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10 Common Silly Mistakes you should avoid in JEE Exam [Do’s & Don’ts]

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in JEE Mains & Advanced

JEE Main 2020 Model Papers


IIT JEE 2020 is the most ambitious exam for Engineering & Architecture aspirants. As much as it is important for them, it is equally tough too. Every year several candidates appear in this exam to get admission in their dream colleges such as IITs & NITs etc.

So, if you’re stepping ahead towards a career which has a lot of competition, it is very important for you opt the correct methods for preparation. Your preparation and methods should be flawless because even a single mistake can become an obstacle in the path of your goal. 

Here are the JEE 2020 Exam mistakes you should avoid.



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Top 10 Silly IIT JEE Mistakes You Must Avoid!


Counting on the JEE Mains 2020 Exam Mistakes & JEE Advanced 2020 Mistakes, we have come up with the list of Top 10 Common Mistakes in JEE that students usually commit. We advise you to avoid these mistakes in order to succeed in IIT JEE. The mistakes are:


10. Reserving a Stock of Books


One of the IIT JEE mistakes that IIT aspirants have is the habit of buying lots of books for JEE Main Exam and get strangled in them. It is good to refer the books for JEE but using multiple books for that will lead to the state of confusion.

In order to avoid confusion and anxiety we recommend you choose few good books wisely along with the notes of your coaching. Once you are done with your preparation, start practicing and revising everything you have studied with other books but avoid reading any new topic or book.


9. Avoiding the Basic Concepts


Students generally start their study with reference books and other unnecessary study materials! They forget that to fight a battle in the field it’s important to learn basic concepts of the fight so in IIT JEE as well. They directly attack reference books without experimenting NCERT. Having the proper understanding of basic concepts must be your priority.

Try to understand the concepts instead of memorising them. The students must work on NCERT course book first and then should head towards the others after its completion.

Students have the tendency of mugging the topics and directly jump to the solving the questions instead of making their concepts clear. Not working on conceptual terms tend to make students puzzled when the question is slightly twisted. Hence to avoid that start with building your concepts and finish your NCERT first.

Go through JEE Advanced Preparation Books to have an idea about the books that you must prefer.


8. Stick Up a Timetable but Hardly Follows It


It’s a natural tendency of humans to say, “I’ll do it from tomorrow onwards”.

Students generally hurry up to make a daily schedule. Wake up, study, eat, study, sleep, study, study and study. This sounds very encouraging and motivating but after some time this becomes monotonous.

Making a schedule is not going to make you win this battle, you need to stay motivated. Keep some recreational activities too in your schedule. This helps you freshen up and get your mind focused and active. 

Stick to your goal and never lose your motivation! You will face difficulties during your preparation but don’t let them discourage you.

Refer to following blog to know JEE exams information and make your schedule accordingly. 

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7. Doubting Oneself


Self Confidence is the key to success, you can lose even a small fight if you have doubts about yourself. On the other hand, it is not good to have over confidence, this could be fatal too.

Do not doubt yourself or hesitate. Do not compare with others, every student is unique and have their own style of learning and understanding. Have trust in yourself and make a positive mindset that what you are doing is leading you in right direction. This will increase your confidence and you will perform well in the exam.


6. Stick to a Single Subject


Students must ensure the balance between all the three subjects i.e. IIT JEE Chemistry, Physics & Maths. It’s important and very easy to score well in all the subjects in comparison to one. If you get stuck to a topic, there is a possibility that you might not have enough time to attempt other questions in the examination.

Instead of streamlining your energy on one subject, use it to prepare all 3 subjects. Don’t go for selective study. Try to study all the subjects but try to invest your time in the topics which are important for the exam.



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5. Skipping the Tests


Mock Tests are practice tests used as a mirror to your skillsets. Mock tests help you practice for the final exam. They help you evaluate and analyse your performance & preparation level.

These tests give the idea and feel of actual exam, help you increase your speed & your answer giving skills with greater accuracy.

Never skip any tests as they are the most important part of preparation along with timely revision.


4. Too Much Stress or Not at All


Taking too much stress or no stress, both can be harmful to a student. Many students get so panicked that it makes them perform extremely bad in the exams and many of them are so carefree that they do not bother about the revisions or practicing.

It is important for students to understand that taking too much pressure can lead to anxiety and lack of confidence. But being carefree can make you ignore the things that are important for the exam.


3. Sleeping Less One Night Before the Exam


It’s essential for a student to take a sound sleep of 6-8 hrs at least one night before the JEE Exam. Many students try to study till late at night even at the night before the exam making them grumpy and improper state of mind due to lack of rest.

Taking less sleep could affect the memory, increase the stress level and slower the response rate. This could affect the calculations and even students could attempt a wrong option. So, take a good night sleep to wake up fresh and ready for the exam.


2. Important Topics for Last Minute


This is one of the major mistakes that students make while preparing for exam. The mind that students have is let’s prepare for the less important topics first and finish them up, then will prepare the important topics without any rush & studying these imp topics in the last will keeping them fresh in mind. But this is not the ideal way to prepare.

If you leave the important topics for the last minute there is possibility that might not get enough time to prepare for them or you might find them difficult to understand.

Divide your schedule in way that you cover all the topics timely and don’t have anything for last minute rush.

Refer to following blog to get the list of important topics:

JEE Mains

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1. Discussing the Paper with Friends


These days students are moving towards coaching institutes for IIT JEE. They completely rely on them for their preparation and forget that even if you join the most reputed institute or study with the best teachers you can’t ace the exam without self-study.

It is very important to do study at your own along with attending the lectures. Ask your doubts to your teachers. Make most of the institutes by doing self-work.


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Hope the above-mentioned list will help you avoid silly mistakes in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Work on these points and get closer to your dream of JEE. 

Let’s also check out the JEE Mains & Advanced do’s & don’t for the Exam.


IIT JEE Do’s & Don’ts

S. No. Do’s Don’ts
1. Always Start with Easy Section that is Scoring and Less Risky in Exam Do Not Start with Lengthy and Tough Questions
2. Always strategize before solving the paper. Do Not Make Silly Calculation Mistakes in Exam
3. Stay Calm & Motivated Do Not Play on the Guessing Tricks, Try to Avoid Negative Markings (Read JEE Advanced Exam Pattern)
4. Must have complete Knowledge of JEE Advanced & JEE Mains Exam Pattern Do Not Forget to Carry Essential Materials and Stationary in the Exam Hall
5. Make Sound Analysis of Paper in Examination Hall Do Not Discuss Your Evaluations with Anyone


We hope these lists of common JEE Main & Advanced mistakes made by students and IIT JEE Do’s and don’ts during the exam will help you to get your preparation streamlines and more effective.

If you have any doubt or query write to us in the comment section below.




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