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How to Avoid Silly Mistakes in NEET? Effective Tips of Attempting Exam


NEET is the most ambitious exam for students who want to become a doctor. NEET is coming on the 3rd position in terms of difficulty of the national exam. Every year several candidates appear in the NEET exam to fulfil their dream of becoming a doctor but only a few qualify it.

After preparing so hard for the NEET exam. It is often witnessed that many candidates lack in the competition because of the unknowingly silly mistakes done by them. This result, in the failure in the exam.

Keeping this in mind, Eduncle team has clubbed most often silly mistakes done by the NEET aspirants.

Let’s the tour begin.



How to Avoid Silly Mistakes in NEET?


Below are the points to keep in mind while solving NEET Exam to avoid the silly mistakes. Remember, one silly mistake can take away your ambition of becoming a doctor from the best medical college in India. Check out the repeated mistakes done by aspirants.



Time Constraints


Be aware of the time you have for the test and aim to finish it early.

Challenge yourself to complete the paper within the given duration. This will help you in managing your time. For e.g., if the exam is of 180 minutes and you finish it within 160 minutes then you can have time for the cross-checking too.

For quick practice, to know your speed and to cope up with the competition you can also join the Online Test Series.



Filling Right Answer


When you have read all the questions of the NEET and you have figure out the answers when you’re about to bubble it on the OMR sheet. Subvocalize your answer letter before filling in the OMR sheet. Like question 21-A, 22-C. This way you won’t get puzzled in filling OMR.

Filling the right answer in your question booklet but filling the wrong bubble will lead to the under-realization of your actual answers that you had marked in your question booklet leading to lesser marks than you expected in the NEET Result. 



Read Full Question with Concentration


If you tend to read the questions too quickly, and you are making mistakes. Avoid this habit and read the options slowly with full concentration. This will help you to gain marks.



Assure Yourself Before the Final Tick


Create an outline before filling your final answer in the OMR sheet. A lot of students immediately take the prompt decision and make mistakes frequently.



Solve Previous Year Paper


One of the best ways to know about your preparation is by solving NEET previous year papers along with their answers. Solving these papers can help you to know the exam pattern, exam level and type of questions been asked in the exam.



Cut Down Exam Anxiety and Stress


This is the most common mistake done by the aspirants. As you may be aware of Stress and anxiety, are the two-leading cause of the silly mistakes in the exam.



Know Your Brain


Do you have specific mistakes that you tend to make a lot? Maybe read the numeric number wrong. Whatever they are, do your best to notice them.



Lack of Concepts


Students usually lack behind in the competition because they are lacking behind of the basic concepts. The biggest reason is, they study from the reference books, not from the NCERT books which are the most important book for the NEET aspirants.

Not working on the conceptual terms tends to make students puzzled when the question is slightly twisted.

Go through the NEET Preparation Books to have an idea about the books that you must prefer.



Avoid Guesswork


You must be aware of the fact that there is negative marking in a 4:1 ratio for the NEET exam. Until and unless you are not sure with the correct answer, don’t bubble it. This is the major issue which a student does in the exam.



Calculation Mistakes


Doing calculation mistake is the lion’s share in the list of silly mistakes done in the NEET exam, most of the candidate baffle in solving the equations especially in the Physics part.



Aware with the Updated Syllabus


Keep yourself updated with the NEET Syllabus. This is the first step for the preparation of the NEET exam. It is important to keep updated with the latest notification and syllabus of the exam.



Work on your Self-Study Plan


Studying for 5-6 hours in coaching is not enough to crack the exam. You can plan your studies with the help of a proper Strategy for NEET 2021. If you will work full-fledged on these strategies, then you can surely crack NEET in one go.  



We hope, the above actionable tips to avoid silly mistakes for NEET will help you out in scoring good marks. If you liked the provided information please share with your fellow aspirants or friends and make them aware to avoid the common mistakes which an aspirant usually do.

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