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SSC CGL Exam Time Management Tips | How to attempt questions on time?

SSC CGL Exam Time Management Tips

SSC CGL Syllabus & Important Topics


The SSC CGL is round the corner. You all must be busy in giving the final touch to your preparations and focusing more on the practices.

In the SSC Exams, the candidates are assessed on the basis of their abilities to attempt maximum questions in minimal time duration and that too with accuracy.

In order to get filtered out from 8 lakhs CGL aspirants and reserve your seat in the list of finalized (or shortlisted) candidates, you need to master yourself in Time Management. This is the vital key to success in such competitive exams.

So every candidate needs to plan, a wise time management strategy to attempt maximum questions during the exam.

Here in this blog, we have shared some helpful SSC CGL Exam Time Management Tips and Techniques to ease out your worries.

Please scroll down and fill up your skills bag with these sure-shot time management tips.



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SSC CGL Tier 1 and Tier 2 Time Management Strategies - Implement them Wisely


Here, I would like to begin with sharing the techniques through which you can optimize the time in a better way and improve your speed, concentration and accuracy as well.



How to Manage Time for Daily Study Tasks while preparing for SSC CGL Exam?


Follow the points and strategies below.

Plan up your daily tasks and assign deadlines to yourself. Make sure you reach those deadlines daily.

Break your study hours in 4 slots of 2-2 hours. And take all the subjects one by one.


You can prepare a smart study strategy to accomplish your daily tasks with full concentration and efforts driven in the right direction. Visit here for - SSC CGL Daily Study Plan.


After completing each topic save some time for revision also. Give at-least 15 to 20 minutes to revision only.

# You can also prepare short notes for quick revision.


We have provided the PDF of all the SSC CGL Maths Shortcuts and Formulas that makes it easier for you to get all the formulas at just once place and helps you in quick revision.


After executing your daily activities, don’t forget to assess your whole day performance.



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How Much Time You Take To Solve Any Question? Assess Yourself And Work On It!


It is very important to keep track of your everyday performance. You can only improve yourself, nobody else can help you in this.


So, check out your daily tasks list along with the deadlines and at the end of the day, assess all your activities performed to complete those tasks on time.


If you were not able to complete your assigned tasks on time, then work on your speed from the next day itself and try your 100% to complete those tasks on time.



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Solve Previous Years Question Papers to boost up your speed


Download SSC CGL Previous Years Question Papers and attempt them within the time allotted during exams.


Create a complete environment like you are appearing in the exam and solve those papers accordingly. Try to solve maximum questions in the allotted time.


On the basis of SSC CGL previous years’ question papers analysis, Eduncle has come up with the list of important topics for each section.



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Start taking Mock Test Series or Online Tests with just 1 month remaining for the exam!


To increase your speed and accuracy while solving question papers, it’s better to join online test series for SSC CGL or to take mock test papers.


As these tests are automated through machines, so you get limited time duration to solve at least 100 questions or more. And after that time duration, the test automatically stops and you can see your result instantly.


Taking online tests really help a lot in increasing the candidates speed while attempting the questions.



SSC CGL Time Management Tips to be followed during Exam – Must Read!


Below, we are providing the important time management tips to help you attempt maximum questions on time. You can follow the strategies given below and improve your exam giving skills also.



Exam Giving Strategy for SSC CGL Tier 1 - Follow for Better Results


Take a moment to analyze the complete paper before starting to answer the questions. In this analyzing process, you can decide which sections you should take at first and which at last.

Begin with the easiest section! Like you can take the SSC CGL General Awareness Section at first.

This section should be completed within 10 minutes only. As you will have to answer 25 questions and there’s nothing like solving them.

If you remember the answer you can attempt the questions otherwise leave.

Try to attempt 15-20 questions in this section.


After spending 10 minutes on General Awareness Section, you can go for the English Section. This is the second less time-consuming part of the paper.

Though English questions are tricky but they can solved in minimal time.


Now you can take either Quantitative Aptitude or Reasoning. QA section requires lots of mathematical calculations so you can take this at last also.

While solving these type of questions, you have to wisely categorize the short questions and long questions.

Try to attempt as many of the short time taking questions as each question whether it is short or long, can benefit you with the 2 marks.

So it’s better to score more by solving short questions instead of long ones.


Remember all the Maths Short Tricks and Formulas and use them while answering the QA and Reasoning Questions.

If you are not sure about the answers then try to avoid it. And focus more on the questions you are sure about.



Know what type of questions are asked in the exam by solving SSC CGL Last 5 Exams Question Papers. Download SSC CGL Exam Question Papers here!!



SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam Time Management Tips - Make the best use of it!


As per the SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam Pattern, the candidates have to appear in 2 compulsory papers i.e. English and SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude.


And for Statistical Investigator Gr. II & Compiler and Assistant Audit Officer Posts, they are required to appear in Statistics Paper and General Studies Paper respectively


Paper 1 is conducted for Quantitative Aptitude Section, in which candidates have to attempt 100 questions in 160 minutes. So, candidates hardly get 0.65 secs per question.

To attempt the Quantitative Aptitude Questions on time, try to solve maximum number of short time taking questions instead of taking long questions at first.

Don’t go with the long methods. Use only short tricks and formulas to solve these questions otherwise you won’t be able to utilize those 160 minutes in scoring well.


For SSC CGL English Section, aspirants needs to solve 200 questions in 160 minutes i.e. 1.25 minute per question.

Attempt the Reading Comprehension Questions at last, as they are time taking questions and need more concentration.

Till then, you can solve other grammar questions which can be solved just within 5 secs.


For remaining, you need to prioritize questions on the basis of their nature. If they are difficult to solve and you are not sure about their answer, then leave them and solve other questions to maintain the SSC CGL Cut off marks balance.

At the end of the paper, don’t forget to save at least 5 minutes for a complete overview to paper. In these 5 minutes, you can analyze your errors and make corrections.


Tip: Don’t move into stress during exam. Being patient is a great virtue of any aspirant. So attempt all the questions calmly and smartly by keeping the time limit in mind.





Hoping that the above information will help you in cracking or help you smash SSC CGL Exam with good score.


Here we would like to welcome all your suggestions and queries in the comment section below. We’ll try to get in touch with you as soon as possible!


Thank You!!



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