IIT JAM 2017 Virtual Calculator for Practice – Learn How to Use It

IIT JAM 2017 Virtual Calculator



Hello, JAM Aspirants!!


Waiting for the day of exam is the most restless stage for an aspirant. Being an IIT JAM aspirant, you might be anxiously awaiting the IIT JAM 2017 Exam that is all set to be held on 12th February 2017.


You all are aware about the announcement regarding the use of Online Virtual Calculator in IIT JAM 2017 Exam. You will not be allowed to carry a physical calculator with you in the examination centre.


Virtual calculator was introduced in IIT JAM 2016 exam for the first time. You can use the calculator at any time during the examination for performing mathematical calculations, as it will be incorporated in the online test.




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You all might be curiously waiting to know all about the IIT JAM Virtual Calculator. The calculator is laced with all the important operators and functions that will be needed to execute the calculations in the IIT JAM 2017 Exam.


To solve all your doubts and queries, we are here explaining all the important functionalities and working of the online virtual calculator. You will now be able to know how to use the virtual calculator and save you your time at the time of examination.


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Official Announcement


 The JAM 2017 Question Papers will be set considering the usage of the online calculator.


 All the necessary functions and operations have been provided.


 Any calculations needed for solving the questions can be carried out using this calculator.





Essential Characteristics of the IIT JAM 2017 Virtual Calculator



Below we are sharing the characteristics of IIT JAM 2017 Virtual Calculator, read them carefully: –


 All the keys required for simple operations are placed on the right-hand side of the virtual calculator for easy access.


 All Scientific functions and operations are separated on the left-hand side of the virtual calculator.


 Inverse functions have separate keys (no need to press SHIFT or INV keys)


 Functions are grouped together for easy access. All trigonometric functions are together. Inverse functions are placed below the respective functions. For example; “sin inv” is placed below “sin”


 Hyperbolic functions are grouped together.


 Two display boxes are provided at the top of the virtual calculator. The top box indicates the sequence of the keys pressed (not the actual calculations) and is just for reference.


 The display box below it indicates the actual values entered or obtained after calculations.




 You Can Practice the Virtual Scientific Calculator by Following the Link: -




How the Virtual Calculator Works? – Follow the Steps



The virtual calculator has all the functions that you will need while performing calculations in the JAM exam.


You might not be familiar with the functions of the calculator, which can result you facing some problems while practicing.


Below we are giving some examples to make you understand the functions of the calculator and their use. Go through the examples, learn from them and practice online:




 Example  To Evaluate the Following  You Should Enter

Simple Arithmetic

1. 50 + 45 x 3 50, +, 45, *, 3, =
2. 50 x 45-2 50, *, 45, -, 2, =
3. 25 x (5+5) 25, *, (, 5, +, 5,), =

To evaluate function (value), enter value followed by function

4. 2 + log (20) x 5 20, log, *, 5, +, 2, =
5. log (30) x 5 – 7 30, log,*, 5, -, 7, =
6. In (25) x 2 + 5 25, In, *, 2, +, 5, =
7. 5 + In (25) x 2 25, In, *, 2, +, 5, =

sin (Degree), cos(Degree), tan(Degree) [“Select Deg”]

8. sin (45) or cos (45) or tan (45) 45, sin or cos or tan
9. tan (45) x 5 + 2 45, tan, *, 5, +, 2, =

Yroot () value

10. 4th root of 5 5, y√x, 4, =

Cube () value

11. 563 x 6+8 56, X3, *, 6, +, 8, =

“π” value

12. 5 π 5, *, π

Cube root ()

13. cube root (3) 3, 3√

Square root

14. square root (4) 4, √

Factorial (nỊ)

15. factorial (5) 5, nỊ
16. factorial (6)*5-2 6, nỊ, *, 5, -, 2, =

Exponential (ex)

17. e0 0, ex


18. 102.5 2.5, 10x
19. 10-0.509 10, ^, 0.509, +/-, =
20. 10-2 10, ^, 2, +/-, =




Points to Be Kept in Mind While Practicing Virtual Calculator



 While practicing the virtual calculator, some doubts could arise in your minds. Given below are some important points that will help you in getting the answer to your queries:


 This is not a fractional calculator. NAT questions need the answers only in decimal form.


 No separate keys are available for converting polar to rectangular form and vice versa. You should use appropriate conversions using the calculator.


 Complex numbers cannot be represented in this calculator. All questions relating to any area where complex numbers might be deemed useful, eg.in power systems or other areas, can be solved using this calculator.


 Matrices of numbers cannot be represented. The candidates need to carry out all the matrix related calculations manually.


 This is a non-programmable calculator. It does not solve any quadratic, cubic or simultaneous equations.


 You can’t get a stand-alone calculator app for mobile or computer. You should access the calculator through web.


 Web connection is needed only to load the calculator on your webpage on your computer or mobile. Once it is loaded you do not need an internet connection to carry out the calculations.


 Any constants needed for solution will be provided in the question paper. Wherever it is not provided then it is expected that the candidates should know the values of the constants.


 The keyboard will not be accessible during the entire duration of examination, you need to use the mouse.


 You should make sure that the top display area is showing the sequence of the keys pressed and not the formula.


 You can use the scribble pad for assistance since the calculator will not store the previous steps.


 There is a memory button in the virtual scientific calculator also to store a value.







In this article, we have tried our best to give you the complete knowledge about the online virtual calculator to be used in the IIT JAM 2017 Exam. Practice more with it to avoid confusions and mistakes at the time of the exam.


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We provide here the complete information about IIT JAM Exam 2017.


If you have any doubt regarding the exam or the usage of the online virtual calculator, kindly place your queries in the comment box provided below.




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