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NEET Biology Books, Notes, Study Material, Syllabus & Expert’s Tips


Greetings Aspirants!


Welcome to the Preparation Guide of NEET Biology!


After completing the 12th class with PCB Stream, most of the candidates wish to go for the Medical Field Career and rest opt for the other career fields.


If you are zealous to make a wonderful & inspirational career as a Doctor, then NEET 2021 is the blissful career opportunity for you.


If you’re making mind to qualify the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test this year, then you need to polish up your skills for NEET Biology as well as Physics & Chemistry.


NEET Biology is the most scoring subject if student handles it carefully! This is a unique Subject that can lead you to the success in NEET 2021 Exam. The questions asked in the exam are so congenial that they do not make the aspirants unsatisfied in terms of their preparations.


Considering the NEET Exam Pattern, the students might prioritize topics based on their marking weightage and difficulty level. While many students feel that the classification of Animal & Plant Kingdom is chaotic, some students feel it interesting to read.


So, here in this blog, we have come up with a unique way to help you study well for the exam. To help you deal with all the essential information for NEET Biology, we have brought up some important key points for you in the blog below.


Please, have a look!


NEET Biology | Have a Better Understanding of Botany & Zoology


Biology is a broad field to study. Before we take you to the study essentials, we would like you to go through the basic information about the two crucial parts of NEET Biology -






1. Zoology


Zoology or Animal Biology is the most interesting yet complicated subject of NEET Biology Syllabus. It is the branch that deals with the studies of the Animal Kingdom including the structures, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of both animals - living & extinct. Through Zoology, you can study about how the animals interact with the ecosystem.


Zoology comprises the important topics like -


Animal Diversity

 Human Physiology

 Animal Tissue

 Human Reproduction



 Animal Husbandry

 Human Health & Disease 


Zoology mainly comprises 45 questions in the exam and among those, most are easy & moderate to attempt. Considering the difficulty level of zoology questions, experts say that in the entrance exam, almost 35% questions with high difficulty level & 15% questions with an easy level.


Topics like Human Physiology & Reproduction are the most important ones which you should never miss while preparing for the exam.



2. Botany


Botany or Plant Biology, also known as Plant Science or Phytology is the crucial part of NEET Biology & Science of Plant Life. A person specialized in the field of plant study is known as Botanist or Plant Scientist. Botany also includes the Study of Fungi & Algae.


Modern Botany deals with plant structure, growth, differentiation, reproduction, biochemistry & primary metabolism development, disease & plant taxonomy.


Botany mainly consists of 50% questions of average difficulty level; 35% questions are mainly of high difficulty level and 15% questions are of an easy level. On the other hand, topics like Genetics & Biotechnology carry high weightage followed by Ecology in the exam.


Some of the important topics of Botany are given below -


 Plant Anatomy

 Plant Morphology

 Cell Biology & Cell Division


 Plant Physiology

 Plant Reproduction

 Genetics & Biotechnology

 Biology in Human Welfare


 Plant Diversity


If you have enough knowledge about the basics of the NEET Biology, then your further path of exam preparation can be far easier. Let’s move ahead!


As per the overall Review of NEET Exam, 55 % Questions in Biology were Easy to Solve whereas, 27% were Moderate and 18 % Questions were Difficult.   






How to Study Biology for NEET 2021? Make Your Preparations Go Smoother!


Many of you must be seeking for some targeted preparation strategies that can help you to crack the NEET Biology Exam.


Don’t worry, we have brought up an effective solution for your queries! Keep reading the complete NEET Guide for Biology below.



NEET Syllabus for Biology | Master the Important Chapters


Many of you must be looking for the chapters wise NEET 2021 Biology Syllabus to know which topics are important and which are not. To ease out your searches, we have fragmented the NEET Syllabus for Biology for class 11th & 12th.


Below, we have mentioned some of the important topics of both standards from which the NEET Biology questions are asked.


S.No. Class 11th Syllabus Class 12th Syllabus
1. Diversity in the Living World Reproduction
2. Structural Organization in Animals & Plants Genetics & Evolution
3. Cell Structure & Functions Biology & Human Welfare
4. Plant Physiology Biotechnology & Its Applications
5. Human Physiology Ecology & Environment


As per the past years’ trends, the class-wise syllabus weightage is given below.






Considering the NEET Question Paper’s format, it is assumed that apart from 11th and 12th class syllabus, the question paper also consists the NCERT topics. Accumulating the entire curriculum, we have listed a few topics which must not be skipped by candidates.


Check out the graph for important topics of NEET Biology along with their marking weightage!






Your needs are our priority! To provide the best information about preparation strategies, we present you the list of highly recommended NEET Biology Books. Let’s check out!



Which is the Best Biology Book for NEET 2021 Preparations? List of Expert’s References!


Books play a vital role during the exam preparations. If you’re aspiring the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, then you should be well aware of the required NEET Study Material for Biology, Chemistry & Physics.


As, in this blog, we’re talking about the best sought after ways to achieve success in NEET Bio, we’ll be providing the complete list of most popular online NEET Biology Questions and Study Material PDFs by well-known authors. Please go through the table given below!


S.No. NEET Biology Books’ Names Authors
1. Pradeep’s A Text Book of Biology P.S. Dhami, G. Chopra & H.N. Srivastava
2. Trueman’s Elementary Biology K.N. Bhatia & M. P. Tyagi
3. Modern’s ABC Biology A.K. Sabharwal & B.B Arora
4. S. Chand’s Biology Dr. P.S. Verma & B.P Pandey
5. Together with Biology S. Venugopal.
6. Truman’s Objective Biology K.N. Bhatia & M. P. Tyagi.



10 Preparation Tips to Achieve Success in NEET 2021 Biology Subject


The essential part of success in every exam is the master preparation strategy that shows you the right path and helps you to squad the goals.


Some effective preparation tips are given below –


1. Do Complete it, Smartly!


The small steps always achieve big targets. Instead of focusing on the big task, you can note down and divide the topics into small fragments, give your best to complete each of them. Small goals will lead you to the success and this will make you feel more comfortable about achieving success in the NEET Biology Exam.


2. Stop Cramming


Many students try to cram the NEET Biology questions whereas, they must focus on the basic concepts to develop the deep understanding towards the subject. You can stick up the important formulas & classification names on the table in front of you. Handmade notes are the best form to memorize topics for the long term.


3. Practice Diagrams


As the ample no. of questions asked in previous years papers were diagram based, you must strengthen your learning skills through Diagrams. Pinpoint the key terms in the diagram to make it sensible to be familiar and become expert to solve the NEET Biology questions.


4. Regular Test


You must take daily or weekly test to increase your speed and enhance your basic concepts. If you skip any of your test series, you may lose your winning chances in the exam. As taking test series helps you in evaluating your scores and performance level frequently, it should be kept at high priority in your practice sheet.


5. Focus on the Essentials


Many topics like Classification of Plant Kingdom & Animalia might be complex to learn but these are very important topics from exam point of view.

Also, make sure that you do not skip the topics like Neural Control & Coordination, Genetics & Biotechnology, Human Physiology, Ecology etc.


6. Revision is Essential


The candidates must always focus on doing revision properly. It is even more important to revise the important topics at first and then the remaining ones.

Make self-made small notes for revision. In these notes you can keep every required information in a brief and precise format like – you can write up important formulas, shortcut tricks, diagrams and much other useful information.


Challenge yourself to write everything you learned and then mark the important points for revision purpose.


7. Don’t Lose Your Confidence!


Do not get panic during exam time! Do not worry about the topics you have covered well! Keep up the faith and confidence level in yourself.


 Need more guidance? Please visit - NEET Preparation Tips.



Revision Strategy for NEET Biology | Topics Wise Classification



For providing you a wise approach to crack NEET Biology, Eduncle Experts present the list of topics that you must do at first & at last. This is really going to help you. Please, Check Out!



S.No. Must Do Topics Do Topics Last Do Topics
1. Cell Structural Organization of Animals Breathing & Exchange of Gases
2. Biological Classifications Respiration in Plants Biomolecules
3. Anatomy of Flowering Plants Reproduction in Organisms Biodiversity & Conservations
4. Human Reproduction The Animal Kingdom Excretory Products & their Eliminations
5. Evolution Application of Biotechnology Cell Division
6. Chemical Control & Integration Transportation in Plants Movement & Locomotion
7. Environmental Issues Ecosystem Reproductive Health
8. Molecular Basis of Inheritance Body Fluid Circulations Mineral & Nutrition
9. Morphology in Flowering Plants Biotechnology Process & Principles Human Health & Diseases
10. Principle of Inheritance Circulation of Body Fluids Plant Growth & Development
11. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Photosynthesis Neural Control & Coordination
12. The Living World Plant Kingdom Organisms & Population
13. Principle of Inheritance & Variation Strategies of Food Production Enhancement. -


In the above blog, we tried to share the relevant information that will help you to get an admirable score in the Medical Entrance Test. We always try our best to bring all the essential Information for you and experts tips to enlighten your preparations.


If you have any queries regarding the above article, please ask us in the comment’s section below.


Awaiting Your Reviews!


Good Luck Folks 



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