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CBSE 10th & 12th Board Common Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

CBSE Board Exam Mistakes


Board Exams are considered as one of the most important phases in every student’s career. You can’t afford to make even a single mistake in the Board Exams as these exams decide one's future.

Despite knowing the importance of the CBSE Board Exams, examiners have found that, students make various silly mistakes in answer sheets which can be avoided if students are careful and attentive.

In this blog you will find most common mistakes that students make in their CBSE board exams and don’t even have the idea of it. Read this entire blog, if you wish to avoid such mistakes.



Top 12 CBSE Board Exam Common Mistakes (Class 10th &12th)



Every students is prone to make some silly mistakes in their 10th and 12th Board exams. So it important to have the idea of mistakes that you can possibly commit. Here are the 12 most common silly mistakes listed by Examiers.


Use of 15 Mins for Reading


The most common mistake that students repeat in every exam is not using the 15 mins time duration given by CBSE 10th board and CBSE class 12th Board to read & make strategy to attempt the paper. Some students simply read the paper, and some get stressed out, hence they fail to make the effective use of this time. They usually end up choosing the wrong sequence or the wrong question to attempt in the paper.

This 15 mins play a very crucial role for attempting a paper.


Understanding the Question & Planning the Answer


Getting nervous in exam is very common but not food. It sometimes reduces the thinking ability of student. And as result, while reading the question student might misunderstand the question and start writing the answer without knowing what is asked & miss the actual fact or concept.

After realizing the mistake, they try to correct the answer by cutting the written points. And eventually wasting the precious time and messing their answer sheet.

To get good marks, it is always recommended to have a good presentation of answer sheet. A neat & clean answer sheet helps evaluator to understand the written answer properly & hence the proper marking.


Answering in paragraph form


Usually when students start writing the answers without proper planning, they end up writing paragraphs. Students should avoid that.

The best way to answer a question is using bullets point.

Students should always underline & highlight the important terms used, thereby facilitating the examiner to evaluate in a better manner and fairly.

Use flow charts and diagrams to explain the long answers.

This also helps in better presentation of the answer. And having a good handwriting works as icing on the top, as messy handwriting makes it difficult for examiner to understand the answer & ultimately giving you lesser marks.


Time management


This is the most important factor that a student should consider while attempting the board exam. This is the most crucial thing for acing an exam like CBSE class 10th board and CBSE 12th Board. Usually they fail to manage time while answering the question. Reasons can be stress, nervousness or not knowing what and how much to write (forget the word limit as per the marking of the question).

Students start writing the paper without proper planning and end up writing too much, leading to wastage of time and eventually end up leaving the questions attempted.


To the point answer using the correct word limit


Another silly mistake made by students is not writing the answer as per the word limit.

There are 2 types of students:

One who on encountering a question, they have the good knowledge about, usually end up writing way too much and hence giving it more time than required. One should write to the point answer, there is no point over explaining it. Examiners look for the meaningful points related to that question.

Two who on encountering a question they les idea about & find it difficult to answer, keep on making the speculations and guesses to find the right answer and as a result ending spending a large amount of time due to which they are left with very less time for answer they know.

So here a suggestion, keep the word limit in mind and do not waste too much time on single question. In case you don’t know the answer, move to the next question and once you are done with all the questions come back and try to answer it.


Copying incorrect data


In the hurry to attempt the paper, many students copy the wrong data given in the question due to which all their answers and calculations get wrong. It is important to stay carefully while copying those data. This might take a little more time but will save you the time of recalculation or re-answering the question and will also save you from loosing the marks for the question you know.


Handing over the sheet to examiner without checking


This is very common amongst the students. Some students keep on writing till the last bell hence no time to recheck the answer sheet.

And some student handover their answer sheets to the examiner without even checking as soon as the bell rings. And as a result, they miss to re-check their details like roll number & other information.

They also lose the opportunity to correct any spelling or grammatical error they have made in the paper and save their marks from being deducted.

Make sure that you always check the answer sheet before handing over.


Leaving the easy questions for last hour


Many students use the strategy where they opt the difficult questions first and later the easy ones, which is not the effective way in every scenario. The best way to attempt a paper is the answer the question you think are easy and you know the proper answer to them. This will ensure the chances of scoring good marks.

Why answering the difficult question first is not the good idea?

Because there are quite good chances that you might end up spending too much time in thinking and processing and eventually left with no time or less time for the easy ones.


Miss to write proper units & formulae in answers


One of the most common and silly mistakes maximum students make in an exam is they often miss writing the units in answers. In some question students are asked to write the answer in converted unit which they usually miss. Marks are deducted for every unit if missed and will lead to a loss of good amount of marks.

In exams like CBSE Mathematics, CBSE Physics, CBSE Commerce etc, students forget to write the formula and directly put the value in it, or they write the wrong formula. In marking division, marks are distributed for every step and not writing the formulas and units will lose you the marks.


Pictorial/diagrammatic illustrations


Some questions directly and indirectly demand for pictorial or diagrammatic representation in the answers specially in CBSE Science exam. Lack of them will cause heavy loss of marks.

Along with that, it is important to neatly and correctly label them. Every labelling has certain marking assigned to it.


Question with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ & Forgetting to cite the examples


Many students leave these questions by writing simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ without giving reason for it. In such question marks are distribute for explanation too.

Also, it is important to write examples in every question possible. These examples ensure that you do not loose any unwanted marks. And sometimes these examples might get you earn some marks as well.


Correct question number for the answer


This the most common and silly mistakes which almost every student makes while answering the questions. There are multiple reasons for this like rushing to answer the question, panic/nervousness, answering certain questions first (not following the same sequence), etc.

Marking the wrong question number will make you lose all the marks assigned to the question even if the answer was right. The examiner will check your answers as per the number you have written.



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So, these were the some of the common CBSE Board Exam mistakes that can result in the deduction of marks. Please ensure not to make these mistakes in your paper to get the maximum marks.

Share this useful article with your friends so that they can also avoid making these mistakes in their paper.

If you have any queries/doubts regarding this article, then you can mention them in the comments’ section below.



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