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RRB JE Job Profile - Career Scope, Salary Structure [Complete Details]

RRB JE Job Profile

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Hello RRB Aspirants,


Everyone wants to get settled with a perfect job and career path which offers amazing salary packages and benefits with the work environment suitable to work in.


Indian Railways being the biggest employer in India releases vacancies every year for various fields, amongst them, one of the fields is Engineering field for the post of RRB Junior Engineer & Senior Section Engineer.


Before you proceed with the RRB Online Application for the RRB Junior Engineer post, you must have the complete knowledge of the job profile, allowances, and all the information related to the post. So, let’s have a detailed analysis of the RRB Junior Engineer Profile.



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The job and the work of the Junior Engineer depend on the specialization for which the candidates are recruited. There are 5 specializations under Railway Junior Engineer Exam.


1. Civil Engineering

2. Electrical Engineering

3. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

4. Mechanical Engineering

5. Information Technology Engineering


In this article, we will provide you the complete analysis of these specialization based on the following points.


1. Job Profile, Roles and Responsibilities

2. Salary structure

3. Promotion and growth chart

4. Benefits and perks

5. Duties/ Working Conditions




RRB Junior Engineer: Civil Engineering


The Civil Engineering Department of RRB JE has various posts under it. The important and foremost RRB Junior Engineer Eligibility conditions required to apply for Civil Engineering posts are:


  The candidates should have Three years Diploma in Civil Engineering or B.Sc in Civil Engineering of three years duration.

  A combination of any sub-stream of basic streams of Civil Engineering from a Recognized University/Institute.


Below, we are sharing the RRB Junior Engineer Civil Engineering posts with the complete job details.




1. Junior Engineer (Works)


Job Profile 

 Junior Engineer Works, is a Supervisor in Civil Engineering Department of Railways. He is also called the Inspector of Works.

  He will be in charge of the construction and maintenance of Railway buildings including staff quarters, water supply to these buildings and encroachment of Railway land etc.


Roles and Responsibilities 

  RRB JE (Works) role includes a small jurisdiction of approximately 50-60 kms of Railway Track.

 His responsibilities include dealing with mainly Quarters (Residential and Office) Maintenance and Repairs, Creation of Assets, such as Platform Extension Work, Small Quarter Construction, Platform Shed Construction/ Repairs, Painting, etc).


Salary Structure and Other Perks

 Pay Scale: Rs. 9300-Rs. 34800.

 Grade Pay: 4200.

 Initial Pay: Rs. 9300.

 Total Pay (1) + (2): Rs.13500.


Other Allowances depend on various conditions and hence cannot be stated uniformly. Other major allowances include:

  DA on Total Pay (listed above).

 Transport Allowance.

 House Rent Allowance (if not provided with quarters)

Deductions from RRB Junior Engineer Salary include 10% of total Pay towards New Pension Scheme.


Career Growth / Promotion

The career growth and promotion of RRB JE (Works) are mentioned below.

 Junior Engineer

 Senior Section Engineer

 Assistant Divisional Engineer(Gaz.) (AEN)

 Divisional Engineer(DEN).

 Senior Divisional Engineer (Sr. DEN).


Note: This is the common criteria for all Junior Engineer Posts of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering through Departmental Exam or through General Promotion. They are promoted to higher levels in 3 to 4 years. The post of Junior Engineer comes under Group C and IT Engineering.


Selection Process

The Selection process of Railway Junior Engineer includes Written Examination, which is the first step for becoming a Railway Junior Engineer.

 Written Examination is followed by Document Verification stage. This is the second stage of the RRB JE Exam. The candidates who have cleared the written exam are called for this stage.

  After the Document Verification process, the candidates who have appeared and have cleared the Second stage are called for the third stage. i.e. Medical Test.


The candidates recommended for appointment will have to pass requisite medical fitness test(s) conducted by the Railway Administration to ensure that the candidates are medically fit to carry out the duties connected with the Junior Engineer post.


Selection Process of RRB JE



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2. Junior Engineer (Permanent Way)


Job Profile

  JE (Permanent Way) is a supervisor in the Civil Engineering (Permanent Way) department of Railways.

  It is also referred as the Open Line in Indian Railways.


Roles and Responsibilities

 He will be the in charge of a section of track (approximately 50-60 kms in length) stretching over a couple of stations.

 His responsibility is to ensure that the track is maintained in the best quality to allow smooth, safe and fast movement of trains.

 He will be working under an SSE who will be overall in charge and he will have a team of workers consisting of trackman, gangman, khalasis, patrolman.



Salary Structure and Other Perks

The RRB Junior Engineer Salary and Other Perks and benefits for the post of JE (Permanent Way) is same as the post of Junior Engineer (Works).


Career Growth / Promotion

The career growth and promotion of RRB (Permanent Way) are mentioned below.

 Junior Engineer

 Senior Section Engineer

  Assistant Divisional Engineer(Gaz.) (AEN)

  Divisional Engineer(DEN)

 Senior Divisional Engineer(Sr.DEN)


Duties of Permanent Way Engineer

  Maintenance and inspection of track in a satisfactory and safe condition for smoother traffic movement.

 Efficient execution of all works incidental to track maintenance

  Accounting and Periodical verifications of stores and tools in his charge

 Maintenance of land boundaries between stations and unimportant stations as may be specified by the administration.


Selection Process

The Selection process for the post of Junior Engineer Permanent Way is the same as for the post of Junior Engineer Works from the Civil Engineering Department. There will be a Written Examination followed by Document Verification and Medical Test.


NOTE: Get the details of Junior Engineer Syllabus by visiting the following link RRB Syllabus 2022 | Exam Pattern – SSE, JE, ALP, Group D.



3. Junior Engineer (Bridge)


Job Profile

Junior Engineer Bridge is responsible for the Maintenance of bridges in the Railway Division. Bridge workshop and bridge construction are the major activity of this profile.


Salary Structure and Other Perks

 Pay Scale: Rs. 9300-34800

 Grade Pay: Rs. 4200

 Revised Junior Engineer Salary according to Grade Pay: Rs. 8560+Rs. 2800 (+ one increment in the second year of two years training period).



4. Junior Engineer (Drawing, Design and Estimation)


Job Profile 

This post is responsible for preparation of drawing, estimation of quantity and preparation of work estimate.


Note: The salary, promotion and selection procedure for the post of Junior Engineer (Drawing, Design and Estimation) would be the same as for the post of Junior Engineer (Works).



5. Junior Engineer (Track Machine)



Job Profile

 JE Track Machine Engineer will be working in a Track machine.

 He will be responsible for working, maintenance of the Machine along with Technicians.

 Training will be one year which includes classroom and on the job training in a track machine.


Roles and Responsibilities

Inspection and maintenance of all track machines. Also, confirming that the machines are working satisfactory, and efficiently and are in proper working condition.

 Ensure availability of necessary staff for the operation and optimum utilization of machines during track possessions/line blocks.

 Ensure adequate availability of all the consumables and spares of fast wearing components and unit replacement assemblies of the required quality.

 Ensure availability of tools/gadgets for inspection of the machines.


Note: The salary, promotion and selection procedure for the post of Junior Engineer (Track Machine) would be the same as for the post of Junior Engineer (Works)



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RRB Junior Engineer: Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering is one of the important departments responsible for the maintenance of electrical locomotive, traction distribution and overhead equipment, train lighting and air conditioning, power supply etc.

There are various posts under Railway Junior Engineer Electrical Engineering. Below we are sharing the detailed analysis of these posts.



Role of Electrical Engineer in Railway Department


Electrical engineers in railway department are liable for the maintenance of possessions owned by the Electrical Department in Indian railways. They are mainly divided into four branches-

 General Service(G)

 Traction Operation(TRO)

 Traction distribution(TRD)

 Traction Rolling Stock (TRS)


Job Profile and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of General services - General Service (G) includes the development and maintenance of various equipment used by the Indian Railway department

Responsibilities of Traction Operation (TRO) - Traction Operation (TRO) is responsible for the maintenance of safety system commonly used in railway. Engineers working under this branch control the speed at which the drive wheels’ spin. When they notice that the drive wheels are spinning very quickly, they suggest slowing the speed of the train and thus help the railway drivers to prevent an accident.

Responsibilities of Traction distribution (TRD) – Traction distribution handles the maintenance of Over Head Equipments (OHE) and substations (PS) which are indulged in the shifting of rolling stock. They monitor these valuables through SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. Electrical engineers also stay in touch with other department working under the central railway for essential work.

Responsibilities of Traction Rolling Stock: Traction Rolling Stock (TRS) is liable for the production and safeguard of Main Line EMUs (MEMUs), Electrical Multiple Units (EMUs) and Electric Locomotives.


Salary Structure and Other Perks

The RRB Junior Engineer Salary Structure and other benefits for the post of Railway JE from Electrical Engineering Department is same as for the post of Junior Engineer (Works)from Civil Engineering Department.


Career Growth/ Promotion

The promotions and Growth Chart of Junior Electrical Engineer for all posts are mentioned below.

Section Engineer

Assistant Electrical Engineer(Gaz.)

Divisional Electrical Engineer

Senor Divisional Electrical Engineer


Selection Process

The Selection criteria for Railway Junior Electrical Engineer includes the same three stages as for other Junior Engineer posts i.e. Written Examination, Document Verification and Medical test.



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RRB Junior Engineer: Electronics and Communication Engineering


Railway Junior Engineer Electronics and Communication Engineering have several posts under it. The name of these posts are mentioned below:


1. Jr. Engineer (Signal).

2. Jr. Engineer (Telecommunication).

3.  Jr. Engineer (S&T) Workshop.

4.  Junior Engineer Drawing/ Drawing & Design/ Signal/ S&T.

5. Jr. Drawing / S&T.


Job Profile

Junior Engineer Signal & Telecommunication is a supervisor in the Telecommunication Department in Railways. He can be posted under two units:


1. Station Units

2. Production Units

 If the Junior Engineer is posted in Station Unit then, he will oversee the signaling installations of the stations.

 He will have normally few stations under him and he needs to travel to these stations.


Roles and Responsibilities

The Signal and Telecommunication Engineer is responsible for: -

 Safe installation and maintenance of equipment.

 To ensure strict discipline amongst his staff.

 Coordination with Engineering and other branches in case of combined works.

 Submission of proposals for Revenue and Works Budget, and for periodic reviews.


Salary Structure and Other Perks

The Salary Structure of Electronics and Communication Junior Engineer is same as for the post of Railway Junior Engineer (Works) from Civil Engineering Department.


Career Growth / Promotion

The promotions and Growth Chart of Junior Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer for all posts are mentioned below.

 Section Engineer.

 Assistant Signal and Telecommunication Engineer(Gaz.).

 Divisional Signal and Telecommunication Engineer.

 Senor Divisional Signal and Telecommunication Engineer.


Selection Process

The selection process of Electronics and Communication Junior Engineer is same as for the other Junior Engineer posts of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering mentioned above.



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RRB Junior Engineer: Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering Department in Indian Railways is responsible for the manufacturing, maintenance (Division and Workshop) and operation of Carriage, Wagon, Locomotives. The posts under Mechanical Engineering are listed below.


1. Jr. Engineer (Mechanical) (Workshop)

2. Jr. Engineer Mechanical

3. Jr. Engineer Carriage & Wagon

4. Jr. Engineer / Diesel Mechanical

5. Jr. Engineer J&T (Jig & Tools)

6. Jr. Engineer (Drawing & Design) Mechanical.


Job Profile

Railway Junior Mechanical Engineer works under Section Engineer and can be posted under two units:


1. Station / Production Unit

In Production Unit, he is known as Train Examiner and he will oversee the maintenance of trains.

His duty is to see Goods Wagons and passenger coaches are in good condition as required by the operating personnel.


2. Workshop Unit

In Workshop, he will oversee periodic checking and maintenance of components of Locomotives, Coaches.


Roles and Responsibilities

  The duties and responsibilities of Mechanical Workshop Engineer are to create a system of zero defects and zero deficiencies on rolling stock All vehicle which rolls on track namely wagon, carriage, the locomotive is called rolling stock).

  Junior Engineer Carriage & Wagon is responsible for schedule inspection of carriage and wagon and monitoring of trial components.

  Junior Engineer Diesel Mechanical Engineer is responsible for the maintenance and operation of Diesel Locomotives.


Salary Structure and Other Perks 

The salary structure and other perks of Junior Engineer for Mechanical Department is same as for the post of Junior Engineer (Works) from Civil Engineering Department.


Career Growth / Promotion

The Promotion or growth Chart for the Railway Junior Mechanical Engineer is mentioned below.

SE Mechanical

Assistant Mechanical Engineer(Gaz.)

Divisional Mechanical Engineer

Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer.


Selection Process

The Selection Process of all posts of Junior Engineer includes the same criteria for selection. So, the Selection process of Mechanical Engineering also includes three stages. i.e. Written Examination, Document Verification and Medical Test.




RRB Junior Engineer: Information & Technology Engineering


Junior Engineer in Information & Technology department has one post under it which is Junior Engineer (IT). He is responsible for the policy framing and IT related matters of the Railways.


Job Profile and Responsibilities

IT Engineer is responsible for the policy framing of power or security related issues and implementation of the policies.

He is the Webmaster and the content manager of the Indian Railways and thus responsible for the daily updates on the Internet.

The duty of IT Engineer is the Procurement of IT Hardware/ Software/ Office Equipments like Photocopier, Fax Machine etc.



RRB JE Salary and Pay Scale after 7th Pay Commission Review


The Government has recommended the revision in the 6th pay Commission Salary of Junior Engineer and approved the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission.


The RRB JE Salary after 7th Pay has some differences with the salary and allowances as per the 6th Pay Commission.


The Pay Scale or Pay band of Junior Engineer is Rs. 9300-Rs.34800. So, the 7th Pay Salary of Junior Engineer can be calculated by the following way mentioned below.


Basic Pay = Rs. 9300.

Grade pay = Rs. 4200.

Total Entry pay =Rs. 13500.

Dearness allowance: 125% on Basic pay and Grade pay = RS.16875.

Total salary = Rs.13500+ Rs.16875 + allowances = 30375 + allowances.

New salary (as per 7th Pay Commission) = Rs.35400 + allowances.

Net difference = Rs. 5025.



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IES Exam – Another option for Engineers to join RRB as JE


There are numerous benefits for an Engineer who is recruited through Indian Engineering Services Exam. They are listed below.


An Engineer who is recruited through Indian Engineering Services Examination (IES) is almost equivalent to the IAS officer in central services.

The Promotion of IES engineer in Railways is done in 3 to 4 years.

The salary and other benefits provided to the IES Engineer is more than that provided to Junior Engineer & Senior Section Engineer.

He is placed above Junior Engineer & Senior Section Engineer posts.

The most important benefit of being recruited as IES Engineer is that he is directly posted in Group A category while JE and SSE Engineers comes under Group B & C and it takes almost 20-22 years to get promoted to Group A category.



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In the above article, we have summed up the details of the Railway Junior Engineer Job profile. If we have missed out any information, your suggestions are welcomed in the comment box provided below.


You can also share your views and concerns related to the information shared. Share this vital information with your friends to let them know about the complete RRB JE Job Profile.





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    sir... please shed light on RRB JE EC(signal and telecom) related jobs ?? and are there any office duty nature of jobs in JE EC?? waiting for ur relply .. thankyou Eduncle team

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