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9 Tips to Solve Reasoning Questions in IBPS Bank Exams

IBPS Exams Reasoning Tips


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Here in this blog, Eduncle has come up with the complete Reasoning Guide to help you in bagging the top scores in the IBPS Exams.

So, let’s begin with the knowledge gaining ride of Reasoning Section of-

 IBPS PO Recruitment Exam

 IBPS SO Recruitment Exam

IBPS Clerk Recruitment Exam

 IBPS RRB Recruitment Exam.



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IBPS Reasoning - Resources to Collect before Starting Up Your Preparation!





Before kicking start your preparation, it is very important to know about the related things or resources which you’ll require to prepare well for the exam.

Below, we have listed all the resources that you may come in need of during your IBPS Exam Preparation for PO, Clerk, SO and RRB.

Get the complete IBPS PO Syllabus for Reasoning and have an idea about the topics which you need to cover for the exam.


Check out the IBPS Exam Syllabus for PO, Clerk, SO and RRB

IBPS PO Syllabus

IBPS Clerk Syllabus

IBPS RRB Syllabus


You can also search out for Online Learning Packages and Video lectures for smart study techniques.


Prefer the Best Books and Study Material for Reasoning that covers each and every single topic.


Get the helpful Preparation Books for PO, Clerk and SO:

IBPS PO Preparation Books

IBPS Clerk Preparation Books

IBPS SO Preparation Books


Take Online Mock Tests or Join Test Series for self-assessment before 1 month of the exam.


Download IBPS PO Reasoning Previous Years Question Papers to get an idea about questions format and difficulty level.


Click to Download IBPS Previous Years Question Papers:

IBPS PO Previous Years Question Papers

IBPS Clerk Previous Years Question Papers

IBPS SO Previous Years Question Papers

IBPS RRB Previous Years Question Papers


So, these are the resources which can help you in getting the reputable score in the exam.

Now, when you have gathered all the required study stuff, you can list up all the important topics for Reasoning.



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What are the Most Important Topics in IBPS PO Reasoning?


Qualifying Reasoning Section in IBPS is not that easy, you need to be perfect in the terms of logical thinking, mental ability, time management and accuracy.

Means, if you’re solving any Reasoning question then you need to be a quick logical thinker who can answer the questions in minimal time by maintaining the accuracy as well.

Eduncle experts have suggested some important Reasoning Topics on the basis of their occurrence frequency in previous years’ papers. Please check below-

The important topics for Reasoning are –


Important Topics

Expected Questions (On the basis of Previous Papers)

Puzzle (floor puzzle, north-south puzzle, etc.)

5 Questions


5 Questions

Input/output, Assertion and reasoning

5 Questions


5 Questions

Seating Arrangement

5 Questions

Coding Decoding

3-4 Questions

Linear Arrangement

4 Questions

Data Sufficiency

4 Questions

Order and Ranking

2-3 Questions

Logical Reasoning(Derived conclusion from passages, Courses of Action and Statement & Assumption)

10-15 Questions

Blood Relations

2-3 Questions


You can take each topic one by one but don’t depend on these only. If you really wish to crack IBPS Recruitment Exams, then you need to cover every single topic from the syllabus.

What you can do is to focus more on the above-mentioned topics. That’s it!



Download IBPS Previous Years Question Papers.



9 Tips to Solve Reasoning Questions in IBPS Exams - Must Read!




Aspirants! In order to notch up the IBPS Score Card, you all need to obtain the marks more than the cut off marks in each section.


Check out the Cut Off Marks for IBPS PO, Clerk, SO and RRB here:

IBPS PO Result and Cut Off Marks Procedure

IBPS Clerk Result and Cut Off Marks Procedure

IBPS SO Result and Cut Off Marks Procedure

IBPS RRB Result and Cut Off Marks Procedure


The Reasoning section is one of the toughest sections which require great concentration and critical thinking abilities to score more.

Below are some sure shot tips that may help you in achieving the reputable scores in IBPS Exams.

There are two types of Reasoning Questions – Less Time Taking Questions and Long Questions!

In order to solve maximum questions in minimal time limit, you must solve less time taking questions at first because no matter they are short or long, they’ll benefit you with equal marks if answered correctly.

Less Time Taking Questions can be come from - Syllogisms, Blood Relations, Inequalities, Directions, Data Sufficiency Questions of Reasoning, Rows and Verbal Logical Deductions. (These questions can be solved within seconds)

Long Time Taking Topics - Seating Arrangements, the Puzzles, Machine Input/Output. (These questions will take at least 1 minute to be solved)

# The benefit of solving short time taking questions is that you can cover at most 90% of questions within the allotted time duration.

Amongst the less time taking questions you should take your strongest topics at first. It can be Syllogism or Blood Relations or any topics which you are comfortable answering first

Always use smart and appropriate techniques while solving the questions. Reasoning is all about assessing your logical and mental ability so the questions should be solved logically rather than using any formulas.

Questions are tricky, so read them twice and then start applying the methods. Also take care of the negative words which use prefixes like non-, un-. They can confuse you.

Your concept and fundamentals should be very well cleared about each and every topic of Reasoning.

You should be well aware of the Directions – North, South, East and West.

Try to solve questions by creating their diagrams, graphs, histograms or tables.

Keep your concentration high while solving these questions.



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Prepare well for Reasoning with the Experts Guidance!


Eduncle experts have come up with the Reasoning Video Lectures through which you can gain knowledge and learn problem-solving techniques for free!

For topic wise approach, you can watch these videos.

Please visit here:





Tip: If you stuck anywhere, leave that question and take the next one so that you can consume your time! For more time management techniques to solve Reasoning questions, you can please have a look below!



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Time Management in Reasoning Section – Vital Key to Score More!





Eduncle has come up with the perfect time management plan for daily preparation. We’ll also tell you how to manage time during the exam.

Below we are sharing the plan which you can follow while studying for the exam.



Download Free IBPS Study Plan & Boost your Learning



Daily Time Scheduling while doing IBPS Exam Preparation


All the aspirants who are willing to crack the exam are advised to study hard and manage some time for practicing Reasoning on daily basis.

Give at least 3 hours daily to Reasoning Practices.

And also save 15-30 minutes for Daily Revision.

Take each topic one by one and you can complete 2 topics in maximum 3 days so manage your time accordingly.

Also take mock test papers and solve previous years’ question papers so manage your time for these activities also.



How to attempt Reasoning Questions on Time during Exams?


In Prelims:

If you have good command on Reasoning, then you can try to solve at least 25 questions.

In Prelims, you get only 1 hour to solve all the 3 sections. So, you can give 10-12 minutes to English and 20-25 Minutes to Reasoning and QA Sections.

Now, you will have to solve 25 questions within 20-25 minutes.

The Reasoning Section can be taken after solving English Section but don’t take it at first.

Instead of solving long questions such as Puzzles or Seating Arrangement, you can take short questions first and solve them as maximum as possible.

(You can start with the syllogism, coding-decoding or blood relations questions as these are easier and also take less time to be solved)



In Mains:

You get 40 minutes to solve 50 questions. But instead of thinking to solve all the 50 questions, you can end up by solving 40 questions also. (1 minute per question)

You can take the Reasoning Section at 3rd or 4th Position after English, GK or Computer Knowledge part.

Reasoning questions are tricky to solve, so try to go with the less time taking questions only.

Also keep the negative marking in mind.



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Eduncle always aims to provide the relevant and helpful information to all the aspirants. We hope the above content will also help you in approaching the Reasoning Section quite wisely in the exam.

We welcome you to the comment section to share out your valuable suggestions with us!

If you find the above knowledge guide helpful, then please share it with your friends too.


Happy Preparing Candidates!


Good Luck!



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