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SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam: List of Important Topics to Help You Score More!

 SSC CGL Tier 1 Important Topics

SSC CGL Syllabus & Paper Pattern


Being a candidate preparing for SSC CGL Exam, you all might be aware that the very first phase, SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam is the most important phase of the exam that should be prepared wisely.

To make your preparation smooth you might have kick started your preparation as well. There are a lot of topics to prepare if we take all the sections together, i.e. Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, English Comprehension and General Awareness.

You have to prepare all the topics provided in the SSC CGL Tier 1 Syllabus, in order to attempt maximum question that appears in the exam. But you have to make those topics strong that are important and also carry higher weightage in the question paper.



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Why Should You be Aware About the Important Topics?


While going for the SSC CGL or any other exam preparation, it is always important to be aware of the important topics. Check out the reasons below:


All the topics do not carry equal weightage.

Some topics covers more part of the questions that appear in the paper.

Sometimes the topics that carry least marks, are very lengthy and the questions consume a lot of time that could be used to solve other questions.

In case you have not started your preparation and a few days are remaining for the exam, you can collect the important topics and score well.


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Here we are making you aware about the most important topics of every section so that you can mark more accurate attempts on those questions, which covers maximum weightage of that section.


See below the important topics along with their short tricks to solve them easily without wasting your time.



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SSC CGL Quantitative Ability


This is the most important section in SSC CGL Exam. This section can be the base for the candidate to get into the merit list. Important topics of the section are:



1. Algebra


Areas to focus - Algebraic Identities, Factorization & Simplification of Polynomials and Simplification of Fractions.


Useful Formulas

 (x + y)2 = x2 + y2 + 2xy

 (x – y)2 = x2 + y2 – 2xy

 (x2 – y2) = (x + y) (x – y)

 (x + y)3 = x3 + y3 + 3xy(x + y)

 (x – y)3 = x3 – y3 – 3xy(x – y)

 (x3 + y3) = (x + y) (x2 + y2 – xy)

 (x3 – y3) = (x – y) (x2 + y2 + xy)

 (x + y + z)2 = x2 + y2 + z2 + 2(xy + yz + zx)

 (x3 + y3 + z3 – 3xyz) = (x + y + z) (x2 + y2 + z2 – xy – yz – zx)

 If x + y + z = 0, then x3 + y3 + z3 = 3xyz



2. Trigonometry


You should only focus on basics. There is no need to study deeply.

Grab basic knowledge about “Theta (θ)” i.e. sin θ, cos θ, tan θ, cot θ, sec θ, cosec θ and their relationship.


Useful Formulas

Pythagorean Identities

 sin2 θ + cos2 θ = 1

 tan2 θ + 1 = sec2 θ

 cot2 θ + 1 = csc2 θ


Negative of a Function

 sin (–x) = –sin x

 cos (–x) = cos x

 tan (–x) = –tan x

 csc (–x) = –csc x

 sec (–x) = sec x

 cot (–x) = –cot x


If A + B = 90o, Then

 Sin A = Cos B

 Sin2A + Sin2B = Cos2A + Cos2B = 1

 Tan A = Cot B

 Sec A = Csc B


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3. Geometry


You should focus on properties of Lines, Angle, Triangle, Quadrilateral, Polygon, Circle and Concept of Triplet.


Useful Formulas


 By Sides:

Scalene – no congruent sides

Isosceles – 2 congruent sides

Equilateral – 3 congruent sides


 By Angles:

Acute – all acute angles

Right – one right angle

Obtuse – one obtuse angle

Equiangular – 3 congruent angles(60º)

Equilateral ↔ Equiangular


 Exterior angle of a triangle equals the sum of the 2 non-adjacent interior angles.

 Mid-segment of a triangle is parallel to the third side and half the length of the third side.


Similar Triangles:

 AA = "Angle-Angle" (two angles are same)

 SSS = "Side-Side-Side" (All sides are same)

 SAS ="Side-Angle-Side" (Two sides and one angle is same)



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4. Profit & Loss


You have to make strong the concepts of basic calculation and approximation in order to save your time.


Useful formulas

If there is a Profit

 Profit / Gain = S.P. – C.P.

 Profit % = Profit / (C P) × 100

 P. = (100 + Gain %) / 100 × C.P.

 P. = 100 / (100 + Gain %) × S.P.


If there is a Loss

 Loss = C.P. – S.P.

 Loss % = Loss / (C.P.) × 100

 P. = (100 - Loss %) / 100 × C.P.

 P. = 100 / (100 - Loss %) × S.P.



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SSC CGL Reasoning Ability


This section is based on more logical assumption than proper formulas. See below the important topics that you have to work upon:



1. Syllogism


It’s a kind of verbal reasoning, where you will be given two or more statements followed by some conclusion, from which you have to select the correct one.

You should draw Venn diagrams for all the statements sequentially and find out the relation between them.


Useful Tricks

 All + All = All

 All + No = No

 All + Some = No Conclusion

 Some + All = Some

 Some + No = Some Not

 Some + Some = No Conclusion


If there is a case of “Possibility”, then:

 If All ‘A’ are ‘B’ = Some ‘B’ are Not ‘A’ is a Possibility.

 If Some ‘B’ are Not ‘A’ = All ‘A’ are ‘B’ is a Possibility.

 If Some ‘A’ are ‘B’ = All ‘A’ are ‘B’ is a Possibility & All ‘B’ are ‘A’ is a Possibility.



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2. Analogy


The questions will be based on the relationship between two elements.

You will get two elements in the question with some kind of relationship between them and you have to find out the set of elements having the same relationship. (Teacher: Student::Doctor :?)


Useful Tricks

You should practice question based on the following factors: -



 Member and Class

 Degree of Intensity

 Part and Whole




 Action and Significance

 Pertaining to

 Symbol and Representation

 Cause and effect

 Agent and Action

 Component and Product


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3. Classification /Odd One Out


In these question a set of elements will be given to you and you have to select or classify the odd element among them.

It is the easiest topic in Reasoning that needs a little preparation and can result you with good score.


Useful Tricks

 The simple way to solve these questions is to mark a category among the given elements.

 Find the one element that doesn't follow the same category and there you get your answer.



4. Figure problems


Question based on figure problem carry a good weightage in the paper, so you have to prepare well for this particular topic.

You will see 4-5 images in the question having some type of relation among them.

Either you have to find any missing image in between them or the next (last) image following the same pattern of relation.


Useful Tricks

 Find out the manner in which the images or objects relate to each other.

 Use the logical deduction skills to find out the relation.

 Keep in mind the concepts of symmetry and rotation.



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SSC CGL English Comprehension


This section is also very important in order to score well in the overall exam. But you have to be very careful while attempting question in this section as chances of negative marking are more. You have to make your base strong for Basic Grammar.


Following are the topics having higher significance in the exam: -



1. Synonym / Antonym


In CGL Exam you will surely find questions based on synonyms and antonyms, so, start learning them on daily basis.

You need not learn very typical words as you will be asked about only some general vocabulary based question that we use in common.


Useful Tips

 Read newspaper daily.

 Try to understand the meaning of the word which you are not familiar with.

 Write down the word with its meaning, synonyms and antonyms. You can take help from the dictionary.

 Till the exam you might be having many new words written with you. Revise them before the exam.



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2. One word substitution


In SSC CGL Tier 1 exam you may find 8-9 questions related to one-word substitution (OWS).

For making the topic strong you have to increase your vocabulary.


Useful Tips

 Again the basic tip is to read a newspaper daily and learn new words.

 Solve as many questions as you can, based on one-word substitution.

 Make some tricks on your own while solving these questions that you can remember at the time of the exam.



3. Spotting errors


These type of questions play a vital role in the exam that will test your basic knowledge of command on the language.

You will be given errors based on spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Questions will be divided into a 4-5 partition.


Useful tips

 While attempting the question you should be careful about the spellings.

 Focus on the grammatical part like Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, subject-verb agreement, use of Articles etc.

 In case you are not able to find an error, please read the sentence individually that is given in partition.



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SSC CGL General Awarenes


General awareness section is not only important but also the most difficult section in the exam. Candidates find it very difficult to clear this section as the chances of negative marking are very high. You have to prepare the topics based on 10th class level.


We are mentioning below the important topics that you should prepare well to score more:



1. General Science


You will be given 10-15 questions from this section in the paper based on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer.

By this you will be judged on your day to day scientific knowledge.


Useful Tips

Focus on the following areas:

 Gravity, Motion, Work, Pressure, Units of measurement, Sound, Heat, Electronics, and Magnetism.

 Uses, common names, and composition of various chemicals, Alloys etc.

 Definition based questions on heat, oxidation, reduction etc.

 Parts of plant and their functions, Parts of the body and their functions, Basics of the animal kingdom, Disease etc.



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2. Constitution



Under this topic you will have questions from Indian constitution and polity.

You could be asked questions based on static GK or current affairs.


Useful Tips

Focus on the areas given below:

 Election, Representation of People’s Act

 Bills and Laws

 Bodies & Reforms

 Judgement & Judiciary

 Internal Security & Police reforms

 Human Rights & Duties


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3. History


You will be asked questions on Indian History only.

It also includes questions based on the various cultures followed in Indian states.


Useful Tips

Focus on areas given below:

 Harappa, Vedic Age, Maurya, Sangam etc. (Ancient India)

 Delhi Sultanate, Mughals etc. (Mediaval India)

 1857 Sepoy Mutiny and Freedom Struggles (Modern India)



4. Geography


Question will be asked from Physical Geography and Indian Geography.

Question related to World Geography are not asked in SSC Exams. So, don’t focus on learning World Geography.


Useful Tips

Focus on areas given below:

 Major Soils of India

 Rivers, Lakes & Waterfalls


 Major Highways of India, Railway Zones

 Basics of planets

 Layers of atmosphere & their sequence, Layers of earth-core, SIAL, SIMA, discontinuity etc.



The above given important topics will absolutely help you to score well in the upcoming SSC CGL Exam if you prepare smartly for the exam with a lot of practice. Practice will help you attempting the questions with speed and will save your time.


If you find our information and advice worthy, please comment your views and suggestions below in comment section. You can also ask any query if you have regarding the exam. We are always here to help you. 



Thank You!!





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