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Coding Decoding Reasoning Questions – Know How to Solve the Problems!

How to Solve Coding Decoding Questions?

Reasoning is one of the easiest sections in all type of competitive exams.

There are some topics in reasoning that takes a very short time to get solved while some are time-consuming.

Coding Decoding is a topic which is counted in the list of easiest topics in reasoning section.

If you attempt the Coding Decoding questions, it will help you to score good marks in less consumed time.

Below in this blog, we have shared some useful Coding Decoding tricks and tips that you can use to solve all type of questions asked in the exam.


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What is the Concept of Coding Decoding – Know About Coding Decoding Question and Answers!


Coding is a way to transfer a message from one person to another without knowing it by the third person.

To read the message, the person who received it decodes it.

So, the process of decoding the coded data by using the key that is present either within the question or within the options.

There are different patterns of Coding and Decoding Questions asked in IBPS, SSC, Railway and in other competitive exams. Following are the most common types of Coding Decoding questions –

Letter Coding


Mixed Letter Coding

New Pattern of Coding


For brief information about all these types, scroll down the blog.


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Letter Coding


In this type of Coding and Decoding Questions, the given alphabets in a word are replaced by the other alphabets as per some specific rules or pattern of question.

You have to detect the pattern of questions asked and the certain rule that will help you decode the given word.

Below is the perfect example to solve Letter Coding Decoding Problems.


Example -

In a certain code ‘LIMCA’ is written as ‘HJLDZ’. Which of the following words is written as ‘IFWJBP’



If you see, both the given words ‘LIMCA’ and ‘HJLDZ’ are following the same pattern.

Here each letter moves +1, -1,…. Alternately except for L, which is -4. 

Now, you have to follow the same pattern to decode the word ‘IFWJBP’.

As per the above-mentioned pattern you should add 4 to I then, -1,+1 alternately to the remaining letters.

M is +4 to I

E is -1 to F

X is +1 to W

I is -1 to J

C is +1 to B

O is -1 to P


By following the pattern, the answer you will get is MEXICO.


Substitution Coding


In this type, the questions are based on some certain object names like birds, furniture etc.

The names/objects or words are substituted with different words or objects.

If you want to get the right answer, then carefully go through all the substitutions given in the question.

Let’s explain it with a perfect example


Example –

If the sky is called sea, sea is called water, water is called air, air is called cloud and cloud is called river, then what do we drink when thirsty?


Solution –

If someone is thirsty, he/she will go for water.

If you trace all the substation from the beginning, in the give question Water is called Air. So, the answer is Air.


Mixed Letter Coding


The Coding and Decoding problems based on the mixed letter are hard to be cracked.

In this type of questions, the messages will be given in coded language. The number of messages may vary in each question.

You will be asked to separate out the code for a particular word from the given messages.

To solve this type of Coding Decoding problem, you have to analyse the common codes in different messages.  For each word, there will be a common code in all messages.

You can use for finding codes for every word in the messages or sentences.

Check out the example below –



In a certain code language,

(A) ‘pit dar na’ means ‘you are good’

(B) ‘dar tok pa’ means ‘good and bad’

(C) ‘tim na tok’ means 'they are bad’

In that language, which word stands for 'they’?


Solution - 

To solve this problem, just see all the statements carefully to see the common codes and words.

As you have to find the code for the word ‘they’ so concentrate on the statement in which the word is used.

If you see in the first and third statement, the common code is ‘na’ and the common word is ‘are’.

So, ‘na’ means ‘are’.

In the second and third statements, the common code is ‘tok’ and the common word is ‘bad’.

So, ‘tok’ means ’bad’.

Now, the remaining word in statement third is ‘they’ and the remaining code is ‘tim’.

Thus, ‘tim’ stands for ‘they’.


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New Pattern Coding


It’s a newly merged pattern that improved the level of Coding Decoding questions in various government jobs exams. 

Nowadays, these type of questions are probably asked in all type of competitive exams.

To know how to crack the new pattern Coding and Decoding questions, check the example with a detailed explanation below.


Example –

Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

"Life extra wonderful now" is coded as "4@I 5#E 9=O 3%O"

"Music is natural medicine" is coded as "5#U 2^I 7&A 8*E"

"Eating vegetable makes healthy" is coded as "6$E 9=E 5#A 7&E"

"Health and Money balance" is coded as "6$E 3%A 5#O 7&A"


What is the code for “Balanced diet”?


Solution –

1. The word Balanced in the given statements represents the number of letters in the word.

In the word ‘Balanced’, there are 8 letters, so the code will start from 8.

2. The symbol in the given code is based upon the table given below.


Number of Letters in the Word



















3. Let’s take an example with the word ‘DIGIT’. Here the number of letters is 5, so the middle code that we use for DIGIT would be #.

4. The letter in the code represents the first vowel from the left end in the given word. Here ‘I’ is the first vowel in the given word from the left side, so the code will end with ‘I’.


Hence the code for the given word “Balanced Diet” will be 8*A4@I


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Here in this blog, we have discussed all type of Coding Decoding Questions which are likely to be asked in the competitive exams.

Start practicing by using these methods and tricks to boost up the score in reasoning section.

If there is any doubt or query regarding the tricks, feel free to ask. Drop your queries in comments’ box.




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