RRB NTPC Syllabus 2017 Stage 3 Aptitude Test [ASM] & Paper Pattern

RRB NTPC Syllabus 2017 Stage 3



RRB NTPC Stage 2 Score Card Released


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What are the Syllabus and Paper Pattern of the Exam and How to prepare for the exam?


To answer all your queries regarding RRB NTPC Stage 3 Exam, we have gathered all the relevant information and presented them in an easy to read and understand format.



Railway Recruitment Board conducts Non-Technical Popular Category (NTPC) Exam for the posts of Commercial Apprentice (CA), Traffic Apprentice (TA), Enquiry-Cum-Reservation-Clerk (ECRC), Good Guards, Junior Account Assistant Cum Typist (JAA), Senior Clerk Cum Typist, Assistant Station Master (ASM), Traffic Assistant, Senior Time Keeper.



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RRB NTPC 3rd Stage Exam 2017- Know Here the complete Details!


As per the latest notification released by the Railway Recruitment Board, RRB NTPC Stage 3 Exam is going to be conducted very soon There was a news regarding the RRB NTPC Stage 2 Exam Results, the result that is expected to be out by 24th April 2017 has been delayed due to technical issues. We will notify you the RRB NTPC Mains result date as soon as the official notification is released by the board.


Railway Board had conducted RRB NTPC Mains (Stage 2) Exam in the month of January. After the Stage 2 Exam, the next stage is Skill Test / Aptitude Test / Typing Test, based on your post preference. So, let’s have a look at the details of the Skill test.



What is Skill Test?



The Skill Test is the Stage 3 of RRB NTPC 2017 Exam. The Railway Board is going to conduct RRB Online Skill Test for the first time. The candidates who will pass the RRB Mains Exam, will be eligible for the Skill Test. The Skill test (Typing or Aptitude Test) will differ based on your post preference. Check the table below to know which test you need to appear for, as per your post preference.



RRB NTPC Posts Type of Skill Test and further process
Assistant Station Master


 Traffic Assistant 

Aptitude Test + Document Verification
 Senior Time Keeper


 Junior Account Assistant Cum Typist


 Senior Clerk Cum Typist

Typing test + Document Verification
 Good Guards




 Commercial Apprentice


Traffic Apprentice

Document Verification



RRB NTPC Skill Test (Typing and Aptitude) Syllabus and Paper Pattern


RRB NTPC Stage 3 Exam is a Skill test based on the post you have applied for. To excel in your exam, you must be aware of the detailed RRB NTPC Stage 3 Syllabus and Paper Pattern. Here are the details of the syllabus and the exam pattern of the Skill Test with some general instructions.



RRB NTPC Aptitude Test Syllabus



Railway Board conducts the Aptitude test for the posts of Assistant Station Master (ASM) & Traffic Assistant. The Aptitude Test Syllabus includes following 4 sections:


1. Intelligence Test

2. Selective Attention Test

3. Spatial Scanning Test

4. Information Ordering Test

5. Personality Test



1. Intelligence Test


In this test, each problem consists of five figures, four of which are similar in the certain way and one is different. You have to find out the one which is different from the other four. For example:



Intelligent Test Sample Question




2. Selective Attention Test


Selective attention is the act of focusing on a particular object for a certain period of time while ignoring irrelevant information that is also occurring simultaneously.


This is a test to find out how quickly you can compare two numbers and decide whether or not they are the same. In this test, your task is to add odd numbers, for example 1, 3, 5, etc., and indicate which of the five options shows the correct sum. While counting even numbers are to be ignored. For example:


Selective Attention Test Sample Question




3. Spatial Scanning Test


This is a test to measure how rapidly and accurately you can see objects in order to match them. You have to find out the shortest possible route between any two stations in the shortest possible time in a given map. For example:


In the given example, Dark lines indicate streets. The circles are barriers, which cannot be crossed. Squares containing numbers represent houses. The number of the house passed by while finding the shortest route will be your answer.



Spatial Scanning Test Sample Question




4. Information Ordering Test


Information Ordering is the test of your ability to arrange the things in certain order according to the specific rules. Here are the instructions to solve Information Ordering Test.


  In this test, you will be provided with two tables Table 1 and Table 2.


  Each question consists of a test figure at the start of the question.


  There are 4 process boxes A, B, C, D and each of them is divided into three different levels named as Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.


  Each level in the Process boxes may or may not have ‘X’ sign.


  The Level having X sign denotes either Addition or Subtraction as indicated in the Table 1.


  If there is absence of X sign in the any level, then it means, nothing to be done (neither addition nor Subtraction) in that level.



Tables for Information Ordering Test



Steps to Solve the Information Ordering Test Questions are:


1. First you need to find out the value of the test figure provided in the question from Table 2.


2. Then, subsequently add or subtract the value of X sign provided at each level of the process boxes from A-D.


3. Find out the corresponding figure from Table 2 using the value of last solved level box D.


4. Mark the correct option according to the figure.



Information Ordering Test Sample Question




5. Personality Test


In this test, you will be asked some questions to find out your interest, attitude and views in order to check your personality. There will be three options for your question. No particular answer is right or wrong, you have to select the one which is more appropriate for you. Based on your answers two separate dimensions of your personality will be evaluated and two scores will be generated. For example:


Question: I prefer people who are:


A. Reserved

B. In between

C.Make friends quickly




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RRB NTPC Aptitude Test Paper Pattern



Aptitude Test is conducted for the posts Assistant Station Master (ASM) and Traffic Assistant. Here are some general instructions and paper pattern of the exam.



For merit purpose in RRB Selection Process, 70% weightage is given to CBT (Computer Based Test) and 30% weightage is given to marks obtained in Aptitude test.


  The Aptitude Test will be conducted in online mode for the first time in its recruitment process.


  Each test has a different time-limit which is informed to the candidates at the hall itself.


  Each test will have different qualifying marks also.


  The candidates have to qualify in each section of aptitude test separately.


  There will be no negative marking for the wrong answer.




RRB NTPC Typing Test Paper Pattern



Typing Test is conducted by the Railway Board for the Senior Time Keeper, Junior Account Assistant Cum Typist, Senior Clerk Cum Typist posts. Typing Test will be conducted in Hindi / English. So, the test will be presented to the candidate for the language selected at the time of filling the form. Below are the Exam pattern and few instructions for the RRB NTPC Typing Test.



  The total duration of the test will be 10 minutes.


  The candidate should be able to type 30 WPM in English and 25 WPM in Hindi.


  The mode of the exam will be online.


  Editing tools and Spell check facility will be disabled on the computer.


  Typing test will be of qualifying nature. Marks obtained will not be added for merit list. Candidates who will acquire minimum typing speed in the test will be further considered in the final merit list.


  If a student does not qualify the typing test then he/she will not be considered for the further tests even if he qualifies the Final Written Test.


  Candidates have to use their own Typewriting Machine. They will not be provided with the machine by the RRB.


  5% mistakes of the total words typed will be ignored and thereafter for every full or half mistake, corresponding words will be deducted from the total words typed for arriving at the final speed.


  If the candidate has typed the paragraph before the allotted time, then he can retype the paragraph until the expiry of the time. The retyped paragraph will also be evaluated to arrive at the typing speed.


  For Hindi, Krutidev and Mangal font will be available and for English Times New Roman font will be available to the candidates.



Formula for Calculating Typing Speed= (No. of total words typed – (No. of net mistakes x 10)) / Time of test
For Example:Duration of typing test: 10 minutes Let total strokes typed: 1800 

Words typed: 1800/5 = 360 (one word is equal to 5 strokes)


Total mistakes: 20


Ignorable mistakes: 5 % of 360 = 18


Net mistakes for evaluation  = 20-18 = 2


Speed per minute = 360 – (2 x 10) / 10 =34 words per minutes


So, the typing Speed is 34 words per minute.



After the Skill test, the next stage is the document verification. The documents of the candidates will be verified then only his marks of the CBT test and Skill test will be added in the merit list.




Steps to Solve RRB NTPC Stage 3rd Mock Test of ASM Aptitude Test



Below we are sharing RRB NTPC Stage 3 Mock Test for Assistant Station Master Aptitude Test.


By Solving this mock test, you will get the idea about the type of questions that will be asked in the Stage 3 Exam. You can practice accordingly and plan your preparation strategy to boost your speed in the exam.



Step 1. Firstly, you need to visit the link https://www3.digialm.com/OnlineAssessment/index.html?164@@M365


Step 2. Click on the Sign in button.


Step 3. After you read all the instructions, click on the checkbox provided “I have read all the instructions” and then click “I am Ready to begin”


Step 4. You will be provided with the questions for each 4 tests of the Aptitude Test of ASM.


Step 5. Solve these test in the time limit provided in the top right corner of your computer screen.


Step 6. Click on Submit button after attempting all the questions.


Step 7. Your answers will be automatically saved if your time is out before submitting the test.




Steps to Solve RRB NTPC Stage 3rd Sample Paper



For better preparation for the next stage of RRB NTPC Exam i.e. Stage 3 Exam, the candidates are advised to solve the sample papers provided by the RRB region-wise websites. Here are the steps to solve the sample paper and get a direction to excel in your exam.



Step 1: Firstly, candidates need to visit this link https://cdn4.digialm.com/EForms/html/form4763/index.html


Step 2: After visiting the link, you will be provided with the eight-test links based on the topics.


Step 3: Select the test of your choice based on the topics provided and you will land to the login page.


Step 4: Click on the Sign in button.


Step 5: After login on the page, read the complete instruction carefully and then click on the Next


Step 6: After you read all the instructions, click on the checkbox provided “I have read all the instructions” and then click” I am Ready to begin” link.


Step 7: You will be provided with the set of questions of the topic you have selected at the time of choosing the test.


Step 8: At the top right corner, the timer will be there on your computer screen. You have to answer your question in the time limit provided or else you will not be able to answer as the time over.


Step 9: After you attempt all the questions, click the Submit


Step 10: If your time is out before you click submit button, then your answers will be saved automatically.


Step 11: The same procedure will be followed for all the tests available on the link provided above.

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Above, we have shared the Complete details of the RRB NTPC Tier-3 Exam. We hope that the information will help you to score well in the exam.


If you have any doubt regarding the RRB NTPC Stage 3 Exam, you can ask your queries in the comment box provided below.


You can also connect with us on our social media channels.








All the best for your Exams


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