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Interview with Amardeep Kumar, AIR 1 IIT JAM Chemistry

IIT JAM Chemistry Topper Amardeep

Today, this young IIT JAM Topper who scored 94 out of 100 in this MSc Entrance Exam, is sharing his insights with IIT JAM aspirants: Amardeep Kumar (Rank 1) 

Following a recommendable success in IIT JAM 2018 Chemistry, today, we turned to an expert to ask him some simple questions. The Joint Admission Test for Masters (IIT JAM Exam) has gained great popularity over the years. To help readers get a grip of one of the most important topics and strategies for IIT JAM 2023 exam.



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Q) Hello Amardeep, first things first, we’d like to know how was your academic journey so far? Were you a topper during school and college as well?

Reply: It was a wonderful experience during school and college, especially in Kirorimal college. I was the topper of the department in Chemistry Hons. for all three years with a grand CGPA of 9.405.



Q) How was your reaction to IIT JAM AIR 1 in 2018? And, what changed after getting the topmost rank in Joint Admission Test?

Reply: Having such a good rank in the Joint Admission Test for Masters ( at All India Level, it was the happiest moment of my life. After getting such a good rank, I still aim to be the same person.



Q) How did you strategize your preparation to make it through JAM 2018? (Day-month-years plan)

Reply: First of all, I would like to tell you that IIT JAM is all about the basic concepts of Chemistry subject. So, I always tried to focus on the basic concepts and tried to cover the whole JAM syllabus meticulously. Even at the commencement of the IIT JAM Exam, I used to go to college to strengthen my conceptual knowledge. Many students do not focus on that, also they don’t cover the entire syllabus and spend their time on the lengthy parts of some questions. I started preparing for JAM in Jan-2017. I studied almost 6-8 hours each day for the preparations of the Joint Admission Test.

Revision is also a very important part of exam preparation. My strength was that I revised each topic as much as possible. And lastly, test series is very important to check your accuracy.



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Q) We got to know that you picked IIT-Bombay for your MSc. Was it your first choice or you had some preferences in mind regarding other institutes?

Reply: I applied for many institutes to gain experience but finally opted for IIT-Bombay as I intend to pursue research in foreign universities and the best recommendation one can get is from IIT-B among all the IITs.



Q) Coming back to IIT-B, How’s life at IIT Bombay? In the little time, what you have observed about this magnificent institute?

Reply: Life is going really well at IIT-B. We have got a lot to explore here by ourselves. The professors are very talented, and their teaching method focuses on research.



Q) We know it’s too early to ask but what are your future plans after MSc?

Reply: After MSc, I want to apply for PhD in foreign universities. I also want to work in the R&D wing of topmost global chemical companies like ExxonMobil, Dow, BASF, DuPont etc.



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Q) On contrary to popular belief, toppers these days are breaking the stereotype nerd image. You are also quite active on social networking websites. Is this how you unwind yourself?

Reply: I am active on social media along with studies as I believe it depends on you how you balance your life. I use it to rejuvenate myself and have new experiences.



Q) What topics were most difficult in IIT JAM Chemistry while you were preparing for it? And, how did you master them?

Reply: If you try to understand the concept behind each topic then nothing will be hard at IIT JAM Exam Level. So, after reading books like Jonathan Clayden, Peter Atkins, James E. Huheey my concepts were strengthened.



Q) What is your message to IIT JAM Chemistry Aspirants who are going to appear in the exam this February?

Reply: My message to all the JAM Chemistry aspirants is:

Cover the entire syllabus and revise as much as you can.

Don’t lavish time on topics that are not included in JAM Syllabus.

Take Test Series for IIT JAM Chemistry to get the feel of the actual exam.

Make notes of formulae of each chapter of Physical Chemistry and paste it in your study room.

Never skip any topic because each topic is equally important from the exam point of view.

Some candidates might recommend coordination or some other topic. But in my opinion, it is not a good idea. To get a good rank, you’d need to master the whole syllabus.


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In this article, you’ve got details about tested habits of Toppers of IIT JAM Examination. As the exam approaches soon, knowing the secret to top JAM Chemistry will give you an edge over other aspiring students.

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To top such a tough exam may seem improbable. However, if you go through the track records of the Toppers, you will be inspired to top the test with the highest marks. Just remember two things; first “nothing is impossible for a confident person” and second that “Practice makes a person Perfect.” 

Hope the above information will help you. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the above information, please feel free to ask in the below comments box.


Thank You!!



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    Hello Rajesh,
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    Yes, you can clear the JAM exam with good rank or get AIR 1. Keep your preparation ready and be prepared.
    All the best for the exam.


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