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IBPS Reasoning (PO, Clerk, SO and RRB) | How to Conquer It?

IBPS Reasoning


If you want to appear in IBPS Exams 2022 then you would be competing against lakhs of candidates who are appearing in IBPS Recruitment Exams by hoping that they will get one of the reputed jobs in India. Candidates immerse themselves in exam preparation with a lot of dedication and hard work like an athlete. They run to get one post in the limited lot of prestigious white-collar bank jobs.



Boost your creativity for Reasoning and Get a Job in Bank.


To get a seat in IBPS Exam many candidates appear in the online test every year. But, most of them ignore IBPS Reasoning Section while General Intelligence and Reasoning section is one of the scoring sections.

You know that the IBPS 2022 Exam is near and the time for trial and error is gone. Now it's time to take the action.



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Kill Your Anxiety for Reasoning!


Reasoning being one of the toughest part of bank exam papers makes many candidates anxious about their performance in this section.

If you perform best on IBPS Reasoning, then your chances will be high to qualify this exam otherwise you can miss your opportunity this year and you will have to wait an inordinate amount of time.

It is in your hands that you want to lose a year of your life by making mistakes or you want to get succeeded in IBPS Exams with a Perfect Strategy Plan.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you every required information that may be helpful while preparing for IBPS Reasoning section and attempting the questions.




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IBPS Reasoning: Know the Perfect Strategy Plan and its Importance


Generally, you can see the candidates prepare for IBPS Exams without any proper strategy. They prepare 8-10 hours still do not qualify for it. Do you know that every year thousands of candidates try to crack the IBPS Exam? They work hard and think that this time their luck may change.

IBPS Exam is not the game of complete luck, it depends on perfect strategy. Luck definitely plays a vital role in the exam, but the proper study plan increases the chances of your being selected in the exam.

An aspirant who is willing to appear in any of the IBPS Exams will have to face out the Reasoning questions in both the recruitment test phases - Prelims and Mains.

Many candidates are going to attend the coaching for reasoning. They think that coaching is necessary to crack the IBPS Reasoning. Candidates who have not joined any coaching remain underconfident about their chances, whether they can crack the exam or not? If you are one of those who believe only coaching can clear your Reasoning concepts, then you are completely wrong.

In IBPS Reasoning, candidates need not using any kind of formulas or trick. Instead, they can go with the logical approach to reach out the conclusions.

The best approach that they can use to solve such questions is –

  1. You need to solve 30-35 questions in Prelims from the Reasoning section. This simply means you have to allot less than 1-minute time to each question. Rather than aiming for deep learning, your focus must be on getting correct answer in minimum time.
  2. Read the question carefully, there are many tricky questions asked in this section. Do not lose marks due to ignoring the question.
  3. The paper is objective, and you need to take care of two things: negative marking and random guesses. Nothing despairs a candidate more than wrong attempted questions.

Reasoning is the ability to think from perceived premise to a logical conclusion.



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IBPS Reasoning Fast Facts


Reasoning is used for testing a candidate's mental ability and observation power.

Reasoning Ability is important for – All the exams conducted by IBPS (PO, Clerk, SO and RRB).

Reasoning is one of the highest scoring subjects amongst all the 5 sections.

Reasoning can fill your score bag with - 35 Marks in Prelims (40 Marks for IBPS RRB Prelims) and 50 Marks in Main Exam.



5 Important Reasoning Things every candidate should know before making a Strategy


When you buy a mobile, you check all the features then why you don't check syllabus and exam pattern before starting your IBPS Reasoning Preparation. If you don't know where to start your preparation, then how can you crack the exam.

To give your preparation correct direction, you must know the above things. It will help you to make a correct plan and manage your time.

Let's start with IBPS Reasoning Exam Pattern.



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IBPS Reasoning Syllabus and Exam Pattern for all the IBPS Exams


When you check IBPS Reasoning Exam Pattern, you will find that you have a limited time to solve the multiple questions. It is like a football match in which you have limited time. In IBPS Reasoning Exam, speed and accuracy are very important to solve all questions. If you can manage your speed and accuracy, then no one can stop you from achieving your goal.

Check out the Reasoning Exam Pattern for all the IBPS Exams from the links mentioned below!

As you all know the official website of IBPS doesn't provide any syllabus for Reasoning! So, candidates have the anxiety for preparation of IBPS Reasoning Exam. Don't worry about syllabus! On the basis of previous years' papers analysis, Eduncle is providing the complete IBPS Reasoning Syllabus in the prescribed format.

Please look below and note down the topics that you must cover for Reasoning section!


IBPS PO Reasoning Syllabus

IBPS Clerk Reasoning Syllabus

IBPS SO Reasoning Syllabus

IBPS RRB Reasoning Syllabus






Series test

Cubes and Dice

Ranking and Time Sequence

Word formation

Odd figure Out

Data Sufficiency

Causes and Effects

Statement and conclusions Syllogism

Miscellaneous Test

Arithmetical Reasoning


Statement and assumptions

Coding Decoding

Mathematical Operations

Blood relations


Know More About: -

IBPS PO Reasoning Syllabus & Exam Pattern

IBPS Clerk Reasoning Syllabus & Exam Pattern

IBPS SO Reasoning Syllabus & Exam Pattern

IBPS RRB Reasoning Syllabus & Exam Pattern



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Important Topics for IBPS Reasoning Exam


After knowing the basic details of IBPS Reasoning Paper, now you should start your preparation. But, you have only one month for preparation and How can I complete syllabus in short period of time? Nothing is impossible if you have decided to qualify the exam then you will crack it.

First, you should analyze the vast syllabus of IBPS Exams and divide the syllabus into three parts: - important topics, weak topics and not so important topics. Now, start with important topics which have more weightage in previous papers.

You can check the list of Important Topics based on their marks weightage mentioned as below!


IBPS Reasoning Important Topics

Expected Questions (On the basis of previous papers)


5 Questions


5 Questions

Input/ Output, Assertion and reasoning

5 Questions


5 Questions

Sitting Arrangement

5 Questions

Coding Decoding

3-4 Questions

Linear Arrangement

4 Questions

Data Sufficiency

4 Questions

Order and Ranking

2-3 Questions

Logical Reasoning

10-15 Questions

Blood Relations

2-3 Questions


You can also take help of Online Learning Packages and Study Material to cover up your complete syllabus!



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Which Type of Questions Come in IBPS Reasoning Paper?


The IBPS Exam has a different level of exam paper from other competitive exams. If you are a first timer, then it is obvious to get curious about the difficulty level of questions that come in the IBPS question papers!

To make you aware of the difficulty level of IBPS Reasoning questions and their format, we are providing you some sample questions in PDF Format. You can download the PDF here.

To gain a clear understanding of the type of questions asked in IBPS Recruitment Exam, you should check the previous papers and try to solve them with complete accuracy.

With the help of above questions, you can get the clear picture of questions level and make yourself very well prepared to notch up the top scores in this section.


Download the IBPS Previous Years Question Papers: -

IBPS PO Previous Years Papers

IBPS Clerk Previous Years Papers

IBPS SO Previous Years Papers

IBPS RRB Previous Years Papers



How Many Marks are Required to Score Well in IBPS Reasoning?


Many candidates asked how many questions should I attempt to qualify for IBPS Reasoning? What will be the cut off this year? etc.

Firstly, you need to know that there is no correct answer to these questions. The cut off depends on paper difficulty level, total number of candidates appeared in the exam and total vacancies.

You should try to attempt all questions in the limited time with 100% accuracy. Generally, in IBPS Reasoning section, either 35 or 40 or 50 questions asked in the exam. But it is difficult to solve all the questions in given time.

As you all know, IBPS Reasoning Exam has sectional cut off so according to the experts' suggestions, candidates are advised to attempt 22-28 Reasoning questions in the prelims paper. For Mains, you must target even higher score.

This way, you'll be able to score at least 22-28 marks in Reasoning Paper. So, make it your target score and move ahead towards getting yourself prepared for the exam.

IBPS Reasoning Ideal Score: - 22-28 Marks.

IBPS Reasoning Ideal Score: - 22-28 Marks.



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To get a better idea about the Reasoning Sectional Cut-Off in each exam, please follow the links -

IBPS PO Cutoff Marks

IBPS Clerk Cutoff Marks

IBPS SO Cutoff Marks

IBPS RRB Cutoff Marks



IBPS Reasoning - How to win this section? [Tips, Tricks and Complete Study Plan]


Knowledge, skills, and ability play a very important role in any government exam. When you are preparing for IBPS Reasoning Exam, you must have basic knowledge about the exam. You should also know your capacity to hit the score high.

During preparation, focus on some important points which are given below and make sure to manage your time as per the timetable.

Know what type of learner you are and how many hours you should give for IBPS Reasoning. Also, note down the important topics of Reasoning and take those topics one by one in the decreasing order of their importance.


Download IBPS Last 5 Years Papers with Answers & Start Practicing for Free. Click Here to Get PDF.



Keep your basic Reasoning Fundamentals clear. Use Diagrams, Graphs and Tables to reach the conclusion. Also, have the knowledge about the Directions.

Use Logical Thinking to solve tricky Reasoning Questions. Practice with examples from day-to-day Reasoning problems.

You should allot 2 hours daily on practising Reasoning. (Don’t forget to save 30 minutes for Revision)

Select only good books which cover the complete syllabus. Books help a lot in the initial phase of preparation when you don’t know the types of questions that can be asked. They help you to create a mental structure and scope of the exam. Some good books are given below for IBPS Reasoning.



Solve Previous Years Reasoning Papers, Mock Test Papers and take Online Test Series to practice well for Reasoning. This way you can also boost up your speed and accuracy.

While attempting the questions during the exam, make sure that you are not using long methods to solve the questions. Always use short and quick methods to form the conclusions in Reasoning.




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Important Tip: Concentration is the vital key for Logical Reasoning Questions so stay concentrated and stay focused!


Aspirants! We hope that the above information and tips will be helpful to you in achieving good scores in IBPS Reasoning Section.

If you have any queries regarding IBPS Reasoning, then please share it with us! We are here to quench out your queries and assist you with the satisfying answers.

Please drop your message in the comment box below! We'll try to respond to you as soon as possible.

Thanks and Happy Preparation Candidates.

Stay Tuned!




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