Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT) Bombay – What Makes It The Best

IIT Bombay - What Makes It The Best


IIT Bombay –  Not just a name but a dream of millions. A dream which motivates every single student who chooses science and technology as their career. An institute which has always been a top performer in achieving the goal to deliver the best graduates and postgraduates in the world. If it’s a dream college of yours as well, then you definitely will be interested in knowing more about IIT Bombay Courses, its cutoffs and more specifically, IIT Bombay placements. Don’t expect less as we have come up with all the vital information to answer your every query about your favorite college.



About IIT Bombay



IIT Bombay, the worldwide leader in the field of technology, education and research and an institute of national importance was established in 1958. Whether it is Engineering, Designing or MSc, the institute is worldwide famous for its faculties and the outstanding caliber of the students graduating from its undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Let’s have a look at some of the figures of IIT Bombay:



27 Academic Units

 21 Research Centres

 630 Full-Time Faculty

  ̴ 50 Part-Time Faculty

  ̴ 10000 Students

  ̴ 2941 Ph.D. candidates

  ̴ 130 Postdoctoral Fellows

  ̴ 1380 Research Project Staff


With a faculty strength of over 450, IIT Bombay offers one of the best faculty-student ratios in the country. With enormous facilities and exposure, there is no doubt that IIT Bombay is the first choice of toppers of entrance exams like IIT-JEE, IIT-JAM, GATE etc. These are one of the toughest exams in the world and almost all the toppers of these exams have a common dream college – IIT Bombay.




Campus and Famous Events at IIT Bombay



With huge campus area including the beautiful greenery of Powai, IIT Bombay serves the best college experience to its students. Apart from one of the best campus infrastructures in the country, IIT Bombay holds a dominating reputation in various cultural and science fests at the international level. Each year IIT Bombay organizes two of the largest events in Asia.



 Mood Indigo – Asia’s Largest College Cultural Festival


Techfest – Asia’s Largest Science and Technology Festival




IIT Bombay




Courses Offered in IIT Bombay and their Entrance Exams 



The above images can definitely ignite the excitement to get admission into this prestigious college. Below are the various courses which are offered to the aspirants to get admission into the IIT Bombay.



 Bachelor of Technology (BTech)



Duration: 4 years


Internship: 2 months


Entrance Exam For Admission: IIT JEE



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 Master of Technology (MTech)



Duration: 2/3 years


Thesis Duration: 1 year


Teaching/Research Assistantship: Affiliated to course instructors or research projects for the duration of 2/3 years.


Entrance Exam For Admission: GATE



 Dual Degree (Integrated BTech + MTech)



Duration: 5 years


Internship: 2 months


Thesis Duration: 1 year


Teaching Assistantship: Affiliated to course instructors for a duration 1 year


Entrance Exam For Admission: IIT JEE



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 5 Year Integrated M.Sc.



Duration: 5 years


Internship: 2 months


Project Duration: 1 year


Graduate Programme Assistantship: Affiliated to course instructors for a duration 1 year


Entrance Exam Admission: IIT JAM



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 Master of Science (M.Sc.)



Duration: 2 years


Project Duration: 1 year


Entrance Exam For Admission: IIT JAM



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 Bachelor Of Design (B.Des.)



Duration: 4 years


Entrance Exam For Admission: UCEED



 Master Of Design (M.Des.)



Duration: 2 years


Thesis Duration: 1 year


Teaching/Research Assistantship: Affiliated to course instructors or research projects for the duration of 2 years.


Entrance Exam For Admission: CEED




Placements and Internships Offered at IIT Bombay (2018 Report)



IIT Bombay is world renowned for the career opportunities which are provided by the institute. Tremendous exposure and hefty package are some of the main reasons why IIT Bombay is the most preferred college of every IIT aspirant. Below are the statistics of various placements and internships which were offered to the IIT Bombay students of the year 2017-18.



Distribution of Placement Offers in Different Sector



S. No. Sector Number of Organizations Number of Placement Offers
1 Engineering and Technology 80 324
2 IT/ Software 62 177
3 Finance 27 127
4 Analytics 36 139
5 Consulting 24 101
6 Research and Development 24 89
7 Education 10 39
8 FMCG 2 8
9 Public Sector Undertaking 5 24
10 Others 24 73
Total 294 1101



 Program-Wise Placement Data



S. No. Program Registered Participated Placed Percentage
1 BTech 562 514 432 84.05
2 Dual Degree(BTech + MTech) 195 174 157 90.23
3 MTech 542 489 394 80.57
4 5 yr. Integrated M.Sc. 16 15 9 60.00
5 2 yr. M.Sc. 152 88 41 46.59
6 M.Des. 57 57 35 61.40
7 Other Programmes* 165 158 33 20.88
  Total 1689 1495 1101 73.65



*Includes B. S., M.Phil., MTech + Ph. D, M.Sc. + Ph. D, M. Sc. + M. Tech., Ph. D., M.S by Research.



 Placement Details As Per Salary Offered



S. No. Range of Gross Salary (LPA) No. of Companies No. of Offers
1 Salary ≥ 13 72 307
2 11 ≤ Salary < 13 38 153
3 9.25 ≤ Salary < 11 52 196
4 7.5 ≤ Salary < 9.2 56 206
5 6 ≤ Salary < 7.5 45 155
6 5 ≤ Salary < 6 23 64
7 Salary < 5 8 20
  Total 294 1101



 Department Wise internship Offers



S. No. Department Number of Offers
1 Aerospace 34
2 Chemical 131
3 Chemistry 21
4 Civil 111
5 Computer Science 220
6 Electrical 176
7 Engineering Physics 17
8 Energy 23
9 Mechanical 158
10 MEMS 88
11 M.Sc. Students 96
  Total 1075



 Country Wise internship Offers



S. No. Country Number of Internship Offers
1 USA 49
2 Japan 23
3 Germany 21
4 Singapore 16
5 South Korea 12
6 Australia 11
7 Canada 9
8 France 8
9 Hong Kong 8
10 UK 7
11 Taiwan 5
12 Luxembourg 4
13 China 3
14 Austria 2
15 Denmark 2
16 Cyprus 1
17 Ireland 1
18 Malaysia 1
19 The Netherlands 1
20 Portugal 1
21 Switzerland 1
  Total 186



The above data is enough to make you aware about the career opportunities you can get once you get admission in the IIT Bombay. But getting admission in IIT Bombay is not an easy task at all. This college always remains the top choice for every aspirant, so competition is highest for getting admission in this college. Whether you are preparing for IIT JEE or IIT JAM or any competitive exam, you will need the best guidance study material by your side along with pure dedication.



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Hope we have provided you with enough quality information about IIT Bombay. For more details on various exams like IIT JAM, JEE, NEET, and other competitive exams, stay connected with us on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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