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December 4, 2020 • 5:21 pm

Descriptive Paper for IBPS PO 2020 – Essay and Letter Writing Topics!

IBPS PO Descriptive Paper


Hereby, we are sending a big congratulation to all those aspirants who cleared the initial step of IBPS PO Exam i.e. Prelims Examination.

Now, as you are one step ahead from the other aspirants by qualifying IBPS PO Prelims, this is the time to move on for preparation of step 2.

Here by “step 2” we mean the Descriptive Paper of IBPS PO Exam which is conducted just after IBPS PO Mains.

IBPS PO Descriptive Paper is qualifying in nature but it’s a challenging part of IBPS PO recruitment process as most of the brilliant aspirants also faces difficulty to clear this section.

By Descriptive Paper, you will be tested for your writing skills, general awareness and knowledge of your language.

Here in this blog we will discuss on this part of the exam and would like to share some beneficial tips to the IBPS PO aspirants.



How to Prepare Descriptive Paper for IBPS PO – Tips for Writing Test


Before starting preparation for IBPS PO Descriptive Paper, you need to understand some basic guidelines about the test.

Below you can check the detailed Exam pattern of Descriptive Paper of IBPS PO

IBPS PO Descriptive test will include 2 topics, namely Letter and Essay.

Only two questions will be asked in this test.

Maximum marks of the Paper will be 25.

30 Minutes will be allotted to attempt the questions.

Candidates will have to type their answers through the keyboard.

As you are now pretty well aware with the exam pattern of descriptive paper, let’s discuss some important factors, that can help you out to clear the Descriptive Paper of IBPS PO.



Important Tips to Prepare for IBPS PO Descriptive Paper – Essay Writing


Shakespeare said, “The pen is mightier than the sword”.

If you have the effective essay writing skills than you can prove these words.

A good essay creation will always depend on the ways you think and the way you describe. Both essential to copy your thoughts on paper.

To score well in the exam, you can refer the tips, in order to write a splendid essay in this exam as given below.



Know the Structure of Essay Writing


Before writing the essay, it’s important to know about the structure of essay writing.

When you start writing an essay, keep the below mentioned points in mind –

Introduction – The IBPS PO Descriptive Paper Topic that you select for writing should be properly introduced so that it does not create any confusion in examiner mind.

Body Part – The body part of the essay should describe your topic. While writing, make sure you don’t cross the limit of words. You should cover all the facts in the body part. There should be no grammatical mistakes.

Conclusion – The closing of your written essay should be impressive, otherwise it can give a negative impact on complete essay.

While writing the conclusion just provide the final perspective of your topic. A conclusion must be fully reinforced with thesis.



Make a Habit of Reading News Paper


A habit of reading newspapers means a lot for an aspirant who is preparing for Upcoming Bank Exams.

Reading newspapers on regular basis can help you out to write a best essay.

Here are some benefits that you can get after reading newspapers on regular basis.

It provides general knowledge and news of the world.

You can acquire the knowledge about the country’s economic situation, games, entertainment, etc.

Reading newspaper strengthen vocabulary.


If you are a regular reader of the newspaper, it will improve your understanding of grammar. Structuring the sentences can become so easier.



Take Help from Dictionary


Having a dictionary is must if you are preparing for IBPS PO Descriptive Paper.

You will come across various new words while preparing for this section. Use a dictionary whenever you find a new word and note it down. Doing this will help you to remember that word and its meaning.

Using a dictionary will also help you to improve your vocabulary.


For best result try to write at least one article in a day. While writing the article consider all the above-mentioned points for the best outcome.



Know Letter Writing Skills for IBPS PO 2020 Descriptive Paper


This section is introduced in IBPS PO Descriptive Paper to check the communication skills of aspirants.

The way and the tone that you use while writing the later will describe your communication skills.

There are two different ways to write a letter –



Formal Letter


Letters written for professional relationship are counted as Formal letters.

While writing formal letters, you have to mention government/bank/academic and other fields that relates with official work.



Informal Letter


Letters which are often addressed to your family, friends and close acquaintances. You can prefer ‘informal’ writing tone while writing these types of letters. One can express his/her feelings in a much better way in ‘informal’ letters.


The format of writing blog should be in the following manner –

Address of the Sender


Address of the Addressee




Body Part



Below you can check some important tips that can help you to write a wonderful letter.

Follow the right format of writing the letter, like the alignment of content, proper spacing, subject, date, address etc.

Be attentive while using salutation or greeting in the letter. If you are writing a formal letter, then use ‘Sir/Ma’am’ (If you don’t know the person). If you know the name of the person then use the title (Mr, Mrs, Miss) and then name.

The main section of the letter is ‘Body Part’. Make sure that you provide the reason for writing the letter in its introductory part. Write your message in a neat and clean language that the one for which you are writing the letter could easily understand what you want to say about.

While concluding your letter make sure that you are using a separate paragraph for it. You can use ‘Your Faithfully/Sincerely’ or just signature and put your title in brackets.


As there is no prescribed IBPS PO Descriptive Paper syllabus, you need to practice hard through every source that you have.


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Here in this blog, we have tried to aware you with the detailed steps to write a perfect essay or letter in the descriptive paper but for best results practice to write as many essay or letter as you can.

You can start practicing with last few years topics of descriptive part of IBPS PO.


If you have any query or you are confused about any information in this blog, clear it by asking with our experts.