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CBSE Board Exams 2019 – Examiners List of Top Silly Mistakes to Avoid


CBSE Board Exams 2019- List of Silly Mistakes to Avoid in All Subjects

Be it any state board, the Board Exams are considered one of the most important phases in every student’s career. You can’t afford to make even a single mistake in the Board Exams as these exams decide one's future.

Despite knowing the importance of the CBSE Board Exams, examiners found that students have made many mistakes in their answer sheets. These are silly errors that can be avoided if students take care of it properly.

So, if you want to avoid such mistakes, then you should read this blog till the end. We have come up with all the CBSE Subject-wise Common mistakes that must be avoided to score well in your board exams.


CBSE Physics Board Exam- A Few Common Mistakes To Avoid!


Physics is one of the most scoring CBSE Science subject in Board Exams. So, students need to answer all the questions very carefully. Any silly mistake will result in losing the marks.

Here we have made a list of all the common mistakes which students make while writing their CBSE Physics Board Exam:

Students often make a mistake of writing lengthy answers which are not even needed. The length of the answers should be according to the marks provided for the question. For a 1 mark question, the answer should not be of more than 20 words. For two marks question, you can write it in half a page. For four marks question, a page will be enough.

Formulae are the backbone of Physics. So, it’s important that you write the correct formula. The most common formula that CBSE Class 12th students often forget is:

Finding Capacitance in Series

The formula is: 1/c= 1/c1 + 1/c2

Students write: c= 1/c1 + 1/c2

Students should label the diagrams carefully and neatly, preferably with a pencil. Many students often make a mistake of not labeling the diagram properly which results in losing their marks. So, all students must take care of it.

While answering the value-based questions, students should write their answers in 3-4 sentences, not in a single sentence. As this will increase the chances of getting full marks.

In CBSE Physics Board Exam, there are many questions which have several parts. Each part is provided with some marks. So, don’t miss out any part as you will lose some marks.

For “Yes” or “No” type questions, students should also mention the reason behind writing “Yes” or “No” as this will help them get full marks for that answer.


CBSE Chemistry Board Exam- Avoid These Silly Mistakes!


Board Examiners have been continuously finding out the common mistakes in the student’s answer sheets. Due to these mistakes, students kept losing their marks.

So, it’s necessary for all the students to avoid these kinds of mistakes. Below, we have listed out the common mistakes that students make in CBSE Chemistry Board Exam:

Students make a mistake of not writing the independent and dependent variables while plotting a graph. Both the variables must be written along with the graph.

Answer the reason based questions in two points. First point should be the cause and second point should be the consequence. Many students write only one point. This is not that major mistake but still, you can lose your marks.

All the laws should be written as they are stated. Don’t reframe the statement or don’t write only the mathematical expression. Marks are given to the statement of law only.

IUPAC Nomenclature: Students must write the suffix clearly.

While attempting the questions based on the equation/name reaction, students need to answer according to the question. Students must check whether the name or structure/formula is asked in the question.

If in a question the structure/geometry of a molecule is asked, then students should only write it not draw it. When asked to draw the structure of a molecule, students should only draw it.


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Common Mistakes To Avoid in the CBSE Biology Board Exam!


Enlisted below are the mistakes that must be avoided while attempting the CBSE Biology Board Exam:

Students should write the answers in points, not in the paragraph form.

Students must draw the diagrams whenever possible as the CBSE gives more importance to the diagrams. The use of diagrams is a must in this subject. Diagrams should be labeled correctly and clearly with a pencil. Labels should be on the right side of the diagram.

Don’t jump from one section to another without completing the previous section. This can lead to the deduction of marks.

Don’t stick on one question. If you don’t know the answer, just leave it. This will save your time for the questions you know the answer for. This will also help you conserve time for the revision.


List of Silly Mistakes To Avoid in the CBSE Mathematics Board Exam!


Mathematics is the most scoring subject where the students make most mistakes. So, students need to focus more on this subject and try to avoid the silly mistakes.

Here, we have listed out the common mistakes that students make while answering the CBSE Mathematics Board Exam:

While solving any question students must break it down in smaller steps. Don’t try to complete it in a single step. This will make the solution look a bit confusing and students might lose marks for it.

Students must be careful with the minus signs. This is the most common mistake examiners find in the answer sheets.

Matrix related Question: For row transformation, change only the row and for column transformation, change only the column.

While solving Linear Programming problems, students must shade the feasible region properly. Always draw the kink line if the region is unbounded.

For Vector Algebra and 3D-Geometry questions, students should always give the vector sign.

Be careful while attempting differentiation questions. Many students forget to write this as mentioned in the below image:

Mathematics Silly Mistake


Avoid These Silly Mistakes in CBSE English Board Exam!


English is the simplest and most important subject in the CBSE Board Exams. Here are all the common mistakes that students make in their CBSE English Board Exam:

In Note Making, do not write too many abbreviations as this is just a waste of time. In these types of questions, four abbreviations will give you one mark.

Do not write your own address or any other details in the letter writing.

In the letter-writing, dates must be mentioned correctly as given in the question.

Don’t forget to mention the headings in the report or article writing.

While attempting questions like letters and articles, students should write them in paragraphs.

Answer as per the given word limit. Do not exceed it. Writing long answers will not give you more marks, so make sure you answer according to the word limit.

So, these were the common mistakes for all the major subjects of CBSE Board Exams that can result in the deduction of marks. Students are requested not to make these silly mistakes if they want to score well in their board exams.

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