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JEE Main 2020 Last Minute Tips: 7 Days Plan, Paper Attempting Strategy

JEE Mains Last Minute Tips

JEE Main 2020 Model Papers

As you all know that JEE Mains Exam is the gateway for admission in country’s top engineering and technical institutes.


This is the first exam which will be carried out to select candidates for JEE Advanced.


In 2019, total 12,37,892 students registered and 11,47,125 students appared for JEE Main Exam, out of which only around 2.5 lakh qualified for JEE Advanced Exam. So, you need to be well prepared if you want to crack the JEE Main.


JEE Mains have 90 questions in total with 30 in each subject i.e. in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Each question carries 4 marks and -1 negative marking.


It’s a fact that your Mains Exam's scores totally depend on your 1-2 years' preparation but the last few days are also quite crucial.


So here we bring you some tips which you should keep in mind while giving the final strokes to your IIT JEE Mains Preparation before a week and a day before the exam.



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Last Week Tips for JEE Mains 2020 - See How to Execute Preparation in Last 7 Seven Days


The remaining last week is the decisive time for a candidate, who is preparing for Mains Exam for a long time and aspiring to gain maximum score in their JEE Main Result. In this blog, we are here to discuss certain things which are crucial for Mains Exam. We’ll also help you with the do’s and don’ts during the week before the exam.


There are few points which you need to keep in mind. Read them below: -



1. Don’t Study Any New Topic


This is the most common mistake which majority of the students make during the last week. But, starting a new topic can be very dangerous for your whole preparation as it will demotivate you and increase your stress.



2. Revise Important Topics Only


JEE Main last minute revision is very important. Though, it is impossible to revise the whole syllabus, hence, concentrate on those topics in each subject whose weightage is high and are quite scoring also.

Revise them from the notes or study material. You can also learn formulas and basic concepts of these topics.



3. Analyze Your Mocks Again


This will help you as a feedback on your mistakes and clarifies your concepts and formulas.

Try to find out the topics on which you make mistakes regularly; try to avoid those questions in the exam.



4. Don’t Study for Long Hours


Another thing which is crucial is that the students study in the same pattern in which they studied for last 1-2 years at the time of JEE Main 2020 Preparation. Don’t do that as this will make you lose your focus and forget what you have studied.



5. Sleep Early and Have Sound Sleep


One of the mistakes most of the students make is that they study for late nights and wake up late in the morning. But a week ago, you must change this habit as it can be harmful to you on the day of the examination because you will feel sleepy due to the daily habit. Also, a sound sleep of 6-7 hours is essential.



6. Take Regular Breaks


Taking a small break of 5-7 minutes in an hour is a bliss for you to keep yourself fresh and active for a long duration. Study breaks should be taken to get your mind rejuvenated so that you can refocus on your studies.



7. Arrange Essential Things


To avoid the hassle on the exam day, arrange all important items such as JEE Main 2020 Admit Card, Identification proof, pen, pencil etc. prior to the day of the exam.


Read the instructions on the admit card and arrange things you need to bring on that day.



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Last Minute Tips for JEE Mains - Do’s and Don’ts for the D-Day


When the D-Day arrives, you are under a lot of stress. The last few minutes of the exam are quite crucial as this makes your mind by which you are going to enter the examination hall. These last minutes tips will help you in giving your best in the exam.


These are the few last minutes tips for JEE Mains: -



1. Just Revise Formulas and Theorems


Before the day of the exam just revise the important formulas and theorems. If possible revise them from your handbook or formula book. This will help you in not losing your focus to the whole derivations and questions.




2. Sleep Early and Eat Well


You must sleep and eat well a day before the exam. Sleep for at least 6 hours to keep yourself fresh on the exam day. Eat light food a day before the exam.




3. Don’t Study Anything Before and On Exam Day


Don’t study before the day of the exam as it will lead you to overthink about the exam and you may end up with a lot of stress and panic.




4. Reach Exam Centre 1 Hour Before the Exam


To avoid any panic situation on the day of the exam, reach your center 1 hour before the commencement of the exam.

You are advised not to take any risk by getting late on exam day. It is better to be safe than feeling sorry.




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Paper Attempting Tips for JEE Mains -  Learn the Tricks to Maximize Your Score


Attempting the paper properly is the key to get success in any exam. To make you aware of the accurate techniques to avoid mistakes in the exam, we are presenting some important paper attempting tips for JEE Mains 2020: -



1. Take a Quick Overview of Paper


As soon as the JEE Main Paper comes in your hand, go through it and pick up the questions which are easy and average. Answer them first as this will not only help you to score good but also save you from regrets of not attempting easy questions. JEE is the test of your temperament. Solve questions with a plan to maximize your score.



2. Don’t Waste Too Much Time on a Single Question


Wasting too much time on a question will lead you towards the situation of panic and frustration which will impact your efficiency. If you are not getting the answer on the very first try, we suggest you move on. You can take that question at the end of the paper.



3. Be Positive and Confident


While going in the exam hall, be confident and think positive. Don’t panic as it can blank you out. Have faith in yourself and your hard work.



4. Don’t Make Random Guesses


Random guesses for any question will fetch negative marks and ultimately bring down your score. Try to attempt those questions first, which are easy to gain confidence.


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5. Read Questions Carefully


In a lot of stress students sometimes read questions wrongly and make mistakes. Therefore, be calm and read questions very carefully.



6. Give your 100 Percent Attempt


Try to give your 100% while attempting the paper. Because when you put your 100 percent efforts in your JEE Main Preparation, your chances of becoming successful increases. And, even if you are not able to crack the exam, you won’t feel disappointed by assuming that it would be better if you have practiced more.



7. Solve Questions in Cycles


Solve easy questions in the first round. In next round, solve the remaining questions. Don’t waste more than 5 minutes on any question. Solving questions in different cycles will make tough questions easier as you are trying different methods in each round.



8. Set Subject Order


After attempting easier questions, it is important to solve the questions according to your subject strengths. If you are comfortable with Chemistry then focus on that. After solving easier subjects, go to the toughest one because in halfway of the time you can struggle with questions. In the end, solve the subject in which you’re average.



9. Unsoiled Rough Work is a Must


People generally don’t understand the vital role of rough work. Avoid rough work in a haphazard way as this will make your task more complicated at the time of the revision. Leave enough space between rough work of each question and mark question number for each question in the rough work. This approach has multiple benefits.



10. Time Management is Important


Remember that JEE exam is not about high attempts but about the accuracy and speed. Time management is important when you go for different cycles to attempt questions. Keep solving questions in cycles until 35-40 minutes are left.


After that, check your answers and you can save around 10 minutes if you follow the advice related to rough work. After rechecking you can attempt the questions for which you feel confident that you can solve them in the remaining time. This will fetch you some extra marks and prove to be a big gain for you.



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We advised you to try all the above-stated strategies in your mock tests and see which is the most effective one for you. Subject selection may change for different candidate depending on their mastery over those subjects.


Finally, we conclude here by saying that JEE Mains is all about the relative performance. If the paper is tough for you then it will be tough for everyone else. Just don’t lose your heart if your attempts are less. It may be possible that you have high accuracy. Just believe in yourself and give your 100%.


Overthinking will lead you nowhere. It will only give you a lot of stress. No matter can be solved by going to the past and the future. Just let it be. Remember!! Mains 2020 Exam is not your last exam and all your future doesn’t depend on this single attempt. Just be relax and have faith in your hard work.


Eduncle always tries to make the preparation easier for the aspirants and give them regular updates regarding JEE Mains 2020 Date and other related information. This blog will help you in solving your queries regarding JEE Mains preparation.


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  • Jay

    Dear jee main candidates, Do not give jee mains in 2018 as it is going to be a tough one and average candidates wouldn't even hope for an nit in lower branch this is going to be only for topper in India. and from this year seat-shirts in colleges are reduced, so give jee in 2019 as seats will be increased and paper will also be easy. Best of luck now you have 1 year to revise everything properly.

  • Radhika

    Great post! I have been looking for some preparation tips for JEE exam and here i have found it very good article with great tips to get prepare for JEE. These last minute preparation tips will help many candidates to rock JEE exam. Thanks for sharing!


    Hello Radhika,   Greetings from Eduncle!   Thanks for the kind words and appreciation! We value your generous feedback. For more such updates, Kindly stay tuned with Eduncle.   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team


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