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Top Difference between Integrated & Regular PhD - Complete Guide

Regular vs Integrated PhD

IIT JAM Syllabus & Important Topics

If you already have a master’s degree and thinking to take your education further or if you are fascinated by calling yourself as ‘Doctor’ then you can pursue ‘Doctorate’ Degree i.e. PhD.

A title “Doctor” applies to those who have earned a PhD degree. But, do you know what is a PhD/Doctorate Degree exactly?

A doctorate is a renowned advanced research qualification in India and the world. PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy which is derived from the Latin word Philosophiae Doctorate.

With evolution in the education system, varieties of the doctoral degree are available in India. Regular PhD, Integrated PhD, Direct PhD and Part Time PhD come under doctorate degree.

Here in this blog, Eduncle presents the Difference Between Regular PhD and Integrated PhD.

Difference Between Regular PhD and Integrated PhD

What is Regular PhD?

Eligibility Criteria for Regular PhD

What is Integrated PhD?

Eligibility Criteria for Integrated PhD

Integrated PhD vs Regular PhD in Terms of Entrance Exams

Regular PhD Entrance Exams

Integrated PhD Entrance Exam



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Difference Between Regular PhD and Integrated PhD


Choosing the best PhD degree is always be a difficult task for you. So to help you, we have provided the factors based on which you can opt the best from Regular PhD and Integrated PhD.


Factor Regular PhD Integrated PhD
Minimum Qualification Master’s Graduation
Course Duration 3 Years 5 Years
Most Preferred Entrance Exam CSIR NET IIT JAM
Popularity Most Preferred as compare to Integrated PhD Popularity is Low
Subject In any subject you want Common Subject in MSc and PhD
Other Benefits More time consuming as you need to take entrance exam twice (Master’s + PhD) Less time consuming as you need to write entrance exam once. (After Graduation)



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What is Regular PhD? 


This is one of the most preferred choices among all PhD programmes. If you opt for regular PhD,then you can receive assistantship or fellowship from different institutes like UGC/CSIR or any other recognized agencies.



Eligibility Criteria for Regular PhD


If you are seeking to take admission in the PhD programme must have master’s degree. Different university have different percentage criteria for the selection in Master’s.



What is Integrated PhD?


This is a research programme, which is mainly for Science and Engineering & Technology field. Integrated PhD is the 5 years dual degree course of master’s and PhD. Generally, the first two years, you need to study the master’s course (MSc or M.Tech). After that, you need to focus on the research work and core PhD Course for next three years.



Eligibility Criteria for Integrated PhD


For this course, you must have atleast three - year bachelor’s degree in your core subject. For an example If a candidate is applying for the Integrated PhD should have completed a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. The aspirant should also have Maths at the 10 + 2 level.

Note -  Eligibility depends on the admitting institute’s guidelines.



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Integrated PhD vs Regular PhD in Terms of Entrance Exams


In this section, we have compiled the Top PhD Entrance Exam in India. To make you aware of different exams for which you can apply to get the doctoral degree.



Regular PhD Entrance Exams


S.No Name of the Entrance Exam
1. CSIR NET Exam
3. UGC-NET for JRF
4. DBT JRF Biotech Entrance Test
5. ICMR Junior Research Fellowship
7. JNU PhD Entrance Exam
9. NIPER PhD Entrance Exam
10. University of Hyderabad PhD Entrance Exam
11. GTU PhD Entrance Exam
12. BITS PhD Entrance Examination
13. AIIMS PhD Entrance Exam
14. NBRC PhD Entrance Exam
15. IISC PhD Entrance Exam
16. NDRI PhD Entrance Exam
17. Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Lucknow - PhD Admissions Test
18. BARC PhD Admission Test
19. ISM Dhanbad PhD Admission Test
20. Indian Veterinary Research Institute Bareilly PhD Admission Test
21. BINC Bioinformatics National Certification (BINC Examination)
22. NCBS



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Integrated PhD Entrance Exam


This course is offered by many universities in India without taking the entrance exam. It is less time consuming as compared to the Regular PhD Course.

Have a look at the various universities of India which provide the degree of Integrated PhD.


S.No Name of the Exam
1. IIT Joint Admission Test
2. ISSER Tirupati Integrated PhD Admission Test
3. IISC Bangalore PhD Admission Test
4. Indian Institute of Astrophysics M.Tech PhD Admission Test
5. JEST Entrance Test
6. JNU Admission Test
7. IISER Thiruvananthapuram PhD Admission Test
8. TIFR GS for PhD & Integrated MSc PhD Admission Test
9. TISS Mumbai MPhil & PhD Admission Test
10. NBHM PhD, Integrated PhD Mathematics Test
11. University of Hyderabad Integrated PG Courses Test
12. IISER Mohali Integrated MS-PhD Admission Test
13. VIT University Masters Entrance Exam
14. NUSRL Ranchi Integrated LLM PhD Admission Test
15. Assam University Silchar PhD MPhil Admission Test
16. Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Mumbai integrated PhD Admission Test
17. National Brain Research Centre Gurgaon integrated PhD Admissions Test



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Doctor of Philosophy is amongst the most honored degrees not only in India but also in abroad. PhD degree helps you to achieve the most stable career. This degree gives you the better qualification graph.

In this compiled list, we explained the differences between Integrated PhD and Regular PhD. In case you have any query regarding the difference, feel free to drop a comment. We would appreciate your valuable suggestion and information for other applicants under this post.

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  • Sonali sharma

    what is the difference between joint MSc PhD and Integrated PhD


    Hello Urawashi,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    The only difference between is that in a 'dual degree program' you cannot enter without completing your doctoral studies, whereas a combined MSc-PhD gives you the option to exit with a masters degree.
    Thank You!!

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    sir/mam i got 33.33 marks in iit jam biotechnology 2020 . AIR is 2428. i am in sc category any chance of getting admission in IITs/NITs ?


    Hello Akash,
    Greeting From Eduncle!
    You can check our blog of NIT Admission Eligibility to know the complete criteria to apply for the exam.
    Thank You!!

  • Nikita Verma

    Do we have to give separate exam for getting admission in integrated phd course in IISC




    any doubt u can contact me


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