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CSIR NET June 2019 Exam Reviews by the Applicants [Expert Strategies]

CSIR NET June 2019 Review


The CSIR NET Exam has been conducted successfully on 16th June 2019! The aspirants who have been preparing hard to crack the exam must be feeling relaxed after its completion.


The CSIR NET Exam is undoubtedly a tough race to win! The candidates must showcase their knowledge at a brilliant level to qualify this exam.


As discussed in our previous blogs, the difficulty level of the questions remain very high in the exam and it varies every year. To study the CSIR NET Exam Pattern and its’ difficulty level in detail, we have requested so many aspirants to share their reviews with us.


We would extend our thanks to all the CSIR NET Exam aspirants who shared their valued feedback with us. Based on the first impression of candidates have segregated the reviews into 10 Q & A form. Also, check out the expected cut-offs for CSIR NET June 2019 Exam.



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Ques 1: How was the CSIR NET Exam June 2019? How would you rate the difficulty level of the questions asked?


Answer: The difficulty level of CSIR NET June 2019 exam was moderate. The questions seemed to be shifting more towards the trend in the research atmosphere.

The General Aptitude section was quite easy and scoring. If prepared well, candidates can obtain maximum scores in this section.

Part B was easy if compared with Part C. Candidates were faced difficulty to solve the Part C questions. 


The difficulty level increased in ascending order from Part – A to Part – C.



Ques 2: Which section you started attempting first and why?


Answer: I attempted the General Aptitude Section first as it was less time consuming and the questions were easier. So, I thought it would be wise to attempt Part-A questions quickly and save time for other sections.


With the reviews of aspirants who appeared in the exam and analysis of question papers, our experts have made it possible to provide the complete CSIR NET Exam Analysis for all the subjects.

After a glance of CSIR NET Analysis, you will get to know about the type of questions, level of difficulty and the average number of questions asked in the exam.



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Ques 3: How did you distribute your time amongst the various sections? Kindly share your Time Management strategy followed during the exam?


Answer: I had a clear thought in my mind that I would attempt Part- A i.e. General Aptitude Section at first as this will help me in gaining confidence.


After solving all the questions of Part-A, I switched over to Part-B Section and lastly, I attempted Part-C Section which has the highest marks weightage amongst all the 3 sections. Part C was very time-consuming.


So, it’s better to take the third section at last and solve the questions with patience because one single mistake in these questions can hamper your scorecard.



Ques 4: Did you get anxious and nervous reviewing the questions or did you stay calm? If you felt anxious, how did you calmed your anxiety level?


 Answer. Truly speaking, before I started solving the questions, I had a quick view of the entire paper to have a rough idea about the questions toughness. And then I got a little nervous after seeing the questions from Part-C Section.


But when I began with the Aptitude Section, I could solve maximum questions from that section easily. This helped me in gaining confidence in me and with a calm mind, I solved other sections too.



Ques 5: Which topics came with the highest marks weightage? Please guide the CSIR NET Aspirants about the topics which they should cover at high priority.


Answer: I’ve given the Exam for CSIR NET Chemical Sciences, so I would advise the Chemcial Science aspirants to focus more on the Part C topics as it was the toughest Part in the exam.  Apart from these, the basics from the +2 level must be very solid.


Organic Chemistry was easy and physical was the toughest. 

Aspirants who worked on organic and inorganic topics can score more in this exam.

From Physical Chemistry, questions were asked from Thermodynamics, Statistical Thermodynamics, Quantum 


It would be wise if you study with the brief notes that are prepared to learn the basic concepts in a precise manner.


The point of relief is that section A is very easy. Only a few weeks of preparation can make you score high in this section.



Ques 6: What helped you in memorizing things during the CSIR Exam?


Answer: Well, the last-minute revision from quick notes helped me a lot in keeping the concepts and formulas remembered for long.



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Ques 7: What can be the Expected CSIR NET June 2019 Cutoffs?


Answer: The CSIR NET Cutoffs for June 2019 session (official) has been released. You can check out this at Eduncle, along with this you can get the CSIR NET Expected cutoffs for Dec 2019 as per our experts.


Please Read CSIR NET Result and Cutoff Marks Declaration Process for detailed information!



Ques 8: Did the Mock Test Papers or Previous Years Papers helped you in the CSIR NET Exam?


Answer: Yes! I felt this very strongly that mock tests and past years’ papers really helped me in boosting up my speed, accuracy, and confidence as well.


The habit of solving those papers helped me a lot while attempting the questions in the exam.


I suggest all the aspirants practice with CSIR NET Mock Tests and Previous Years’ Question Papers.



Grab the CSIR NET Model Test Papers and Previous Years Papers in PDF Format! Download for Free!



Ques 9: What was the toughest part for you during the whole preparation journey of CSIR NET Exam? Please share your fears and how you overcome them?


Answer: I think the huge syllabus and the strain of recollecting things from your graduation level studies and revising their concepts. This was very time taking but if you can prepare a proper plan and schedule your studies wisely, then this tough task can be easier.




Ques 10: Have you taken any coaching? If yes, then from where and how did it help you?


Answer: Yes, I took coaching from a near-by coaching center but I wish I could take help of some online courses as it is time-saving and more helpful than classroom coaching.



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Folks! Thanks for sharing your valuable reviews with us. We hope that you all qualify the exam with very good scores!


All the Best!


Dear visitors,


Above we have presented the overall analysis of the exam in a brief manner.


If you have also appeared in the CSIR NET Exam June 2019 and wish to share your feedback with us, please join us through the comment section below! Kindly post your feedback and review there.


Also, if anyone wishes to ask questions from the CSIR NET June Aspirants, they can post their queries in the comment section.


Eduncle aims at keeping all the CSIR NET aspirants updated with every single information. For your ease, we are suggesting to you a few blogs that may help you in preparing well for the exam.





Thanks!Stay Tuned…


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  • Rajinder Singh
    Can u pls give idea about exact date of oct for csir ugc net result of june 2017....and about cutt off for obc candidate in chemical sciences.and pls also tell tht hw much u sure about the cutt off... Sorry i knw my question is vry silly.....but i need the result for some purpose......bcoz of result i m in the way i score 93.5 acc to official answer key......pls rply me soon
    Read more
    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Rajinder,   Greetings from Eduncle!   You can expect the CSIR NET Result to be declared by 15th October 2017.   As per the experts predictions, the CSIR NET Chemical Sciences Cutoff for OBC Category can be around 44% (Lecturership) & for JRF it can be around 39-40%.   Thanks for asking your query with us!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
    Rajinder Singh
    Thnks for repling sir.... Is this possible tht LS cutt off higher than Jrf.... Usually jrf's cutt off is higher than LS
    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Rajinder,   Greetings from Eduncle!   As the qualifying criteria for UGC NET LS Exam has been changed now, so we can't say what cutoff they will be declaring at this time. We hope that you qualify the exam with good scores!   All the Best!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
    Rajinder Singh
    Thnks a lot sir.....
    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Rajinder,   Greetings from Eduncle!   Kindly stay tuned with Eduncle for keeping yourself updated with latest news & notification regarding CSIR NET Exam.   All the best for your future endeavors!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Rajinder Singh last question....... Why this time result is very late... I think now they can easily upload the result..
    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Rajinder,   Greetings from Eduncle!   Well, we can't tell you the exact reason behind this but yes every year the June Result is declared in the October month only. So, this year also, we can expect the result to be declared around 15th October.   Thanks for asking your query with us!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
    Chanreingam L
    When can we expect the csir result?
    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Chan L,   Greetings from Eduncle!   In the recently released official notification, CSIR Authorities has stated that the result is delayed due to some legal issues. They’re trying to declare the result as soon as possible. Whenever we’ll have any important news regarding the same, we’ll update it in the blog.   Kindly stay connected with us!   Thanks for asking your query with us!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Vinoka
    Dear Eduncle@ what is your expected cutoff marks of CSIR Net JRF and Lectureship of Dec. 2017 for ST categories? anticipating
    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Vinoka,   Greetings from Eduncle!   Can you please help us by providing your subject details. Only after that we'd be able to provide you the cutoff details. Or you can also check the expected CSIR NET Dec 2017 Cutoff here.   Thanks for asking your query with us!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Chanreingam L
    Any idea about result june 2017?
    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Chan,   Greetings from Eduncle!   As official website is frequently releasing the notification regarding CSIR NET Result, it can be expected that they might declare it before the November month ends.   Let's hope for the best!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Rajinder Singh
    Can result not declared before 7 oct.......
    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Rajinder,   Greetings from Eduncle!   No, I think the Result will be declared on or after 15th October 2017.   Thanks for asking your query with us!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Dalmalka Praveen Kumar
    results will be out in which month sep/oct for june csir net sir.thanks in advance
    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Dalmalka Praveen,   Greetings from Eduncle!   The CSIR NET June 2018 result had been released on 4th December 2018. Please check the details here – CSIR NET Result.   Thanks for asking your query with us!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Chainika
    What will be the expected cut off for csir net jrf June life sciences?
    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Chainika,   Greetings from Eduncle!   Please check the expected cutoff from here -   Thanks for asking your query to us!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Anju Sogarwal
    respected sir please check the answer of life science dece2017of these questions. 50,52,69,78,80,82,86,88,96,999101,104
    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Anju,   Greetings from Eduncle!   You can login here and download the CSIR NET Dec 2017 Life Sciences Answer Keys from here. Please download the PDF for free and analyse your scores.   Thanks for asking your query to us!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Rekha
    For ugc net csir dec 2017.What is qualification and what is time period M.Sc complete
    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Rekha,   Greetings from Eduncle!   Please go through the following blog to have a complete knowledge about - CSIR NET Eligibility Criteria.   Thanks for asking your query with us!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Ramsey
    sir, when will the results of NET DECEMBER 2017 be out? It has crossed 4 months now. And as of today, the on going court case's latest outcome is that, the court has now been adjourned till 26th july 2018. So when could CSIR possibly declare the results?
    Read more
    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Ramsey,   Greetings from Eduncle!   As per the notification released today, the result will be out soon and probably in 2-3 days. So stay tuned with us!   You can also subscribe here to get notified through SMS, when the result is out!   Thanks for asking your query to us!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
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