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How to Crack JEE Advanced 2020 Exam? 1 Month Study Plan & Daily Tasks

JEE Advanced 2020 Study Plan


Have you ever pondered that despite studying so hard for IIT JEE why your entire efforts go in vain? Why don’t you get satisfactory results? Well, this might be because you’re not putting your efforts into the right direction.


Now, when JEE Advanced 2020 approaches so fast, this is the perfect time to make a strategy or study plan to turn your hard-word into success.


Staying strategize not only helps you in getting an effective time management plan but also smooths out your preparation & execution. So, it is very important to create a perfect study plan for JEE Advanced & follow it on daily basis.


In this article, we are going to discuss IIT JEE Advanced study plan to do a systematic study so that you can achieve your target on time.



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JEE Advanced Study Plan for 1 Month | Vital Tips to Crack the Exam


As everybody knows JEE Advanced is the toughest Engineering Entrance Exam, the students who prepare for this exam must keep in mind that doing hard-work would not be enough to crack this exam.


Then how to crack JEE Advanced!


It is essential for students to play smart while preparing for such highly competitive exam. Manage a proper schedule and prioritize your tasks smartly. Focus more on strengthening the basic concepts, perfectly using the formulas and shortcut tricks.


Undoubtedly, the syllabus is huge! But your preparation should be divided in such a way that you can finish the whole syllabus on time and save extra time for the revision and mock tests.


Worried about how you would be able to do all this? Relax! check out the following IIT JEE 2020 Study Plan to know the ranker’s secrets to notch up top scores in the exam. Let’s begin here!


   Tip – Challenge yourself with the following tasks and try to accomplish them within self-assigned deadlines. 



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Task 1: Understand the JEE Advanced Exam Pattern & Syllabus


As the marking scheme and exam pattern, keep changing frequently, the students must have keen watch over the updates made every year.


Below we’re presenting you the latest JEE Advanced Paper Pattern, please understand it well for a better approach. JEE Advanced is conducted in two parts as follows:


1. JEE Advanced Paper-1

2. JEE Advanced Paper-2



JEE Advanced Paper-1 & Paper-2:


The paper 1 & paper 2 consist three sections i.e. Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.

 In these two papers, Multiple Choice Questions and Numerical Answer Type Questions are asked through online mode only.

 Both papers have time-duration of 3 hours for each and negative marking of 1/4th marks.   


What is the Difference in Syllabus?


There are some extra topics included in JEE Advanced Syllabus that candidates must be aware of. Go through the complete syllabus before starting the preparation for the exam.


Check out the topics below that are included in JEE Advanced Exam and not in JEE Main.



S.No Subjects Topics
1 Physics Thermal Physics
2 Chemistry Electro-Chemistry
Nuclear Chemistry



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Task 2: Filter Out Important Chapters & Start Taking Them One by One


If you are not aware of the important topics that are asked in the exam every year, then it will be quite challenging to start your exam preparation smoothly.


To prevent yourself from getting confused about which topic to take at first and which not. We have provided the important topics according to previous year exam analysis. Here you can also check the expected marking weightage for 2020 exam. You can check the important topics for all the three subjects here:


IIT JEE Physics

IIT JEE Chemistry

IIT JEE Mathematics



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Task 3: Grab Up the Best Study Material for Better Preparation


While choosing the best books for JEE Exam, you must know the fact that JEE Advanced preparation will require in-depth knowledge of the topics and their basic concepts.


But the question is how to choose the best study material? Many candidates find it hard to start preparing for the exam due to the confusion that what should they study to crack the exam?


Apart from the 11th & 12th standard NCERT Books and Syllabus, top-notch study material is the essential key to bag up a good rank in the entrance test.


For the benefits of JEE Aspirants, here we are suggesting some Best books for JEE Advanced 2020.



Task 4: How to Crack JEE Advanced? Check Out 1 Month Study Plan!


After the JEE Mains Result declaration, only one month would be left for you to strengthen your JEE Advanced Preparation. JEE Advanced exam will be conducted after completion of JEE mains and you can download the JEE Advanced Admit Card from the official website.


The best yet effective way for exam preparation is to solve sample JEE Advanced 2020 Question Paper designed by Experts.


Check out the most awaiting JEE Advanced Study Plan for 1 month given in the below table.



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Days Subjects Topics
Day 1 Physics General Physics
Chemistry Concept of atoms and molecules, Mole concept; Chemical formulae; Balanced chemical equations
Mathematics Algebra of complex numbers
Day 2 Physics Kinematics
Chemistry Gaseous and liquid states
Mathematics Quadratic equations
Day 3 Physics Newton’s laws of motion
Chemistry Atomic structure and chemical bonding
Mathematics Arithmetic, geometric and harmonic progressions
Day 4 Physics Systems of particles; Centre of mass and its motion; Impulse; Elastic and inelastic collisions
Chemistry Energetics
Mathematics Logarithms and their properties
Day 5 Physics Law of gravitation
Chemistry Chemical equilibrium
Mathematics Permutations and combinations, Probability
Day 6 Physics Linear and angular simple harmonic motions
Chemistry Electrochemistry
Mathematics Matrix
Day 7 Physics Mock Test
Chemistry Mock Test
Mathematics Mock Test
Day 8 Physics Rigid body, moment of inertia, Conservation of angular momentum
Chemistry Chemical kinetics
Mathematics Trigonometric functions, their periodicity and graphs
Day 9 Physics Linear and angular simple harmonic motions, Hooke’s law, Young’s modulus
Chemistry Solid state
Mathematics Relations between sides and angles of a triangle, inverse trigonometric functions
Day 10 Physics Pressure in a fluid; Pascal’s law, Bernoulli’s theorem and its applications
Chemistry Solutions, Surface chemistry
Mathematics Two dimensions geometry
Day 11 Physics Wave motion; Doppler effect
Chemistry Nuclear chemistry
Mathematics Equation of a straight line in various forms, concurrency of lines;  Centroid, Orthocentre, incentre and Circumcentre of a Triangle
Day 12 Physics Rectilinear propagation of light, Total internal reflection; Deviation and dispersion of light
Chemistry Isolation/preparation and properties of the following non-metals
Mathematics Equation of a circle, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola, Locus problems
Day 13 Physics Wave nature of light
Chemistry Preparation and properties of compounds
Mathematics Three Dimensions Geometry
Day 14 Physics Mock Test
Chemistry Mock Test
Mathematics Mock Test
Day 15 Physics Thermal expansion of solids, liquids and gases; Calorimetry, latent heat; Heat conduction in one dimension
Chemistry Transition elements (3d series)
Mathematics Differential Calculus: polynomial, rational, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions
Day 16 Physics Newton’s law of cooling; Ideal gas laws; Specific heats
Chemistry Ores and minerals
Mathematics Limit and continuity of a function, Even and odd functions, inverse of a function
Day 17 Physics Equivalence of heat and work; Blackbody radiation
Chemistry Extractive metallurgy
Mathematics Derivative of a function, derivative of the sum, difference, product and quotient of two functions
Day 18 Physics Coulomb’s law, Capacitance, Electric current
Chemistry Principles of qualitative analysis
Mathematics Derivatives of implicit functions, derivatives up to order two
Day 19 Physics Biot–Savart law and Ampere’s law; Magnetic field
Chemistry Concepts of Organic Chemistry
Mathematics definite integrals and their properties, fundamental theorem of integral calculus
Day 20 Physics Magnetic moment of a current loop; Effect of a uniform magnetic field on a current loop
Chemistry Preparation, properties and reactions of alkanes
Mathematics Integration by parts, integration by the methods of substitution and partial fractions
Day 21 Physics Mock Test
Chemistry Mock Test
Mathematics Mock Test
Day 22 Physics Electromagnetic induction, Magnetism
Chemistry Preparation, properties and reactions of alkenes and alkynes
Mathematics Formation of ordinary differential equations
Day 23 Physics Modern Physics
Chemistry Phenols
Mathematics Addition of vectors, scalar multiplication, dot and cross products, scalar triple products and their geometrical interpretations
Day 24 Physics Revision
Chemistry Carbohydrates, Amino acids and peptides
Mathematics Revision
Day 25 Physics Revision
Chemistry Properties and uses of some important polymers, Practical organic chemistry
Mathematics Revision
Day 26 Physics Revision
Chemistry Revision
Mathematics Revision
Day 27 Physics Revision
Chemistry Revision
Mathematics Revision
Day 28 Physics Mock Test
Chemistry Mock Test
Mathematics Mock Test
Day 29 Physics Mock Test
Chemistry Mock Test
Mathematics Mock Test
Day 30 Physics Mock Test
Chemistry Mock Test
Mathematics Mock Test



Here, we have provided the IIT JEE 2020 Study Plan for Advanced Exam. But only making the study plan is not enough to crack the exam.


We are presenting some important tips to crack JEE Advanced 2020 Exam below. Let’s have a look!



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Task 5: Tips to Crack JEE Advanced 2020 Exam | Note the Important Points


Sharing out certain approaches to ace the exam while following the above study plan simultaneously. Catch out the Expert’s Mantras below-


Revision & Practice: Revision is most important to remember all the concepts and formulas. So, special emphasis should be given to the important topics in the last month.


Do not study any new topics in the last few days. Just keep revising and focus on strengthening the topics which you know very well.


Solving previous year papers and the mock test will help you to know the difficulty level and type of questions. You should solve the Sample Papers and online mock test according to exam time frame.


 Take Short Break: Do not make the preparation stressful for yourself. Divide your study time into chunks. Take small breaks between the study and do your favorite tasks in that breaks like listen to your favorite music, go for a short walk, talk to your friends and so on. It will fresh your mind and will keep you active and concentrated on the study.

 Be Healthy: During the preparation time, do not skip your meal. Take healthy food and avoid the junk food. It is important to keep yourself healthy or it can affect your preparation.

 Be Confident: Do not let yourself down during the preparation. If you have cracked the JEE Mains then you Can crack the JEE Advanced too. Always be motivated and be positive.



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To avoid the exam stress you should do exercise or meditation in the morning. It is important to keep the stress free environment during the preparation.


Here we have shared the well-planned approach for the JEE advanced Study plan which will help you to ace the exam. You can customize it according to your study pattern.


In the end, be updated with the important Dates and notifications to plan your preparation accordingly. Check out the JEE Advanced 2020 Date & Notification page for the latest information and updates for the exam.


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All The Best!




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