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NEET 2020 Rank Predictor and College Predictor – Check Expected Rank

NEET Rank Predictor


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There are certain steps, that a NEET aspirant follows until he gets a seat in a medical college.

This year in NEET 2020 too, the students would be following these steps. Among these steps, there are some of it, that a student needs to follow in general, while others are mandatory ones and are set by the NEET regulatory bodies.

Now let us assume that you are a NEET aspirant, and accordingly let’s try to summarise these happenings with respect to the current NEET 2020 exams!

Generally, like other students, you would prepare for the exam, fill up the application form, will give the exam, and then wait for the NEET Result.

But you need to know that the time duration between this NEET exam paper and the final result, it usually happens to be restless.

like other medical aspirants, you would too just keep on checking your answers, would keep calculating the expected marks and remain in a state of confusion, that whether you would get a good NEET rank or not!!

Well, to get out of this confusion and restlessness, you can use an online tool known as NEET rank predictor.

Just go ahead and roll your eyes on the following points: -

NEET Rank Predictor by Marks

Cross-checking the predictions of NEET Rank Predictors 2020

NEET College Predictor 2020

Frequently Asked Questions on NEET rank predictors (FAQs)



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NEET Rank Predictor by Marks - Get the Complete Procedure


It a kind of inbuilt software that you can spot on informative websites, but it has been noticed that these NEET rank predictors often produce doubtful results due to several reasons.

The main reason behind it is incorrect data feeding.

The prediction result that these NEET rank predictors put forward to us is drawn upon the various data that are feed into it.

Now if there would be any glitches in these data then these NEET rank predictors will show up the unreliable NEET rank.

In order to avoid this expected confusion this year, we would like to advise you to use the latest NEET Rank Predictor 2020 and counter balance its yielded predictions by manual approach.

So, just do not use only this automated software this time, be your own NEET 2020 rank predictor and cross-check your rank before being assured.



Cross-Checking the Predictions of NEET Rank Predictors 2020


Hereby, we would guide you in a stepwise manner, so that you would be able you to cross-check the predictions of these NEET 2020 rank predictors.


Calculating Marks obtained in NEET 2020


First of all, just use any authentic NEET rank predictor by marks. here “by marks” we mean the marks obtained in NEET Exam, by you.

Now you need to wait for the actual marks obtained by you, but in order to use NEET rank predictor by marks, you would require an estimated idea of the obtained marks.

For this you should look for the answer keys of major coaching institutes and tally it with your answers, to draw up your estimated marks obtained in NEET.

Later on, you can also cross check it with the NEET Answer Key released by the NTA, on its official website



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Using NEET 2020 Rank Predictor


There are a variety of NEET rank predictor software, that gives different types of output as a result, these can be a range of ranks, range of medical and dental colleges.

Just enter your estimated NEET score and other personal details like your date of birth, etc. into it, the get these predictions.


Comparing the Predictions of NEET Rank Predictors 2020


There is a standard list of “expected NEET Ranks corresponding to the scored marks”, derived from the past statistics or past data.  Now just compare it with this list and get it checked.



Marks Scored in NEET 2020

Expected NEET 2020 Rank

More than 675 marks

1 to 100  

  674 to 670

101 to 200  

  669 to 665

201 to 300  

  664 to 655        

301 to 400  

  654 to 650

401 to 500  

  649 to 640        

501 to 600  

  639 to 635        

601 to 700  

  634 to 630        

701 to 800  

  629 to 620        

801 to 900  

  619 to 615        

901 to 1000  

  614 to 610        

1001 to 1500  

  609 to 600        

1501 to 2000  

  599 to 595        

2001 to 2500  

  594 to 590        

2501 to 3000  

  589 to 585        

3001 to 3500  

  584 to 580        

3501 to 4000  

  579 to 570        

4001 to 4500  

  569 to 565        

4501 to 5000  

  564 to 560        

5001 to 5500  

  559 to 555        

5501 to 6000  

  554 to 550        

6001 to 6500  

  549 to 540        

6501 to 7000  

  539 to 535        

7001 to 7500  

  534 to 530        

7501 to 8000  

  529 to 525        

8001 to 8500  

  524 to 520        

8501 to 9000  

  519 to 510        

9001 to 9500  

  509 to 505        

9501 to 10000  

  504 to 500        

10001 to 10500  

  499 to 480        

10501 to 12000  

  479 to 460        

12001 to 14000  

  459 to 440        

14001 to 16000  

  439 to 420        

16001 to 18000  

  419 to 400        

18001 to 20000  

  399 to 380        

20001 to 22500  

  379 to 360        

22501 to 25000  

A score of less than 365

Below 25000  



NEET College Predictor 2020


Just like the rank predictors, NEET College Predictor 2020 is also online-tool or say online software that is crafted upon the factors like previous year NEET Cut-off and qualifying Marks.

Based upon the past statistics, NEET 2020 college predictor can predict the probable colleges that you might get as per your expected score.

After getting the prediction of your rank, you can tally it with the list of medical and dental college’s opening and closing ranks, that you will get to know after the declaration of the result and prior to the NEET Counselling 2020.

In this way, you can get your college prediction done yourself manually!!

Now in order to bring you an idea about the working of the NEET college predictor based on rank, we are mentioning the expected opening and closing rank (all India rank) of top 18 medical colleges.


Opening Ranks

Closing Ranks




Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi    



University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi



VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi        



Government Medical College, Kozhikode          



Seth GS Medical College, Mumbai              


You can find Expected Cut Off of all Govt Medical Colleges through NEET Government Colleges.



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Frequently Asked Questions on NEET Rank Predictors (FAQs)



Ques - What kind of marks will be provided by these NEET 2020 rank predictors?

Ans - As per now, generally, these NEET rank predictors happen to designed in such a way, that it will predict your aggregate rank only.

Do NEET rank predictors provide NEET Cut-off or NEET 2020 Qualifying Marks? Are they both the same?

No, NEET rank predictors do not provide NEET Cut-off as they keep changing every year, while the qualifying marks is another different factor associated with NEET exam. let look into them.

Brief info on NEET Cut-off

It is the minimum marks required to get oneself eligible for the NEET counselling. It is derived from the following factors: -

The difficulty level of the exam

Number of students

Availability of seats in medical and dental colleges

A brief account of NEET Qualifying Marks

It is the standard fixed range of marks, required to qualify for NEET. Although just qualifying in it doesn’t guarantee you a medical seat. The NEET Cut-off can change in accordance with the changes in the factors, upon which it is based, but qualifying marks are decided prior to the exam.


Ques - In order to use NEET 2020 Rank Predictor, a student will need their expected marks, then how to calculate this expected NEET marks?

Ans - Just match your answer with that of answer keys developed by the major NEET coaching institutes or can wait a few days for the NEET official answer key 2020 to get published and tally with it.

Then calculate the total number of correct answers and the total number of incorrect answers.

Now your expected NEET Scores 2020 would be equal to: -

(Number of correct answers X 4 marks) – (Number of incorrect answers X 1 marks).

Just do this sum and you will get your score!


Ques - What are the details need to be filed in the NEET 2020 Rank Predictor?

Ans - There are many online free rank predictors 2020. in order to use them, generally following details are needed to be filled in these: -

NEET Registration Number

Date of Birth,

Expected Marks out of 720 etc.



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Ques - What are the benefits of using NEET UG Rank Predictor 2020?

Ans - Followings are the benefits of using NEET UG Rank Predictor 2020

Based on your NEET 2020 performance you can get a prediction of your marks/result, before the actual announcement of it

Get an insight into your position among other NEET aspirants.

NEET Rank Predictor makes you realise where you stand in comparison to other candidates.

Get prepared for the NEET counselling. As it has been noticed that, students sometimes lose a seat due to not having planned to choose the right colleges that they may get, so it will help create your awareness as a student.


Ques - What is the difference between the NEET Rank Predictor 2020 and NEET College Predictor, are both the same?

Ans - No, generally the NEET rank predictor 2020 would be the online tool to predict your rank based on your obtained marks. While, NEET 2020 college predictor is consecutive to the NEET rank predictor, as it predicts the college on the basis of your rank.


We hope that the facts and information described in this blog would be useful for you.

Here, we have tried to incorporate many varieties of aspects, although you may develop many other queries, and to get those NEET queries addressed, just let us know them through the comment box provided below. We will surely reply to them.




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