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IBPS CWE Specialist IT Officer - Life, Job, Salary [Complete Analysis]

IBPS SO IT Officer Job life


Hello Information Seekers, Greetings from Eduncle! 

Each one of us aims to get an amazing job that benefits us with new challenges, skill enhancement, wonderful salary packages, attractive growth and promotion policies, and other job allowances.

Well! IBPS Exams ease out your way to reach your dream job.

With the start of IBPS CWE Specialist Officer, candidates can now take advantage of all these job benefits, if they successfully qualify for the IBPS SO Recruitment Exam.

With the increasing popularity of Government Jobs in India, the Specialist IT Officers job position has become the most sought-after destination for IT Graduates.

Though, IBPS offers various specialist officers positions like – Agriculture Officer, Law Officer, HR and Marketing Officer along with the IT Officer.

But the IBPS IT Officer is the most popular amongst all.

In this blog, we are going to share the complete ‘Work-Life of an IBPS Specialist IT Officer’, so that we can quench your thirst of knowing ‘why an IT graduate should go for IBPS SO Exam?’

So scroll down and fill up your knowledge bag with every single piece of information about IBPS CWE Specialist IT Officer Life, Job, Salary, and Procedure of becoming IBPS SO.



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IBPS SO IT Officer – Explore the endless Opportunities to this Great IT Destination!


Here I would like to begin by providing you the basic introduction of an IT Specialist Officer in Banks.



Who is an IBPS Specialist Officer?



The Institute of Banking and Personnel Selection offers tremendous job opportunities to outstanding applicants who are willing to notch up the Specialist Officers Positions in reputable Government Banks.

Specialist Officers as the name itself suggests are the ones who have mastered and attained proficiency in any of the one major domains, demanded by the work profile.

There are many core positions under specialist officers like –

Rajbhasha Adhikari

Law Officer

HR/ Personnel Officer

Marketing Officer

Agriculture Officer

IT Officer.

Seeing the latest job trends, the IT Officer Banking Job is more desirable than others.

Below we’ll discuss the job tasks of an IT Specialist Officer in IBPS Banks.



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IBPS IT Officer Job Profile, Roles, and Responsibilities!


Job Profile

At the initial level, the IT Officers are benefited from the training session in which they are taught to use the software, hardware, and latest technologies for the enhancement of secured and safe banking. An IT Officer also has to look after the Technologies used in Banking Operations.



Roles and Responsibilities

Below are some roles and responsibilities which every IT Officer has to follow while working with the Government Banking Bodies. Please check it out!



Technical Support 

IBPS Specialist IT Officers have expertized in providing prompt technical support to the organization.



Software and Hardware Handling 

The IT officer is responsible for maintaining the computer systems and networks of the Bank.

Right from installing and configuring the hardware, OS, and other Applications and Software’s on the devices, to monitoring and maintaining and keeping those updated with particular time limits, everything lies under the roles and responsibilities of a Specialist Officer.



Customer Support 


The IBPS Specialist Officer also takes care of whether the customer’s services are working properly or not. In order to solve the technical issues, an IT Officer talk with Staff/Clients through a series of actions, either face to face or over the telephone and take the appropriate action on the basis of their feedbacks.



Bank Network Security Management 


 The IT Officer of any bank is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the Bank’s Network Security Programs. He has to ensure that all information systems are functional and secured in accordance with the banking network security laws.

With the huge rise of bank account hack attacks as cybercrimes, the banks are focusing more on the hiring of talented IT Officers who can manage their job tasks very efficiently.



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System Management 


 The IBPS IT Officer has to maintain the servers, databases of banks, and other networking systems.

Along with these, the IT Specialist Officer also manages various sub-systems like –


1. Data Center

This is one of the most important departments of the bank, where all the data and core banking application lies. The work of the IT Officer is maintenance and support. Shift duty systems are followed for this section in order to ensure that it is manned 24 hours a day.



2. ATM Section

This section looks after all ATM-related activity. Shift duty systems are followed in this section too.



3. Project Office

In this section, all IT support for branch banking is handled. Shift duty systems are followed in this section too.



4. Security Section

Here, the IT Office keeps track of all the harmful activities that may damage the Network Security. And if they find any threat, they take immediate actions against it.



5. MIS and Application Section

MIS Section is designed mainly to execute the activities under software development and related activities.

IT Officers in this department are engaged in developing new software or modifying the Bank's existing software.

So, above we have discussed the role and responsibilities of an IT Officer in IBPS Participating Banks in detail. You must be now well aware of the fact that IT Officers are the backbones of any Bank’s technology.

To understand the IBPS SO Officer's Roles in a better way, watch out the video given below -




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IBPS Specialist IT Officer Salary Structure and Job Perks!


Here in this portion, you can upgrade your knowledge with the detailed Salary Structure of a Specialist Officer in IBPS Banks.

Below we are discussing the Salary Details of Officer Scale 1 and Officer Scale 2.



Junior Management Grade Scale 1 Officer

    Pay Scale - INR 14500+(600x7) - 18700+(700x2) - 20100+(800x7) – 25700/-In Hand Salary – INR 24000-32000 per month.



Middle Management Grade Scale 2 Officer

    Pay Scale - INR 19400+(700x1) - 20100+(800x10) – 28100/-In Hand Salary – INR 34,000-40,000 per month. 



#After completion of the 1st year, an increment of INR 700 will be due on the basic pay.

#After the 1st Increment, the increment of INR 800 will be applied to the basic pay for the next 10 years.


IBPS SO’s Salary is a little higher than IBPS PO. To know about the IBPS PO Work-Life in detail, you may visit - IBPS Bank PO Job Profile – Meaning, Role, Work-Life of PO in Banks.



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IBPS IT Officer Salary Structure – Check Out Here!


Pay Scale – INR 23700-(980x7)-30560-(1145x2)-32850-(1310x7)-42020.

It means that the –


Basic Salary of IT Officer in starting is – INR 23,700 but after 7 years it will be raised to INR 30,560 with the increment of INR 980 rupees.

And later, after 2 years this incremented salary will be raised to INR 32,850 after applying the increment of INR 1145 rupees and so the procedure goes on.



Job Perks and Other Allowances are as follows!


Allowances Amount
Dearness Allowance (DA) 39.80% of the Basic Pay (Revised Quarterly)
Special Allowance (SA) 7.75% of the Basic Pay
Human Resource Allowances (HRA) 9.0% or 8.0% or 7.0% (Depends on the place of posting)
City Compensatory Allowance (CCA) 4% or 3%


The Salary is credited to the account by the 25th of every month and the HRA is credited by the month-end.



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IBPS Specialist IT Officer’s Career Growth Chart – Examine and Acknowledge the Growth!


Growth Structure of a Specialist Officer



In accordance with the Banking Promotion Policies, the candidates are promoted to the higher position on the basis of their gained experience, professional qualification, specialized knowledge and skills to handle the tasks efficiently.

Along with the post promotion, the employees also get benefited from their salary boosts.

The promotion schemes in IBPS Banks are designed –

To encourage the candidates by taking them to the higher motivational levels.

 To bring out the best potential available in them and

 To meet up the requirements in tune.


As per the Growth Structure of a Specialist Officer in Banks-

They start up their career as ‘Junior Management Grade Scale 1 Specialist Officer’ and are promoted to ‘Middle Management Grade Specialist Officer’ after the successful completion of their training and probation period.

 According to the Bank Promotion Policies for Specialist Officers, the candidates can reach up to the position of ‘Senior Management Grade Specialist Officer’ after gaining the particular experience and skills.

 The higher most position for a Specialist Officer is the ‘Generalist Officer’. He/she can get this position within 15-20 years.


Reaching to Generalist Officer’s position is not an easy task, it requires a great deal of dedication and hard work. The candidates should be highly talented and skillful.



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7 Reasons why Graduates should opt for IBPS SO Recruitment Exam



Reasons to opt IBPS SO



Here we have listed the reasons why candidates should go for the biggest competitive race of IBPS Specialist Officer Recruitment.


Government Banking jobs are one of the most fanciful jobs which benefit you with attractive salary packages, allowances, and promotion policies.

The post of IT officer in the government sector is one of the jobs which is complemented with the wonderful perks and satisfaction of work experience.

Knowledge and Skills Enhancement! Well, the IBPS Specialist Officer Jobs gives you an everyday opportunity to learn something new while resolving the issues and enhance your technical skills.

Along with the technical skills, you also get to know about the financial services in detail while working within banking bodies. It makes you wiser while making financial decisions.

Banking Jobs are more secured in comparison to Private Sector IT Jobs.

You become more professional as you have to meet different people and communicate with them regarding technical things.

The leave benefits offered by IBPS Banks can also be considered as one of the most important factors in choosing the IBPS Jobs.


So, what are you waiting for guys? check out the complete procedure to become a successful Specialist Officer in Government Banks given below.



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How to become an IBPS IT Specialist Officer? What’s the Procedure!



How to become an IBPS IT Officer



At Eduncle, you can get the complete details of the IBPS SO Exam. We make the aspirants updated by providing every latest and required information about the SO Recruitment Exam conducted by IBPS.


Before applying for the IBPS SO Exam, candidates should be well aware of the IBPS SO Eligibility Criteria.

Then the next step should be ‘to check for the IBPS SO Exam Syllabus and Pattern so that candidates can begin their preparation with a proper study plan.

The candidates should keep themselves updated with every single IBPS SO Notification released by the official website.

The online application submission is the gateway and the admits card is the entrance card to this fascinating job. You can know the complete procedure of filling up the online application by clicking here - IBPS SO Application Form 2022.

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Aspirants! We hope that we have covered up all the information which you require to know about the Specialist Officer in detail. Please share out your suggestions regarding the above post in the comment section below.


Good Luck with your Future Endeavors! 


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