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August 02, 2022 • 12:24 pm

3 Winning Secrets to Crack IBPS PO Prelims 2022 [Unveil them & Learn]

Crack IBPS PO Prelims


Attention Aspirants!

The IBPS PO Prelims will be conducted in October 2022. Qualifying the IBPS PO Exam in a single attempt is a challenging task for the aspirants.

Most of the candidates follow the strategy of swotting on important topics and trying different techniques to mug up some formulas and short tricks.

But is this the right approach to brush up your studies and boost up your practices?

Read the complete blog and check out whether you are going on the right track or not!

Below in this blog, we are going to share the winners’ success secrets in IBPS PO Prelims Exam.

While taking interviews of many IBPS PO achievers, most of them shared the same practice plan with us and we thought to share it with you also. Please have a look below on the ‘winning secrets for IBPS PO Prelims 2022'!



Revise with the IBPS PO Cheat Sheets or Notes containing the Formulas and Short Tricks!


In our previous post about IBPS PO Study Plan, we had advised you to create short notes of all the subjects for better quick revision.

In these short notes, you can note down all your formulas, shortcut tricks, abbreviations and draw diagrams so that you can recall things quickly while reading these notes.

Creating Short-Notes and using them for quick revision in last days of the exam, may really help you in memorizing things and keeping them long lasting in your brain memory.



Revise with the IBPS PO Cheat Sheets or Notes



Solve IBPS PO Prelims Previous Years Question Papers and Analyze Your Performance!


To get the amazing score in the exam, candidates should solve the IBPS PO Previous Years Question Papers of at least past 4-5 years!

After the candidates have covered all the topics and only a few days are remaining for the exam, they can go for this smartest way of practicing.

Solving past year papers help candidates in having a better idea about the exam difficulty level and questions’ format, as they familiarize them with the complete syllabus and paper pattern.



Solve IBPS PO Previous Years Question Papers



Take Online IBPS PO Prelims Test Series or Solve Mock Test Papers to Improve Your Speed and Accuracy!


Taking Online Test Series and Solving Mock Tests or Sample Papers go hand in hand with performance analysis. In every test, you experience a different level of difficulty in questions and when you solve such difficult questions within the given time limit, then it becomes easier for you to solve any type of questions.

With this innovative practice tool, you can track your growth smartly and improve your weak areas.

At Eduncle, you can purchase the complete test series and mock test papers for IBPS Exams at reasonable prices.


IBPS PO Online Test Series



In the above packages, Eduncle experts have provided the interactive structure of expected questions along with their solutions!



Tips to Solve IBPS PO Prelims Previous Years Papers, Mock Tests and Online Test Series!


Candidates can collect all the past years’ question papers of IBPS PO Prelims and start solving them one by one.

Before starting, they can self-assign deadline of 1 hour to solve the entire question paper.

Make a wise time division of all the 3 sections while solving the question paper.

Take your strongest section at first and try to attempt ‘less time taking questions’ more as then you will be able to attempt maximum ques in minimal time duration.

Keep negative marking in mind and avoid answering the question when you are not sure about it.

Take an added advantage of the IBPS PO Answer Keys of Past Years Papers to understand the answers in a better way and evaluate your scores as well.

Check your final score! Find your weak areas and work hard on it.


We hope that the above tips will help you in practicing well for the exam and boosting up your preparation.

If you find any confusion regarding the above information, then you can share out your queries with us! Please drop your message in the comment section below, we’ll try to respond you with the appropriate answers as soon as possible.



Stay Tuned for Latest Updates! 


All the Best Folks!





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