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Alleged SSC Controversies and Scams that Caused Clash and Massive Protests

SSC Controversies

SSC Exam 2022 Mock Test


Every year around 5 million students appear in various exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL etc., conducted by the Staff Selection Commission.


If you ask them, why the majority of youth want to appear in the SSC Exams, the answer is clear – “Government Jobs are comfortable and ensures security”. But, is it true to a 100% extent?


With the recent SSC Controversies, the future of candidates is standing on the verge of uncertainty. Students who have spent years preparing for an examination are disappointed at the end with these SSC scams. Their frustration can be clearly seen on the streets when they are protesting in such huge numbers.


Let’s check what were the controversies which shook the youth of the nation.



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October 2018


SSC might cancel the SSC CGL Tier II 2017 Exam. Supreme Court too is in favour of this decision. But still no order has been passed to cancel the exam yet. Supreme Court will soon take a step on this issue.


September 2018


On 31st August 2018, the Supreme Court on Friday ordered the government not to declare the results for the 2017 examination held for selection of staff for government departments and ministries, saying “there is sufficient material” to show that the examination was tainted. 



February 2018



The month of February 2018 was full of SSC controversies which led to a nation-wide protest. Protestors termed these controversies as SSC scams which included mass cheating, paper leak and remote access to the online exam. Due to these SSC controversies, the SSC CGL 2017 Tier-II Exam got canceled.


To know the scam in a better way, let’s see these events in a chronological form:



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August 2017


SSC CGL Tier – 1 exam was conducted between 05th August 2017 to 24th August 2017. According to various candidates who appeared in the exam, the questions papers before 15th August were comparatively difficult than those which conducted after 15th August.


The inquiry of this SSC Controversy moved to the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT). As the case was getting delayed, the date of Tier-2 exam was also getting delayed.



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 October 2017


The SSC Controversy on CGL 2017 Tier-1 exam didn’t end here. On 31st October 2017, the Staff Selection Commission declared the SSC CGL Cut Off Marks as 131 marks. After about one and a half month, another notification was released by SSC in which it revised the cut off marks to 126.5. The reason was given-technical glitch”.


Now suddenly 40,000 extra students were eligible for Tier-2 examination due to this alteration. These 40,000 students were unaware for one and a half month and then suddenly they got only one month to prepare for the Tier-2 exam. Seems like an SSC Scam!



The month of February 2018 was filled with SSC Controversies and it will be considered as a dark period in the history of SSC exam. Following events will be enough to prove the point.



The Uncertainty


The SSC CGL Tier-2 exam was scheduled to start from 17th February 2018 and the final verdict from CAT was scheduled on 15th February 2018. Just 2 days before the exam. Qualified students were not even sure that the exam will be conducted or not. On 15th, CAT dismissed the case and it was confirmed that exam will be conducted on 17th.



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 The Alleged Leak


This was just 1st part of the SSC Scam. Another controversy, this time huge, was on its way. On 21st February 2018, when candidates were all set to appear in the exam, a Facebook page exposed the question papers along with their answers, revealing the SSC Scam.



This was a huge controversy which stumped all the candidates appearing in the exam. On immediate actions, SSC postponed the exam by two hours and again termed the situation as “technical glitch”.




 The Misconduct


Adding more controversy to the situations, it was observed that before the exam was postponed, some candidates had already answered questions for at least 15 minutes. And according to many candidates, the questions were exactly same as mentioned in the revealed question papers on the Facebook page.



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 Remotely Controlled Online Exam


During the course of another shocking event, the future of students once again left on the verge of uncertainty. On 23rd February, leaked pictures of the alleged remotely controlled online exam were revealed on the same Facebook page.


SSC later denied this controversy and stated



These snapshots are being circulated after about 48 hours of completion of CGLE (Tier-2) are manipulated and would have no significance on the sanctity of the examination





SSC also said that it investigated the case and found the allegations “baseless


But this event left the pin of doubt in the heart of SSC candidates – how someone was able to take the snapshots from the examination hall when students are not even allowed to take pens in the exam?



On 24th February 2018 on the Facebook page again posted pictures of exam conducted on 18th February in addition to the “remote access” case.


On a similar day, SSC declared that the exam held on 21st February 2018 will be re-conducted on 9th March 2018. The reason was as usual – “technical glitch



After all these shocking events, the patience of SSC candidates was broken, and this led to a nation-wide protest with Delhi as the epicenter.





 January 2018



In another SSC Controversy, more than 300 students who qualified for the SSC CGL 2016 protested in a silent rally in Delhi. The students were amongst the 10,661 qualified candidates who are waiting for their joining.


These students were later joined by the candidates of SSC CGL 2017 and SSC CHSL 2015 who are even after qualifying exams with extreme competition.



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Debarment in SSC Examination for Malpractice and Cheating - Effective from 1st June 2018



It has been observed by the Commission that a few candidates resort to various unfair means in the examinations. To protect the integrity and sanctity of examinations, the Commission has revised the debarment period for indulging into various malpractices as per details given below:



S.No. Type of Malpractice Debarment period
1. Taking away any Examination related material from the examination hall or passing it on to unauthorized persons. 2 Years
2. Misbehaving from the examination functionaries in any manner. 3 Years
3. Obstructing the conduct of examination not to take the examination. 3 Years
4. submitting fabricated documents. 3 Years
5. Obtaining support for any candidature by any improper means. 3 Years
6. To keep mobile phone, whether in ‘switched on’ or ‘switched off’ mode. 3 Years
7. Appearing in the same examination more than once in contravention of the rules. 3 Years
8. Taking examination by a candidate who is on examination duty in the same examination. 3 Years
9. Damaging examination related infrastructure. 5 Years
10. Appearing in the Exam with forged Admit Card, identity proof, etc. 5 Years
11. Possession of firearms/ weapons during the examination. 5 Years
12. use of force/ causing bodily harm in any manner to the examination functionaries. 7 Years
13. Threatening examination functionaries with weapons/ firearms. 7 Years
14. Using unfair means in the examination hall. 7 Years
15. Possession of any electronic gadgets in the examination hall. 7 Years
16. Procuring impersonation by any person. 7 Years
17. Taking snapshots or making videos of examination material. 7 Years
18. Sharing examination terminal through Apps/ LAN/ VAN, etc. 7 Years
19. Attempting to hack or manipulate examination servers, and examination systems. 7 Years



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The SSC exams are prestigious and candidates preparing for them are preparing day and night for this exam. With such events, it is highly distressing to see them losing hope.


With the dreams of millions of students, the eminence of the Staff Selection Commission is also at stake. Immediate and Effective measures are the only way to control such wave of corruption, protest, and despair.



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