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Common Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam: (All Shifts)

Question Asked in SSC CGL Exam

SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level) is one of the popular examinations to be organized for graduates. Every year, lakhs of students apply for it to get a reputed government job in various fields.

If you are one of those who want to get selected for SSC CGL Examination, then you should know the best tricks to score high in the exam.

As per the previous years’ exam analysis, the staff selection commission asked similar types of questions in CGL Tier 1 exam. So, to get good marks in the exam, you must know the previous years' questions asked in different tiers. It will also give you an insight into the topic carrying maximum marks.

Here in this article, we are providing you the lists of SSC CGL Tier 1 questions for all shifts.

Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2022-22

Question of SSC CGL General Awareness

SSC CGL English Comprehension

SSC CGL Tier 1 2021 Quantitative Aptitude

Reasoning Ability Question of SSC CGL Exam

SSC CGL 2022 General Intelligence and Reasoning

Frequently Asked Question of SSC CGL Tier 1



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SSC CGL Tier 1 Questions Asked: (All Shifts)


We have mentioned a list of the questions asked in the SSC CGL 2021 Tier 1 exam for all the following subjects in different shifts.

General Awareness

English Comprehension

Quantitative Aptitude

Reasoning Ability

General Intelligence and Reasoning

Candidates appearing for the upcoming exam can prepare well with the help of all these Tier - 1 exam questions.



General Awareness


The chemical formula of sulphuric acid?

Amendment can be made by?

Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik Udan Yojna?

Who got the Highest Civilian Award?

Who invented the hot balloon?

Who can amend the constitution?

Who was the successor of Rajaraj?

Hampi is situated in which state?

Cold desert in Himalaya is?

Free fall of a body is an example of?

Which country shared the boundary of Sundarbans?

The relief provided after natural calamity comes under which list?

Theory of population was given by?

How many medals India got in RIO 2016 Olympics?

One question from friction?

One Qs on Books & authors

Who is the wife of Jahangir?

Which is the prestigious award?

Bharat Ratna 

Padma Bhushan 

Padma Vibhushan 

Param Vir Chakra

Who is the architect of Humayun’s tomb?

Which country will host World Cup Hockey 2018?

How many Lok Sabha seats from Uttarakhand?

Who invented both lightning rod and bifocal?

Doon Ghati is between lower Himalaya and...?

Book on APJ Abdul Kalam?

2014 FIFA final between?

One question related to river Ganga clean project.



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English Comprehension


Antonym: Defer

Spelling correction: Juxtapose

RC (Reading Comprehension): Monument (Library)

Reading Comprehension – Related to Scuba divers (oxygen cylinder)

Idiom – Stick to your guns, Learn by heart

Synonym – Redundancy

Antonym – Bifurcate

Cloze Test: Based on “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Scheme by Narendra Modi”.

Antonyms – Fecund, Juggernaut

Reading Comprehension – Based on “Oscar award movie La La Land”

One-word substitution – Sabotage, one who plays Judo

Idioms – Gain Hope in Turmoil, Bitter Bread

Synonym – Fissure, Vicinity

Antonym – Abeyance

Spelling Test – Illicit

Idioms: Bark up wrong tree Call it a day

Synonyms: Sultry

Antonyms: Stymie



Quantitative Aptitude


Data Interpretation :

Bar graph based on 4 companies & their sales

Line Graph based on company allotted visa to the number of persons.

Bar chart based on five companies with a number of employees working in it.

Pie chart based on 6 members in a company & their contribution

Bar Graph based on the average salary of employees working in different companies.

What is the value of sec30 + tan60=?

If a-b = 4, ab = 2, then a³ – b³ =?

1 Qs based on coordinate geometry. A point was given & you have to find out the reflection of it.

The surface area of a sphere was given. Do you have to find out the diameter?

A shopkeeper sells a shirt for Rs 500 & a pair of trousers for Rs 1000. He gives a discount of 20% on shirts & 50% on a pair of trousers. Find the total discount on 2 shirts & 3 pairs of trousers?

Find a+b if a3+b3=72& ab=8.

A can do a work in 15 days & B can do it in 30 days. In how many days half work will be done by both together?

The sum of four times a fraction and seven times its reciprocal is 16. Find the fraction?

Coordinate Geometry questions.



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99 : 101 :: 100 : ?

60 : 15 :: 100 :?

1, 1/125, 1/27, 1/64, ?, 1/216

A and B start from the same starting point. A move towards west till 3 km and then turns left and move 5 km. Finally, it takes right turn and moves 7 km. B moves south till 1 km and then takes right turn and moves 10 km. In which direction is B from A?

Find the right sequence of the word RISE (Matrix)?

Convert 1001001 binary into a decimal?

Find the next number in the series: 13, 27, 56, 115, ?

Find the missing element: -

Maths: formula :: chemistry : ?

49 : 169 :: 66 : ?

FK27, LM64, RW125, ?

9, 18, 72, 576, ?

40 : 100 :: 56 : ?

Odd one out:






the Number series is based on reverse alphabetical order, Dictionary Order.

Non-verbal ability based on Mirror Images, Paper Cuttings




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General Intelligence and Reasoning Ability


In this section, questions were asked from Matrix and Coding-Decoding. Here is the detail list of questions asked in General Intelligence and Reasoning Ability section of SSC CGL Tier 1 exam.

Que: Ravi walked 40 metres towards West, took a left turn and walked 30 metres. He then took a right turn and walked 20 metres, He again took a right turn and walked 30 metres. How far was he from the starting point?

Que: Find the missing number based on the relation between the first set –


6: 43:: 5: ?

42: 56:: ?: 132

68: 130:: 222 : ?

If 101: 10201: 107: ?

If 4x5%3 = 8000, 6x2%2 = 144, then 4x3%3 =??

If BAD = 7, then NAM =?


Que: Odd one out –

a) Shimla

b) Ooty

c) Darjeeling

d) Agra

Ans: (d) Agra


a) BGF

b) FDH

c) BAE

d) CDE

Ans. (d) CDE



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(a) 2197

(b) 3375

(c) 4099

(d) 2744

Ans. (c) 4099


(a) Pound (Sterling)

(b) Deutsche Mark

(c) Yen

(d) Franc

Ans. (c) Yen


(a) 27

(b) 125

(c) 216

(d) 343

Ans. (c) 216


Que: Complete the number series -

122, 197, 290, ?

Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, ?

C A E, F D H, I G K, ?

AY, CW, EU, ?


Que: Statements:

I. No table is fruit.

II. No fruit is in the window.

III. All windows are chairs.



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Que: Conclusions:

I. No window is table.

II. No chair is fruit.

III. No chair is table.

IV. All chairs are windows.

Ans: None follows.


Que: In the following series, how many ‘8’ are there which are not preceded by ‘7’ and followed by ‘9’ 7, 8, 9, 9, 8, 5, 4, 3, 8, 9, 5, 8, 9, 8, 7, 7, 8, 9

Ans: four


Que: Pointing to a boy, Pooja said, "He is the son of my paternal grandfather's only daughter." How is Pooja related to the boy?

Ans: Cousin


Que: How many triangles are given in this figure?


Ans: 15





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Here, we have shared all the SSC CGL Tier - 1 exam question that has been faced by the aspirants. We hope these questions will help you in the preparation of the upcoming exam.

You can ask for your doubts with us by placing them into the comment section given below. Stay updated with us to receive important SSC CGL updates.

Thank you




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