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10 Common Mistakes you should avoid in JEE Exam 2019 [Do’s & Don’ts]


10 Common Mistakes in JEE Mains & Advanced Exam


JEE Main 2019 Model Papers


Silly mistakes are like you are going for a war and you forget to carry your weapons!


IIT JEE 2019 is the most ambitious exam for Engineering & Architecture aspirants. As much as it is important for them, equally toughest too. Every year several candidates appear in this exam to get admission in their dream colleges such as IITs & NITs etc.


Opting wrong methods while preparing may dampen your performance. The precious time you have spent for your exam preparation and the hard work you have done may be abolished by a single mistake. So, when you’re stepping ahead towards such career destination for which lakhs of other students are aspiring too, it is very important for you to have a keen watch over your every single move.



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Top 10 Silly JEE Exam Mistakes that Must Not Do! [Winning Mantras]


Counting on which mistakes you can make in JEE Main & JEE Advanced 2019, we have come up with the list of Top 10 Common Mistakes that you must avoid while aspiring it. Lets’ start filtering out the hurdles in your success!



10. Reserving a Stock of Books


Many IIT aspirants have a common habit of buying lots of books for JEE Main Exam. Spending thousands of rupees on those are never preferable for such aspirational exam. They must ensure the need of extra books and purchase them only if they feel its need.



9. Avoiding the Basic Concepts


Students generally start their study with reference books and other unnecessary study materials! They forget that to fight a battle in the field it’s important to learn basic concepts of the fight so in IIT JEE as well. They directly attack reference books without experimenting NCERT. The students must work on NCERT course book first and then should head towards the others after its completion.


Students try to mug up everything rather than using the concepts & formulas on questions. Not working on conceptual terms tend to make students puzzled when the question is slightly twisted.


Go through JEE Advanced Preparation Books to have an idea about the books that you must prefer.



8. Stick Up a Timetable but Hardly Follows It


It’s a natural tendency of humans to say, “I’ll do it from tomorrow onwards”.


Students generally hurry up to make a daily schedule. Wake up, study, eat, study, sleep, study, study and study. The word only appears on that note, like a sticker on the wall but is never followed.


Making a schedule is not going to make you win this battle, you must work on it with full dedication.


To create an effective time-schedule, save the important dates for the exam and plan up your activities accordingly! Please go through the following blogs -


JEE Main 2019 Date

 JEE Advanced 2019 Date



7. Doubting Oneself


Self Confidence is the key to success, you can lose even a small fight if you have doubts about yourself. On the other hand, self-confidence is the only key that can lead you to win over the battles.


Giving a little space to doubts leads to hesitation and lack of confidence. Have trust in yourself and make a positive mindset that whatever you have prepared is more than enough for exams. This will increase your confidence and you will perform well in the exam.



6. Stick to a Single Subject


Students must ensure the balance between all the three subjects i.e. IIT JEE Chemistry, Physics & Maths. It’s important and very easy to score well in all the subjects in comparison to one. If you get stuck to a topic, you’ll have other subjects to attempt in the examination hall. This will not cost you anything! Rather it will help you to enhance your ranking in the final examination.



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5. Skipping the Tests


Mock Tests are practice tests used as a mirror to your skillsets. They help you in finding out the true analysis of your performance & knowledge level. Helping you in increasing your speed, they also improve your answer giving skills with greater accuracy.


One should never skip these tests as they are the most important part of preparation.



4. Too Much Stress or Not at All


Taking too much stress or no stress, both can be harmful to a student. Many students get so much panic that it makes them perform extremely bad in the exams and many of them are so carefree that they do not bother even about the revisions. Students must understand that the preparation they have done is more than enough but the revision is the must.



3. Sleeping Less One Night Before the Exam


It’s essential for a student to take a sound sleep of 6-8 hrs at least one night before the JEE Exam. Many of them don’t even sleep in the night before the exam that makes them go through the loss. Taking less sleep could affect the memory, increase the stress level and slower the response rate. This could affect the calculations and even students could attempt a wrong option. So never ever do that!



2. Marking all Answers in OMR at the Last Moment


Have you ever heard about Negative Marking? Well, if you not then I would like to tell you that this is the thing that can take you far away from your destination if you don’t use it the right way.


If you think that you attempted all the questions correctly, this point may tend to lose the battle at the last moment. Filling OMR during the last-minute rush may reduce your efficiency of guessing the right answer! You lose your accuracy at this moment & in hurry, you might also mark the wrong option and get penalized with negative markings.



1. Discussing the Paper with Friends


And finally, here is the last tip of advice that do not ever discuss the question papers & answers with anyone be it your friends or teachers. People say that this is important that you must analyze your performance right after the moment you leave the exam hall but we would like to advise you to keep your evaluations & performance analysis to yourself until you get the JEE Mains Results in hand.



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Hope the above-mentioned mistakes & advises would help you in figuring out the point where you can let the success slip away from your hands. Read all the above points carefully and try to avoid them during your ambitious journey.


Let’s also check out the do’s & don’t for the Exam.



IIT JEE 2019 - Do’s & Don’ts

S. No. Do’s Don’ts
1. Always Start with Easy Section that is Scoring and Less Risky in Exam Do Not Make Silly Calculation Mistakes in Exam
2. Double Check the OMR Markings Before Submitting Do Not Start with Lengthy and Tough Questions
3. Stay Calm & Motivated Do Not Play on the Guessing Tricks, Try to Avoid Negative Markings (Read JEE Advanced Exam Pattern)
4. Must have complete Knowledge of JEE Advanced & JEE Mains Exam Pattern Do Not Forget to Carry Essential Materials and Stationary in the Exam Hall
5. Make Sound Analysis of Paper in Examination Hall Do Not Discuss Your Evaluations with Anyone



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