3. Current Electricity 8.1%
4. Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation 7.3%
5. Magnetism & Moving Charges 6.3%
6. Kinematics 6.0%
7. Rigid Body Dynamics 5.6%
8. Work, Energy, and Power 5.2%
9. Planar Motion 4.4%
10. Ray Optics 4.0%
11. Wave Optics 3.3%
12. Kinetic Theory & Thermal Properties of Matter 2.0%
13. Atomic Study 1.3%
14. Waves 1.0%
15. Gravitation 1.0%




NEET Syllabus 2019 Chapter Wise Weightage for Biology [Expected]



S.No. Important Topics for NEET 2019 NEET 2019 Chapter Wise Weightage
1. Human Physiology Biological Classification Molecular Basis of Inheritance 12.0%
2. Biomolecules 10.0%
3. Biological Classification 9.0%
4. Molecular Basis of Inheritance 8.2%
5. Animal Kingdom 7.0%
6. Reproduction 6.6%
7. Ecosystems 5.1%
8. Human Health and Diseases 4.3%
9. Biotechnology: Principles and Processes 3.1%
10. Microbes in Human Welfare 2.7%
11. Genetics 2.1%
12. Plant Kingdom 1.8%
13. Strategies for Enhancement of Food Production 1.4%
14. Cell Biology 1%
15. Plant Anatomy 0.7%




NEET 2019 Syllabus Weightage for Chemistry [Expected]




S.No. NEET Important Chapters 2019 Chapter Wise Weightage for NEET 2019
1. Chemical Bonding 12.5%
2. Basic Concepts 10.0%
3. Chemical Equilibrium 8.2%
4. Carbonyl Compounds 7.1%
5. Coordination Compounds 6.7%
6. Organic Chemistry – II 5.6%
7. Reaction Mechanism 5.2%
8. The d and f Block Elements 4.4%
9. IUPAC & Isomerism 4.0%
10. Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry 3.8%
11. Chemical Kinetics 2.2%
12. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 2.2%
13. Chemistry in Everyday Life 1.3%
14. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 1.0%
15. Environmental Chemistry 0.8%




If you want to get the Chapter Wise Weightage for NEET Syllabus 2019 PDF, please register at Eduncle and Free Download it along with the useful learning stuff designed by Experts!



Based on the NEET Exam Analysis, we have come up with the NEET Exam Syllabus Weightage for all the three subjects – Biology, Physics & Chemistry. Please have a look below!




Subjects 11th Class Class 12th Total
No. of Ques Total Marks No. of Ques Total Marks No. of Ques Total Marks
Physics 19 76 26 104 45 180
Biology 53 212 37 148 90 360
Chemistry 16 64 29 116 45 180
Grand Total 88 352 92 368 180 720





As mentioned in the NEET Syllabus PDF, there will be 11th and 12th Class based questions in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. So, above we have classified the subject wise NEET Question Papers as per the 11th and 12th Class difficulty levels.



Summary of NEET Exam Syllabus 2019 Chapter Wise Weightage –


As Biology has two major subjects – Zoology & Botany, its difficulty level will be raised. After Biology, Physics will have tougher level than Chemistry.


To strengthen your exam preparations, you can take help from NEET Preparation Books.



We hope that the above information will be helpful to you in starting your exam preparation with a clear mind and smart approach.


If you’re facing any problems while preparing for the exam, you may ask us through the comment’s section below. Our Experts will reply you with appropriate answers in a short duration.


For detailed information of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, please keep visiting us.


Happy Preparing!!



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