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SSC CHSL 2020 Exam 30 days Study Plan, Preparation Tips, Imp. Topics


Dear CHSL Aspirants!



“Do It Once, Do It Right. Get It Over With”


You all might be well acquainted with this maxim, enlightening the importance of hard work.


You can link it to your SSC CHSL preparations. If you want an answer to the question emerging in your brains regarding “how to crack SSC CHSL exam in the first attempt”, you should put your entire efforts in the correct manner without any misperception.


If you place your hard work in perfect planning, you will unquestionably crack SSC CHSL 2020 Exam in your initial attempt.


Here, we are delivering certain topic wise SSC CHSL preparation tips and tricks that will help you in planning the accurate strategy to clutch on your preparations.





SSC 10+2 Exam is conducted to select candidates for the posts of Postal Assistants/ Sorting Assistants, Data Entry Operators (DEO), Lower Divisional Clerks (LDC), and Court Clerk, under various government organizations.


 SSC CHSL Notification 2020, Exam Date, Last date




How to crack SSC CHSL Exam 2020? Know the Detailed Study Schedule & Guide!



Before coming across to the important SSC CHSL Preparation tips let me explain you the updated SSC CHSL Exam Pattern for Tier 1 Paper with all the new deviations in it.




SSC CHSL Paper Pattern (Tier 1 – Online Test)



Subject No. of Questions Marks
Part-I General Intelligence 50



General Awareness 50 50
Part-III Quantitative Aptitude 50



English Language 50 50
  Total 200





As stated above, SSC CHSL Exam will be having four sections for which we are conveying most important SSC CHSL Exam Tips & Tricks, which are as follows:


All sections of SSC CHSL Exam should be deliberately covered following the useful tips


1. SSC CHSL Tips & Tricks for General Intelligence

2. SSC CHSL Tips & Tricks for General Awareness

3. SSC CHSL Tips & Tricks for Quantitative Aptitude

4. SSC CHSL Tips & Tricks for English Language




SSC CHSL Tips & Tricks for General Intelligence



This section will test your mental ability and thinking capacity.


Talking in general terms, it is the section in which you can easily score good marks.




Important Topics in General Intelligence


Analogy Word Arrangement Odd One Out Non-Verbal Reasoning
Number/Alphanumeric Series Syllogism Coding-Decoding Direction/Ranking

 Expected Questions from Each Topic



 Don’t Syllogismcram any formula as the question faced in General Intelligence will not be based on any individual formula.


 Be cautious while answering the questions.


 Solve Syllogism Question by making Venn Diagrams. Use logical assumption while solving the questions.


 LDirection Senseearn appropriate tricks for the important topics that could save your time.


 Read questions carefully, especially questions comprising prefixes like non, un etc.


 Understand directions i.e. West, North, East, and South.


 Remember numerical positions of alphabets.


 Practice questions related to paper folding and objects like dice to get mastery in non-verbal reasoning.




SSC CHSL Preparation Books for General Intelligence



Analytical-Reasoning Analytical Reasoning (M K Pandey)
 Verbal-&-Non-Verbal-Reasoning-(R-S-Aggarwal) Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning (R S Aggarwal)
 Kiran's-Verbal-&-Non-Verbal-Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Hindi (Kiran Publication)
 A-New-Approach-to-Reasoning-Verbal-&-Non-Verbal-English A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal English (B S Sijwali, Indu Sijwali)
 Logical-&-Analytical-Reasoning Logical & Analytical Reasoning – English (A K Gupta)


SSC CHSL Eligibility Criteria, Age Limit & Relaxations 




SSC CHSL Tips & Tricks for General Awareness



You cannot lead in this section with minimum efforts. You can attempt the whole section in lesser time than any of the other sections.


So, this section can be termed as the most important section in SSC CHSL Exam.



Important Topics in General Awareness

General Science History Polity
Geography Economics Current Affairs

 Expected Question from Each Topic



History In General Science prepare topics from all the subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


In History read about Important Wars, Delhi Sultanate, Mughals, South India Temple and Features, Mosques, Tombs, Gates, Forts, Travelers, Religion, Entry of Europeans, Important Gov. Gen/ Viceroys, Revolts, Various Organizations and their Founders, Reformers, Education Reforms, Freedom Struggle, Acts etc.


Geography In Polity read about Important articles' numbers (appointment, powers, and removal of things (like President), budget, parliament), Fundamental Rights etc.


In Geography study topics like Major Soils of India, Rivers / Lakes / Waterfalls, CENSUS-2011, Culture, Trade and Transport, Universe, Layers of Atmosphere etc.


In Economics read about GDP/GNP/NNP/ Inflation, Budget Process, RBI Policies, Agricultural subsidies, Poverty Alleviation Programs, SEBI, IMF, World bank, Employment, Banking, Sensex, Expenditure, Central plans, etc.


While preparing Current Affairs, focus on Sports, Government Policies, Plans, Bills, Big Mega fests, ISRO launch, SARC, G8 summit, etc. You can take help from GK Eduwrap.




SSC CHSL Preparation Books for General Awareness



 Manorama Yearbook 2016 Manorama Yearbook 2016 (English / Hindi)
 Lucent’s-General-Knowledge Lucent’s General Knowledge (English / Hindi)



SSC CHSL LDC Online Application Form




SSC CHSL Tips & Tricks for Quantitative Aptitude



Scoring marks in this section will become easy if you learn and practice all the quick / short tricks for solving the questions.


The level of the questions will be easier as it is 10+2 level examination.



Important Topics in Quantitative Aptitude

Trigonometry Geometry Discount
Algebra Percentage Profit & Loss
Data Interpretation

 Expected Question from Each Topic



Algebraic Expansions Study basics of sin θ, cos θ, tan θ, cot θ, sec θ, cosec θ and learn their table values at various degrees of angles.


Study the properties of Lines, Angles, Triangles, Quadrilateral, Polygon, Circles, Triplets, etc.


PracticeTrigonometric Table more on question related to Ratio, Percentages, and Averages.



Read about Algebraic Identities, Factorization & Simplification of Polynomials, and Simplification of Fractions.


Learn formulas, shorts tricks and techniques for approximation to answer questions in less time limit.


You must learn tables up to 20 (at least).


Practice question papers from this section on daily basis.



SSC CHSL Preparation Books for Quantitative Aptitude



 Quantitative-Aptitude Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Agarwal
 Quicker-Mathematics Quicker Mathematics by M. Tyra
 Elementary-and-Advanced-Mathematics Elementary and Advanced Mathematics by Kiran Prakashan



SSC CHSL Answer keys & Previous Question Papers




SSC CHSL Tips & Tricks for English Language



Alike General Awareness, this section also needs time to get mastery over it. You can perform well in this section, only if you give time to this section constantly.


Many students, who don’t have English as their educational background may sense it difficult to score good marks in this section. But this is not the truth! You can score well if you maintain a daily reading habit.



Important Topics in English Language

Reading Comprehension Cloze Test Spotting Error
Idioms/Phrases One Word Substitution Sentence Correction

Expected Question from Each Topic



Subject Verb Agreement Make your concepts clear related to basic grammar; specially tenses, subject-verb agreement etc.


To answer a question, you should read the phase completely with concentration. (If you are a regular reader, you can detect the error in the line in just one read)


In fill in the blanks questions, choose a suitable word that makes the sentence complete and delivers a meaning.



You are advised to read English Newspapers on daily basis. If you don’t know meaning of any word, try to guess its meaning by understanding the aim of putting that word into that sentence.


Note down the new words that you read and Idiomslearn its meaning. It will help you in improving your vocabulary.


Learn Synonyms and Antonyms of the new words.


In cloze test, you have to relate every sentence with one another. If a given option is able to relate them, then mark that answer as the correct one.


While solving questions from passages, first go through the questions and then read the complete passage.


Practice as many passages as you can on daily basis to improve your speed of reading and understanding.




SSC CHSL Preparation Books for English Language



 Objective-English-for-Competitive-Examinations Objective English for Competitive Examinations by Tata McGraw Hill
 Competitive-General-English Competitive General English by Kiran Prakshan
 Objective-General-English Objective General English by S P Bakshi
 Quick-learning-Objective-General-English Quick learning Objective General English by RS Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal



Download SSC CHSL LDC Admit card / Hall Ticket



SSC CHSL Exam 2020 - 30 Days’ / One Month Study Plan



To meet the cut off marks and score more in your SSC CHSL Exam Result, you must set some daily targets. You can take help from the following SSC CHSL 30 Days’ Study Schedule: -



Day  General Intelligence [ 2 hour] General Awareness [ 1 hour] Quantitative Aptitude [ 4 hour] English Language [ 1 hour] Practice Mock Tests
1 Coding-Decoding Polity Trigonometry Grammar Basics


2 Coding-Decoding Polity Trigonometry Grammar Basics



Direction Sense Polity Simplification Articles -
4 Direction Sense Polity Divisibility & Remainders Articles



Number Series Economics Roots, Square & Cubes Tenses -
6 Number Series Economics Indices Tenses



Analogy Economics HCF & LCM Idioms & Phrases Practice Mock Tests (Minimum Two)
8 Analogy Economics Heights & Distance Idioms & Phrases



Blood Relations History Algebra Active - Passive -
10 Blood Relations History Algebra Active - Passive



Input-Output History Age Problem Direct - Indirect -
12 Input-Output History Time and Distance Direct - Indirect



Syllogism Geography Allegation & Mixtures Cloze Test -
14 Syllogism Geography Average Cloze Test

Practice Mock Tests (Minimum Two)


Ranking Geography Ratio & Proportion Para Jumbles -
16 Ranking Geography Time & Work Para Jumbles



Inequalities Science Boat & Stream Spotting Errors -
18 Inequalities Science Profit & Loss Spotting Errors



Statements & Conclusions Science Percentage Passages -
20 Statements & Conclusions Science SI & CI Passages



Assumptions & Directions Current Affairs Permutation and Combination Vocabulary Practice Mock Tests (Minimum Two)
22 Assumptions & Directions Current Affairs Permutation and Combination Vocabulary



Puzzles Current Affairs Probability Synonyms & Antonyms -
24 Puzzles Current Affairs Geometry Synonyms & Antonyms



Revision Revision Geometry Revision -
26 Revision Revision Mensuration Revision



Revision Revision Data Interpretation Revision -
28 Revision Revision Revision Revision

Practice Mock Tests (Minimum Two)


Revision Revision Revision Revision Practice Mock Tests (Minimum Two)
30 Revision Revision Revision Revision

Practice Mock Tests (Minimum Two)




Note: You can utilize the Revision Time as your own choice. You can give more revision time to that section, in which you are weak.


In this article, we have helped you with entire details of SSC CHSL Exam and required strategies. You can follow the schedule to cover all the important topics having more weightage from the syllabus.



Take help from the following: -



SSC CHSL (10+2), LDC Solved Sample Question Papers [Trick & Tips]


5 Expert Last Minute Tips to Crack SSC CHSL Exam! [Success Mantra]



If you have any doubt or query, don’t think twice to drop them in the comment box provided below.


For online video lectures and daily quizzes, be a regular visitor Eduncle. Stay connected via Facebook and YouTube !!



Thank You 


All the Best   




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