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Railway Exam Preparation Tips, Books & Sample Papers [NTPC Stage 3]

Railway Exam Preparation Tips


Hello Aspirants,


As per the latest notification, the Railway Board has announced the large number of vacancies for NTPC under CEN 01/2019. The RRB NTPC exam is scheduled to be held in Sept-Oct month.


During the RRB NTPC recruitment, the board will conduct the RRB NTPC Stage 3 Exam. The candidates who will clear the Mains Exam will be left with limited time for the preparation for the next stage.


So, to help you to prepare for the 3rd stage exam, here in this blog we have covered all the important topics and the complete RRB NTPC Stage 3 Preparation Tips that you must follow.


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How to prepare for RRB NTPC 3rd Stage Exam?


To begin your preparation, follow these simple steps and make your efforts in the right direction to crack the exam.


1. Begin with the complete knowledge of Exam Syllabus and pattern. 

To start your preparation for RRB NTPC 3rd Stage exam, the first step is to know the complete RRB NTPC Stage 3 Syllabus and Exam Pattern. The Stage 3 exam differs as per the post for which you have applied.


2. Mode & Duration of the Exam. 

Stage 3 exam consists of Aptitude Test for Assistant Station Master and Traffic Assistant posts and Typing Test for Senior Time Keeper, Junior Account Assistant Cum Typist and Senior Clerk Cum Typist posts.


There will be no negative marking for the wrong answer in the Aptitude Test of the RRB NTPC 3rd Stage exam.


  RRB Skill test is going to be conducted in Online Mode for the first time by the Railway Board.


  The duration of Typing Test will be 10 minutes.


  Each test in an Aptitude Test has a different time-limit which is informed to the candidates at the hall itself.



Preparation Tips for RRB NTPC Stage 3 Exam Aptitude Test [Topic Wise]


The Aptitude Test for Assistant Station Master and Traffic Assistant Post consists of mainly 4 type of tests.


1. Intelligence Test

2. Selective Attention Test

3. Spatial Scanning Test

4. Information Ordering Test

5. Personality Test


Below are the topic wise preparation tips to help you in the better preparation of the exam.




Download Sample Questions PDF for RRB NTPC Stage 3 Aptitude Test!



How to prepare for Intelligence Test? Tips to crack the exam.


In this test, you will be given five figures and you have to find out the one which is different from the other figures. This is basically odd one out type of problems.

Some useful tips to crack this section are given below.


Firstly, look at the question carefully and try to find out the difference between the given options.

  Prepare for this section by solving the non-verbal problems.

  Solve as many questions as you can so that you have a command over these questions and you can solve these questions in the minimum time during the exam.

  Do not waste your time in guessing the answer.

  As this time, the test will be conducted in online mode, so practice online mock tests for the exam.

  The best strategy to solve these type of questions is to set a time limit and then attempt the questions.

  If you don’t know the answer to any question, move on to the next one. If you have left with some time after attempting all questions at once, then revisit the harder ones.


  Note: Sample Questions for Intelligence Test are available in PDF Format.



How to prepare for Selective Attention Test?


In this test, you will be provided a series of numbers, you need to add the odd/even numbers while ignoring even/odd numbers and the option which shows the correct sum is the answer.

Some of the useful tips for this section are:


  Read the instructions carefully while attempting the test.

  To prepare for the selective attention test, you must have command over mathematics.

  Try to solve the maximum questions in minimum time with accuracy.

  You need to be very attentive while solving these questions.

  Practice Previous years’ papers to prepare for this section.

  As numbers are arranged in a series form and are very closely placed to one another, so it would require a lot of patience and attention while solving.

  Don’t hassle up while adding numbers as this would lead to the wrong addition of number.

  If you have any doubt while preparing for this test, kindly take help from your friends.

  Take help of Online Mock test to improve your speed and to know the level of your preparation.


   Note: Sample Questions for Selective Attention Test are available in PDF Format.




Download Sample Questions PDF for RRB NTPC Stage 3 Aptitude Test!



How to prepare for Spatial Scanning Test?


In this test, you will be provided with a figure containing route, you have to find out the shortest route between the two stations.

Below are some tips to crack this section:


  In this test, there are several conditions to solve the question. You have to answer while considering all the conditions. The minimum possible route will be your answer.

  Set a time limit while you prepare for the spatial scanning test. As these type of questions takes time to solve.

  By practicing a lot, you can answer in the minimum time and can improve your speed.

  Solve at least 10-15 questions daily of this test and thus boost your brain for these kinds of problems.

  You can prepare by taking an online mock test. As the test would be online, so by practicing online mock test, you can improve your exam result.

  There are various books and online study material available to prepare for the test. Solve them and get excel in your exam.


  Note: Sample Questions for Spatial Scanning Test are available in PDF Format.



How to prepare for Information Ordering Test?


In this test, you will be provided with two tables 1 and 2. The test figure will be provided in every question, first, check the corresponding value from table 2 and then after subsequent Addition or Subtraction as per the question, you need to find out the figure from Table 2 corresponding to the last solved value and that will be your correct answer.


Below are the tips to crack this section:


  Practice well for this section prior to the exam, to increase your speed as you will have limited time in the exam to solve these questions.

  While Checking the value from Table 2, Note the correct value, as a wrong interpretation of the figure value will lead to the wrong answer.

  Take help of Online Mock Tests to improve your speed in this section.

  Add or Subtract according to the value given at each level of the Process Boxes A, B, C & D.

  The questions in this test are somewhat lengthy, So regular practice will help you to excel in this section.

  While preparing for this test, set a timer for each question and try to minimize the time required for solving that question every time, it will help you during the exam.


Note: Sample Questions for Information Ordering Test are available in PDF Format.



How to prepare for Personality Test?


Most Personality Tests are designed to indicate whether you were consistent in your answers and to what extent you tried to portray yourself in an overly positive manner. In this test, you will be asked questions based on some situations and how you will react in that situation will be your answer.


Follow these tips for better preparation of this section:


  This test usually takes less than 12 minutes.

  The Personality test is conducted by the board to know how you will respond to the situation while working in an organization and how you handle stress.

  Honestly answer the questions while keeping the organization and the position you have applied for, in mind.

  Try not too many answers as “Neither agree nor disagree” as many times it does not tells the clear idea about your personality.

  Try to keep your answers related to work context.

  Don’t leave any question unanswered.

  Practice online personality test so that you become aware of the type of questions asked in the test.


  Note: Sample Questions for Personality Test are available in PDF Format.




Download Sample Questions PDF for RRB NTPC Stage 3 Aptitude Test!




Preparation Tips for RRB NTPC Stage 3 Exam Typing Test


Typing Test is conducted by the Railway Board for the posts of Senior Time Keeper, Junior Account Assistant Cum Typist, and Senior Clerk Cum Typist. The best way to crack this test is to practice a lot for typing prior to the exam.

Here are some sure short tricks and tips to crack the typing test.


  To pass the typing test, practicing before the test is very crucial.

  Don’t look at the keyboard while typing to improve your typing speed. Initially it will lead too many mistakes in your typing but later on you have an idea of the keys on the keyboard and thus improve your speed.

  Take free online typing tests which will help you to memorize the keys.

  While practicing, retype the same paragraph and try to minimize the time for the more typed words. This will increase your speed of typing.  


General Instructions for RRB NTPC 3rd Stage Exam


RRB NTPC Stage 3 Exam is not a tough nut to crack. If you have practiced well, you can easily get success in the exam.

Below are some general instructions you must follow while preparing for the exam.



Tips before the Exam:


1. Take proper Sleep

No need to stay up all the night. You must take a proper sleep one night before the exam, so that you can appear for the exam with the fresh mind. Having proper sleep will make you more enthusiastic to attempt the exam with more confidence. You will feel confident and this positive attitude would help you in answering the questions.


2. Go to the assessment centre early

At the day of the Exam, you must reach the exam centre before the time mentioned on the admit card so that you don’t have to rush for the exam. Reaching late for the exam will totally affect your exam performance as you will have less time to complete your exam and it will create the mental burden on you to attempt the exam in very limited time. So, always try to reach the exam centre prior to the time mentioned.


3. Eat Healthy

Don’t miss out your meals. As the healthy mind will only work when you eat healthily. Skipping your meals can affect your concentration level during the exam. It may also result in loss of your memory power. So, it is advisable to you to eat healthy before the exam. You can eat chocolates to release the exam stress.


4. Manage daily time for study 

Spend at least one hour daily to prepare each section of the test. Divide your time for each section and then start practicing. Give proper time for revision for what you have studied during the entire day.


General Tips before the RRB NTPC Stage 3 Exam



Free Download Available for RRB NTPC Syllabus and Exam pattern! Kick start your preparations!




Tips at the time of Exam


1. Read the instructions carefully

When you appear for the exam, you must listen to all the instructions carefully. Missing out any instruction / wrong Interpretation of any instruction will affect your exam performance. When you sit for the exam, you must have all your queries clear in your mind and then attempt your test after making all the things clear so you don’t have to waste time while your exam time is running.


2. Don’t hesitate to ask questions

If you stuck anywhere or you have any doubt about any of the instructions of the exam. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from the examiner. He is there to help you. It might happen that you didn’t understand the correct meaning of any instruction. So, if you have any doubt regarding the exam, it is better to ask it rather than keeping it just in your mind which can affect your exam.


3. Don’t waste time on difficult questions 

While attempting your test, if you find some questions which requires more time to answer, then don’t waste your time on those questions, as this will reduce your time to attempt the questions which requires less time to answer. Attempting more questions with the right answer will increase your score rather than wasting your time on difficult questions.


4. Think about the questions before answering 

While answering questions in the test, think about the questions asked and then answer. As it is basically the skill test, so it depends on your thinking capability and how you react in any situation. The personality test under Aptitude test for Assistant Station Master and Traffic Assistant Post basically deals with such type of questions. So, before you answer any question, just give it a thought.


5. Don’t copy answers from neighbors

Don’t try to copy your neighbor’s answers as he will be provided with the different set of question booklet. Copying answer will reduce your chance to clear the exam. As it is not compulsory that his answer will be correct. So, try to answer questions yourself. If you don’t know the answer, just leave that question and move on to the next question.


General Tips at the time of RRB NTPC Stage 3 Exam



Reference Books for RRB NTPC Stage 3rd Skill Test


Skill test of RRB NTPC requires a lot of practice. There are various preparation books to help in your studies or you can prepare from various online platforms for each test of the skill test.

Here are some books to help in your preparation


S.No.  Name of the Book  Published By  Image
1. Railway PsychometricTest P K Mishra P K Mishra
2. Psychological Aptitude Test Book Kiran Publications Kiran Publications
3. RRB Psychological Test V V K Subburaj  

V V K Subburaj

4. Railway Aptitude Test R Gupta

R Gupta

5. Assistant Station Master Psychological & Aptitude Test Upkar Publication’s

Upkar Publication’s

6. Indian Railway RRB Psychological Test Guide Vidya Prakashan

Vidya Prakashan




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RRB NTPC 3rd Stage Exam is going to be conducted from 29th June 2017 to 30th June 2017. Following the section wise tips, which are provided in this blog will definitely help you to crack the exam.


If you have any doubt, you can comment your queries in the box provided below. Also, can share the information shared, if you find it useful.


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