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SSC CGL vs. RRB NTPC – 8 Key Points to Help You Choose the Better One


SSC CGL vs. RRB NTPC – 8 Key Points to Help You Choose the Better One





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In our country, there are two major employers that provide an ample number of opportunities to the youths to set their careers in government undertakings. The two major employment providers are Staff Selection Commission (SSC) and Railway Recruitment Board (RRB).


Every year both the organizations announce thousands of vacant posts under various recruitment programmes by conducting all India competitive exams known as SSC CGL Exam and RRB NTPC Exam. These exams come under the top 10 Government recruitment exams.




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SSC CGL, conducted by Staff Selection Commission and RRB NTPC, conducted by Railway Recruitment Board provide respectable job opportunities for the candidates. Thus, here the confusion arises among the candidates to select any one of the exams between RRB NTPC and SSC CGL.




What is SSC CGL Exam?


The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level) Exam every year to recruit eligible candidates in various government ministries and organization for the posts like Income Tax Inspector, Examiner, Assistants etc.


Complete Details of SSC CGL Exam



What is RRB NTPC Exam?


Ministry of Railways conducts the RRB NTPC Exam to fill vacancies in the Non-Technical Popular Categories (NTPC) of job positions like Commercial Apprentice, Traffic Apprentice, Enquiry - Cum - Reservation Clerk, Goods Guard, Senior Clerk - Cum -Typist, Junior Accounts Assistant - Cum - Typist, Assistant Station Master, Traffic Assistant and Senior Time Keeper.


Complete Details of RRB NTPC Exam


To solve the problem of choosing the career we are here discussing all the important phases of these exams and organizations. Please read them and analyze your priority.



#1 SSC CGL vs RRB NTPC - Job Profile


The very first and important basis for comparing any job is the job profile. This will help you to know the posts at which you will be designated.

Let’s begin with, comparing the job profile of SSC CGL and RRB NTPC: -



Group B

1. Assistant (For Ministries/department/ organizations, CBC, IB)Assistant Section Officer (In office of Central Secretariat Service)

2. Inspector (For CBDT, CBEC, CBI etc.)

3. SI in CBI, NIA

4. Assistant Enforcement Officer

5. Divisional Accountant (For Offices under CAG)

6. Statistical Investigator7. Assistant Audit Officer (CAG)

Group C

1. Auditor: Offices under C&AG, CGDA, CGA and others

2. Accountant / Junior Accountant: Central Govt. Offices and Ministries, Offices under CAG, CGA and others

3. Tax Assistant: CBDT, CBEC

4. Compiler: Registrar General of India 

5. Sub Inspector: Central Bureau of Narcotic

1. Enquiry-Cum- Reservation-Clerk (ECRC)Goods GuardCommercial Apprentice (CA)

2. Traffic Apprentice (TA)

3. Junior Accounts Assistant-Cum-Typist (JAA)

4. Assistant Station Master (ASM)

5. Traffic Assistant and Senior Timekeeper

6. Senior Clerk-Cum-Typist



SSC CGL 2018 Notifications | Exam Date, Calendar & Posts



#2 SSC CGL vs RRB NTPC - Job Description/Work Conditions


On the basis of the posts/designation, candidates are assigned various types of work or task. The type of work and working conditions of SSC CGL and RRB NTPC are explained below: -



1. Notes and filing work.

2. Clerical work.

3. Answer RTI Queries.

4. Administration work.

5. Field Jobs.

6. Carry out raids, Inspections, surveillance etc.

7. Public Dealing.

1. Operate the signals.

2. Maintain the accounts of the railway.

3. Work as Guards and Goods Guards.

4. Perform any work specified by the department.

5. No public interactions.



#3 SSC CGL vs RRB NTPC - Transfers


In both the jobs, the policy of relocation is different for all posts. The transfers will be based on the promotions. See the details below: -



1. Employees are relocated in every 4-5 years.

2. In CSS Job you will always be posted in Delhi.

1. Employees are relocated in every 4-5 years.

2. Can be posted in villages.



#4 SSC CGL vs RRB NTPC - Salary Structure/Pay Scale


For every aspirant, the amount of salary is the important factor in determining the career. To help you in figuring out the differences in pay scales of SSC CGL and RRB NTPC, we are giving you a detailed analysis below: -



Group B:

Pay Scale - 9,300 - 34,800/- (Pay band 2)

Grade Pay - Rs. 5400, Rs. 4800, Rs. 4600 and Rs. 4200

Group C:

Pay Scale - 5,200 – 20,200/- (Pay Band 1)

Grade Pay - Rs. 2800, Rs. 2400, Rs. 2000, Rs.1900 and Rs. 1800

Commercial Apprentice/ Traffic Apprentice:

Pay Scale - 9,300 - 34,800/-

Grade Pay - Rs. 4,200/-

Enquiry-Cum-Reservation Clerk/ Goods Guard/ Junior Accounts Assistant-cum-Typist/ Senior Clerk-Cum-Typist/ Assistant Station Master/ Traffic Assistant/ Time Keeper:

Pay Scale - Rs. 5,200 – 20,200/-

Grade Pay - Rs. 2,800/-



Know about the following:


1. SSC CGL English

 2. SSC CGL Maths
3. SSC CGL Reasoning  4. SSC CGL General Awareness



#5 SSC CGL vs RRB NTPC - Benefits and Perks


In both the jobs the perks and benefits are fine and enjoyable. The details of the allowances are explained as below: -



1. Contribution Pension Scheme/New Pension Scheme

2. Transport Allowance

3. Dearness Allowance

4. LTC

5. House Rent Allowance

6. Home Travel Concession/ Leave Fare Concession

7. Mediclaim

1. Dearness Allowance

2. House Rent Allowance

3. Transport Allowance

4. LTC

5. Cash Medical Benefit

6. Group Mediclaim

7. Pension Scheme



#6 SSC CGL vs RRB NTPC - Growth Prospects


For every candidate, growth in his/her field is very important. Before choosing a career, you should satisfy yourself by knowing the future growth options in the posts. Promotion in every 4-5 years but promotions in RRB are very difficult.


Below you will get to know the chances of promotion in both SSC CGL and RRB NTPC jobs: -


SSC CGL vs RRB NTPC - Growth Prospects



#7 SSC CGL vs RRB NTPC - Post Preference


Post Preference is very important in order to understand your interested field. You will be able to consider you preferred job profile. Below we are providing list related to the posts preferences of both SSC CGL and RRB NTPC.



SSC CGL Post Preferences


At the time of filling the post preference order in SSC CGL application form, you have to fill and mark preference among 30 SSC CGL posts. Get the complete details and understand the concept of SSC CGL Posts with the help of the following article:

SSC CGL Post Preferences, Salary, Job Profile, Promotion



RRB NTPC Post Preference


At the time of applying for RRB NTPC exam, you have to mark preference among RRB NTPC posts. Below we are listing all the posts as the preference order that should be followed by you.


Post For Male Candidates For Female Candidates
Commercial Apprentice (CA) 1 1
Traffic Apprentice (TA) 2 5
Assistant Station Master (ASM) 3 6
Goods Guard 4 9
Enquiry-Cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC) 5 2
Junior Accounts Assistant/ Typist (JAA) 6 4
Senior Clerk cum Typist 7 3
Traffic Assistant 8 7
Senior Time Keeper 9 8



#8 SSC CGL vs RRB NTPC - Syllabus & Exam Pattern


When you prepare for an exam, the exam pattern plays a very important role. So here we have the exam pattern and syllabus for both the exams.



1. Includes four tiers:

(a) Tier 1 - Objective Multiple Choice Type

(b) Tier 2 - Objective Multiple Choice Type

(c) Tier 3 - Descriptive Paper

(d) Tier 4 - CPT/Skill Test

2. The total number of question asked in tier 1 exam is 100.

3. Maximum marks are 200.

1. Includes two tiers:

(a) 1st stage CBT (Prelims)

(b) 2nd Stage CBT (Mains)

2. The total number of question asked in Tier 1 exam is 100.

3. Maximum marks are 100.

SSC CGL Syllabus 2018 SSC CGL Exam Pattern 2018
RRB NTPC Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2018



Download RRB Previous Papers PDF with Solutions and Railway Exam Preparation Notes!



Now, we have discussed all the major elements that could decide the significance of your career in SSC CGL or RRB NTPC.


As per the evaluation made above, we can draw a conclusion that both the exams have their pros and cons. SSC CGL can be seen more delighting and shows more future prospectus as the promotions are good and easy. On the other hand, RRB NTPB jobs are free of pressure.


So, depending on your need, you can select any of them by analyzing the above-explained points.



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