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SSC CGL Sub Inspector in CBI Job Profile, Salary, Promotions, Training


SSC CGL Sub Inspector in CBI Job Profile, Salary, Promotions, Training



SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam is one of those exams which are conducted by Staff Selection Commission under the supervision of Government of India.


Through SSC CGL recruitment process, Staff Selection Commission offers the Sub Inspectors’ post to recruit the candidates in various departments. Among all Sub Inspector in CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) is the most important post.


Staff Selection Commission has announced the Sub Inspector CBI Vacancy in the official notification of SSC CGL 2018 Exam.




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Let’s know about some important details of Sub Inspector Central Bureau of Investigation:

Group Name – B (Non-Gazetted Post)

 Post Code – O

 Department – Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

 Post Name – Sub Inspector

 Vacancy - 54


Here, we are providing the complete information of SSC CGL Sub Inspector CBI Job Profile, Salary, Career Path (Promotions), Training, Selection Process etc. So, stay connected with Eduncle and please read further.



About Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Department


Central Bureau of Investigation is the Investigative Government Agency of India that serves as a Criminal Investigation, Economic Crimes, and Prosecution Body.


It was set up in 1941 by the Government as a Special Police Establishment (SPE) that later changed as CBI in 1963.


CBI Contact Details


Name - Central Bureau of Investigation

 Address - Plot No. 5-B, 6th Floor, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003

 Contact No. - 011-24362755, 011-24361273

 Website -

 Name - CBI Academy

 Address - Kamla Nehru Nagar, Hapur Road, Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh – India

 Contact No. -  +91-120-2782985 / 6 / 7 / 8

 Fax - +91-120-2755999

 Website -


Now, let’s start with knowing the job profile and working conditions of Sub Inspector in Central Bureau of Investigation.



Job Profile of SSC CGL Sub Inspector in CBI


Sub Inspector’s job in CBI Department is very hard because there is no schedule for this post. In CBI Department, being Sub Inspector, your responsibilities will be set depending upon the posting you get. You can check below the complete SSC CGL Sub Inspector CBI Job Profile.


If Posted for Desk Work


If you are posted for desk work, then you have to handle a lot of paper work/ file work related to various cases (active or pending), which is clerical and administrative in nature. It has fixed working hours and there is no workload.


If Posted for Field Work


If you are posted in the field work, then you will be working with Central Bureau of Investigation Task Force on various cases such as Inquiries/ Investigation and Gathering Information.


As a Sub Inspector in Central Bureau of Investigation, you will not be having proper work schedule in the field work due to working on different cases. There are many advantages and disadvantages for the post of Sub Inspector in CBI.



It offers a great respectful career for young and enthusiastic candidates.

 It doesn’t include boring office work. You will get to learn many new things.

 Sub Inspector in CBI has the highest salary among all SSC CGL Posts. (Surpasses even AAO).

 It is the most powerful and reputed Job in society specifically among the Businessmen, Government Officials, Bankers etc.



 It doesn’t offer you a regular 9 to 5 job in the field work.

 The work can turn out to be very stressful, so there may be lack of peace of mind.

 There could be a lot of travel for investigation purpose.

 The Sub Inspector works at quite a few dangerous places.

 There is no stability. You will get transfers every few years.



Who Can Apply for SSC CGL Sub Inspector in CBI? Eligibility Criteria


It is most important to know the eligibility criteria of Sub Inspector in CBI to fill the SSC CGL Application Form. So, we will describe the complete eligibility criteria for Sub Inspector in CBI Department.


Education Qualification

The candidates are holding a graduate degree from any recognized university/ Institute, then they can apply for this post.


Age Limit

For the post of Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level Sub Inspector CBI, the age limit is between 20 to 30 years.


Physical Eligibility

It is mandatory that all the candidates must be physically fit because PH/ Physically Unfit candidates are not suitable for Sub Inspector in CBI post.


Below, we are providing the physical standards eligibility criteria for the post of Sub Inspector in Central Bureau of Investigation.


Physical Test


For Men - 165 cms.

For Women - 150 cms.

Height Relaxable for Hillsmen and Tribals: 5 cms.



76 cms. with expansion

(There shall be no such requirement in case of female candidates)


Vision: Eye-sight (with or without glasses)

Distant Vision: 6/6 in one and 6/9 in the other eye

Near Vision: 6 in one eye and 0.8 in another eye


Note: - The physical measurements (including vision test) for candidates will be conducted by the concerned Indenting Departments. Candidates who fulfill the specified physical measurements will be eligible for the respective post.



Are Women Allowed to Work in CBI as Sub Inspector?


Yes, women are also allowed for the post of Sub Inspector CBI, if they fulfill the SSC CGL Eligibility Criteria for this post. In 2014, a batch of 32 Sub Inspectors, including two women officers, was inducted into the Central Bureau of Investigation after successful completion of training.



SSC CGL Sub Inspector CBI Selection Procedure - How Can You Join the CBI?


There are a lot of candidates, who want to get the post of Sub Inspector in CBI department. But, they didn’t know ‘How to get the post of Sub Inspector CBI?’. You can check the complete selection procedure that is given below.


CBI is one of the most prestigious organizations that offer Sub Inspectors’ post through Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level Examination (CGLE) every year.


You can join CBI through Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level Exam directly. You will get the post of Sub Inspector in CBI as the backbone of CBI.


Staff Selection Commission selects the candidates by physical test after clearing Tier 1 and Tier 2 Exam for this post.


SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam


SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam includes the four subjects that are:

 General Intelligence & Reasoning

 General Awareness

 Quantitative Aptitude

 English & Comprehension


Each subject has 25 questions of 50 marks (2 marks for each question) and the total time limit is 60 minutes to solve the Tier 1 paper.


SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam


Although, Tier 2 Exam is conducted into four papers. But, for Sub Inspector in CBI, Staff Selection Commission conducts only two papers:

 Quantitative Ability

 English Language and Comprehension


Quantitative Ability Paper has 100 questions (2 marks for each question) while English Paper has 200 questions (1 marks for each question). Total time allotted is 2 hours for each paper.



SSC CGL Cut Off for Sub Inspector in Central Bureau of Investigation


Staff Selection Commission declares the SSC CGL Result with cut off marks. If you want a Sub Inspector Post in Central Bureau of Investigation, then you must cross the cut off marks first.


Category wise list of Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level Cut Off 2016 for Sub Inspector CBI is given below:


Category Code Category Cut Off Marks
1 SC 487.50
2 ST 473.50
6 OBC 528.25
9 Gen/UR 543.25



Training for Sub Inspector in CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation)


The institutional training of Central Bureau of Investigation Officers is held by the CBI Academy in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh (UP). Now, Dr. G. K. Goswami is DIG (Training) and Shri Ranjit Sinha is the director of CBI Academy.


After selection procedure, CBI submits a report on comprehensive training that is imparted under the visionary guidance & supervision of a dedicated team of officers.



Training Schedule


If you are working in Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level Sub Inspector CBI Department, then you are going to investigate in many fields.


CBI always needs an extensive training because some cases are very mysterious that are unable to solve by State Police. So, they can come to CBI on the order of the Central Government.


The total time period of training is 59 weeks in which 42 weeks’ training is held in CBI Academy, Ghaziabad. The schedule of this training is as follows:


Training Duration
Institutional Training with CBI Academy (Phase 1) 7 months (28 Weeks)
Attachment with Local Police 9 Weeks
Attachment with CBI Branch 9 Weeks
Institutional Training with CBI Academy (Phase 2) 10 Weeks
Total 1 year 7 weeks



Posting of Sub Inspector Under CBI Department


After successful completion of training, almost 90% selected candidates have a chance to get the posting at Delhi Zone in CBI Headquarter. CBI posting is generally offered in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc.



Investigation Areas of Sub Inspector CBI


Sub Inspector in CBI is trained to investigate in the following areas:

 Conventional Crimes like Collecting the Evidence as well as Intelligence, Collection of Volatile Data and Seizure of Hard Disk.

 Mobile Forensics, Forensic Medicine, Forensic Science.

 Special Training for Cadets (Sub Inspector) on Computer Skills, Driving, Shooting, Judo, Yoga, Unarmed Combat, Soft Skills, Gender Sensitization and Human Rights.

 Special Crimes such as Cases of Terrorism, Bomb Blasts, Sensational Homicides, Kidnapping, Murder, Drug-related Offences, Large Scale Smuggling of Narcotics, and Smuggling, Crime against Women & Children including Gender Sensitization.

 Economic crimes including Bank Frauds, Security Frauds, Financial Frauds, Import-Export & Foreign Exchange Violations, Antiques, Cultural Property, Wildlife Crimes, Human Trafficking.

 Cases of Corruption and Fraud.

 Cyber Crime Cases such as Level-I, Level-II, Specialized Courses for Crack Team.



Who is more powerful? The Sub-Inspector of the Police or Sub-Inspector of CBI or Income Tax Inspector?


When the matter of power comes under CBI, then it is the most powerful department among all the departments of State and Central Government.


CBI Officer can even arrest SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector, Civil Servant, Minister, General Manager etc. if he/ she found guilty of bribery and corruption.


Central Bureau of Investigation has its own legal and prosecution decision. CBI is also a type of Police.



SSC CGL Sub Inspector Salary in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)


Sub Inspector post has many benefits in CBI Department such as perks, benefits, and allowances in salary. They get 24 % extra income on their Basic Salary if they belong to X Cities. The basic Sub Inspector CBI Salary details are given below:


Grade Pay: 4600

 Pay Scale: 9300-34800

 Class X Cities= INR 43,166

 Class Y Cities= INR 39,492

 Class Z Cities= INR 37,664


All the above-given salary is before 7th pay commission. If CBI updates once, then we will provide you Sub Inspector CBI Salary details according to 7th pay commission.



SSC CGL Sub Inspector Career Path and Opportunities (Promotions)


Sub Inspector CBI Promotions opportunities are good. It takes almost 5-6 years to get the first promotion that is to become an Inspector.


But Second Promotion to Deputy Superintendent takes usually 8-10 years. Then you will become Additional Superintendent after 3rd promotion which takes around 10 years. After that in every 4-5 years, you get a promotion. Normally a Sub Inspector go up to the level of Senior Superintendent.


The growth of SSC CGL Sub Inspector in CBI can be figured out with the help of following image: -


Sub Inspector In CBI Promotions


In a very rare case, if a person joins as an SI at a very young age and maintains a very good record, he/she can go up the post of Deputy Inspector General of Police.




Take advantage of Free SSC CGL Mock Test Papers, Quicker Methods to Solve Questions, Syllabus & Important Topics PDFs! Download NOW!



We hope, now you have the complete details of Sub Inspector in CBI Department. You should check the SSC CGL Preparation Tips so that you can prepare easily and get the post under Central Bureau of Investigation Department.


If you have any doubt or any additional information that is not described by us in this article, then you can leave the details in the comment box below.


You can connect with our social media channels through Facebook and YouTube.


Thank You!!




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