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IBPS Computer Knowledge- Reference Books & Tips with Important Topics

IBPS Computer Knowledge

IBPS, which is expanded as Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is the prestigious government recruiting agency for those talented candidates who are seeking jobs in banking, finance and insurance sectors.

For the assessment of such talented employees, IBPS. conducts various exams in a structured manner which consists of different difficulty levels that identify students’ capabilities and knowledge to be designated on offered positions.

IBPS conducts a Common Written Examination in two phases, Preliminary and Mains for selection of Probationary Officers and Clerical Cadre. The candidates who qualify preliminary phase, only they can appear in mains.

But the selection process of IBPS is not only limited to the written test. To churn out the best of the talents the candidates are required to face two more rounds of Group Discussion and Personal Interview which are jointly conducted by IBPS score-accepting institutes/companies and IBPS Clerk.



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Marking Scheme and Number of Questions for IBPS Computer Awareness Section


IBPS exam is planned to recognize your potential of managing things. Which includes time, planning, consistency. So it is necessary to know how many questions for how much marks come in the CWE.



Paper Name 

Number of Questions 


IBPS Clerk Computer knowledge 



IBPS PO Computer knowledge 



IBPS SO Computer knowledge 



IBPS RRB PO Computer knowledge 



IBPS RRB Clerk Computer knowledge 





Computer Awareness Syllabi Topics for various IBPS Exams







Basics of Hardware and Software

Windows Operating System Basics

Internet Terms and Services

Basic Functionalities of MS-Office (MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint)

History of Computers

Networking and Communication

Database Basics

Basics of Hacking, Security Tools and Viruses.



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IBPS Clerk Mains


Basics of Hardware and Software

Windows Operating System Basics

Internet Terms and Services

Basic Functionalities of MS-Office (MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint)

History of Computers

Networking and Communication

Database Basics

Basics of Hacking, Security Tools and Viruses.





History of Computers

Introduction of Computer

Basics of Hardware and Software

Input /Output Devices

Number System

Operating System Basics

Basic Internet Knowledge and Protocol

Basic Functionalities of MS-Office

Networking and Communication

Database Basics

Memory and Storage Device

Computer Shortcuts Key

Computer Abbreviation





Basic Computer Fundamentals

Basic Software & Hardware and their Functionalities

History and Future of Computers


Computer Abbreviation


Basic Knowledge of Internet Use

Shortcut Keyset



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Important topics for Computer Knowledge Section




Here are some important topics which are asked in IBPS PO exams for various posts.



Hardware and Software


Click to get the knowledge of this topic Hardware and software components.



Windows Operating System


Operating system definition – Operating System is widely used, a very important software and runs on the computer system.

Operating System is used to manage memory, processes of the computer and supports to computer’s hardware and software.

Operating System is used to allow for communication between user and computer system, without the complexity of users to know about the language of the computer.



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Internet Terms and Services


Flash: Flash is an embedded animation software/program that displays small animations on web pages; like the how many ducks can you shoot!



Uniform Resource Locator – is nothing but a web page’s address, or in other words, URL specifies the address of every file on the internet.

The protocol to be used to access the file = {http://} The IP address = {}

The domain name = {.com} Intranet



Web Crawler


It is a program that visits web sites and reads their pages and other information in order to create entries for a search engine index.






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Basic Functionalities of MS-Office


MS-word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint

Here are some key points about this topic which are asked in IBPS Computer awareness section.

DOC is a default file extension for all word documents.

To save an existing file with a new name or to a new location, you should use the “Save as” command.

Copy commands save to the Clipboard.

Spreadsheets are used because it does calculations automatically.

We use CTRL+E to center a paragraph.

FTP Stands for File Transfer Protocol.



Logic gates


A logic gate is an elementary building block of a digital circuit.

Most logic gates have two inputs and one output. Example: OR, AND, NAND, Ex-OR etc.



Logic Gate


History of Computers


1. First Generation Computer

Period: 1946-1959


2. Second Generation Computer

Period: 1959-1965


3. Third Generation Computer

Period: 1965-1971


4. Fourth Generation Computer

Period: 1971-1980



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Networking and Communication


This is another important topic from which questions are asked. Here you can have a brief idea about this topic.

The Network is a collection of computers and devices connected together.


Types of Networks:


Local Area Network

Wide Area Network



Metropolitan Area Networks

Virtual Private Network




It is a type of method through which multiple analog messages are combined into one signal over a shared medium.

It involves one path and multiple channels.




A set of rules that computer on a network use to communicate with each other are called protocol.





Data Base Management System is one of the important topics asked in IBPS SO exam. It is simply a 'place' where all the data are collected and stored in an organized manner.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Here are some basic key points which a student should know to score well in this section.


Data redundancy: It is like a normal dictionary, but containing metadata.


Data dictionary: A set of rules that computer on a network use to communicate with each other are called protocol.


Metadata: Contains information about all the data in the DBMS.


The Keys: 

Primary key is used to identify a particular or specific record (file). It is unique to a particular file.

Foreign Key makes a connection between a component (field) in one table with a component identified by a primary key.


Relational database:It is the kind of database model, where there are logical connections between the various files, which are kept in tables.



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How to Prepare for IBPS Computer Awareness Section?


Here are some tips to prepare for the IBPS Computer Awareness Section:



Get the basic knowledge about the subject


First get the basic knowledge of this subject. Most of the questions in IBPS exam will be from basics of this subject. So go through the basics and start your preparation. Below the article, you are given some topics which will help you to score well in IBPS Computer Awareness section.



Get the Mock Test Series and Practice


Practicing a variety of questions will give you the confidence to face the Computer Awareness section in main IBPS RRB Exam confidently. So go through as many questions as you can.


Reference Books


Candidates may refer the following books to start their preparation.

Objective Computer Knowledge & Literacy Knowledge by Kiran Publication Computer Awareness by Arihant Publication (7th Edition)

Candidates may go online at Eduncle India’s Leading learning platform where one can spend the time to read, learn and chase your dream of cracking competitive exams.


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Here are the number of questions and marks for which the questions are asked in from this section.



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This section sometimes needs a professional’s advice. Assistance will help you gain a better scenario about the scenario of this subject.

Once you know the basics of the computer that will automatically help to increase your interest in this subject.

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