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10 Simple Habits To Boost Your Memory & Brain Power

10 Simple Habits To Boost Your Memory & Brain Power



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In today's fast-paced world, everybody is busy in their work without taking rest to become successful. We are performing multiple tasks at the same time to avoid the wastage of time.


Among all these tasks you don’t even understand that your health is facing harmful results. One of the bad effects is that it weakens your memory power.




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Did you know what your Memory is all about? Read Below…



If we talk about memory and its importance for human beings, we can look for the facts described by the doctors that Human brain is the most difficult and multifaceted structure. According to them: -



  Among all the vertebrates, the brain Did you knew what your Memory is all about Read Belowis the most important part.


  It weighs about 1.5 kg and consists of 80% water, 10-12% fatty lipids and 8% protein.


  It’s the center of our nervous system. It allows them to accumulate all the data and information, send them to all body parts to follow the instruction and also store them as Memory for the future implementation.


  The human brain is just 2% of the whole body weight.


  It uses 20-25% of the body’s nutrition, glucose, and oxygen as supplements, which are supplied with the help of continuous blood flow.




Is it unusual to forget things?



The fact is that human brains and memory grow till adulthood and then it slowly declines and results in lapse of memory.


It is quite common and natural if memory declines after you cross the period of adulthood and you are not able to remember common things as you grow old, but if it happens to you in your teenage then there must be some deficiency or any serious problem which has to be taken care.




What are the reasons for Memory lapses/weakening?



  The most important reason of poor memory power is that you are not organized in the tasks which you perform in your daily life. You are not following a systematic lifestyle or schedule of your works. It leads you to become confused and later prone to forget things.


  Habit of taking too much medicine What are the reasons for Memory lapses weakeninglike sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medications, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and painkillers can result in memory lapses.


  Depression is one of the main reasons which can leave a negative effect on your memory. It can cause problems like lack of attention, concentration etc.


  Stressful lifestyle can also be a reason for poor memory.


  Sometimes anger could be a reason for the lack of memory. Anger leads you to get irritated and so become confused.


   If you ignore your emotional side of nature, this will also lead to memory loss. To being normal you have to give importance to your emotions.


  One of the main reasons is getting addicted to drugs and alcohol. It’s a fact that the drug “marijuana” results in weakening your memory power by affecting the hippocampus, an area which is responsible for memory formation.




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How can we increase/boost our memory power?



You find it normal to forget your important things at home, names of known ones, or things we did last week, etc. But if it happens frequently then you need to think about it and to do some cures to improve your memory power. Following are the 10 most important solutions which should be involved in your daily routine to boost up your memory power:-



1. Eating habits


You could solve the problems related to weak memory by following healthy eating habits. You can change or add some items to daily food which could help you to improve your memory.


Our brain needs glucose constantly which can be received by grains, green leafy vegetables, and colorful fruits. If the glucose level declines, you start getting confused. So add all these items in your daily food.


Drink at least 8 glasses of Eating habitswater, as dehydration can result in memory lapse.


Eat ample of citrus fruits because they have vitamin C which is very useful in recovering the problem of memory lapse.


Nuts and seeds can also be a great supplement for the problem. Almonds have amazing results in increasing memory.


All green vegetables, especially broccoli and spinach should be added to your diet.


Drink more milk as it will result in better concentration power, learning ability, retain memories, etc. So make it habit to drink milk at least one time a day.


Have tea at least one time a day. Tea has a little amount of caffeine, which enhances memory power. Make sure you are using tea leaves not powdered tea because powdered tea is not that much effective.


All colorful/seasonal fruits should be there with your daily food.


You should have whole grains in your food.


Eat dark chocolates.




2. Get organized


It is more Get organizedapparent that you forget things when you don’t have a synchronized or planned schedule for your daily tasks. So start getting organized.


Firstly, make a timetable which you have to follow daily. Write down the tasks which you have to perform so that it will be in your mind.


Writing down information can help you memorize them easily and also increase your memory level.


Therefore make a plan for your daily activities, as to keep your mind in a perfectly organized state, planning is important.




3. Get proper night’s sleep


A good night’s sleep plays an important role consolidate all the Get-proper-night’s-sleepmemories. You need at least 7-8 hours’ sleep daily. Your brain thinks well when you are rested. A relaxed brain can focus more and store information which can be used in future.


A proper night’s sleep can help you at work or study time. You won’t feel sleepy at day time, which help you get rid of confusions.


Scientists say that when you sleep, your memories and information shift to the permanent side of the brain.


While sleeping you can create new ideas, as knowledge and information from different experiences come at the time of sleeping. So follow the rule of taking a good sleep at night.




4. Master some good skills


Studies say that if your mind is engaged in some skills in which Master some good skillsyou have mastered or we can say that if you have a good hobby then you should use your spare time in practicing that hobby.


For example, you can learn new languages, playing music instruments, learning new words, etc.


This can help you to maintain the energy of your brain at a good level. This could reduce the chances of Dementia.


And thus avoids the risk of memory lapses.




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5. Learn before sleeping


The best way to store a memory is to experience or undergo the Learn before sleepinginformation or data before you go to bed.


The reason is that at that time you don’t have any other new memory to distract you and you will be remembering the data, next day when you wake up.


Studies also confirm that sleeping directly after learning something new is beneficial for memory.


It would be a good thing to retain any information you need to remember just prior to going to bed. In some sense, you may be 'telling' the sleeping brain what to consolidate."




6. Exercise more


As stated above, your brain needs constant glucose, which Exercise morecould be possible only when there is a good flow of blood. It will be possible when you do exercise regularly.


You can choose any workout like swimming, dancing, stretching, running, cycling, etc. These exercises should be done at least for 30 minutes a day.


While exercising nerve cells multiplies and proteins are released which helps with a constant and healthy flow of blood. As a result, brain gets required fuel on time which makes it work efficiently.


If you are not able to give proper time for exercise, at least walk regularly for 10 minutes. It will be enough for your brain to stay healthy.




7. Stay mentally active/ Play brain games


To stay mentally fit you should play some games that get your Stay mentally active Play brain gamesbrain engaged. It can be treated as a mental exercise which could help boost your memory and your brain will remain in good shape and mental state.


Try to involve your mind in solving different kinds of puzzles. It will keep your mind busy and active.


Pay attention to your surroundings to generate curiosity in your nature. It will help your mind to stay active always. Therefore, low chances of lacking a mental ability and memory lapses.




8. Meditation


According to studies, it is proved that the brain and its memory Meditationpower start to decline in your twenties and then it continuously declines.


It is advised that to slow the process of declining you should make meditation a part of your life.


The meditation releases positive energies which are necessary to improve your learning skills, memory power and improves mental health.


Therefore in order to set your mind in a peaceful state, you should make meditation a daily habit.




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9. Avoid multitasking


You should avoid multitasking for the healthy working of your Avoid multitaskingbrain. As you are busy with your work schedule and this lead you to do a lot of work at the same time.


But this results in making you prone to making errors, getting confused between them, and thus you develop forgetfulness.


In case you have lots of tasks to complete, then don’t perform all of them at the same time, instead, perform them one by one. This will improve mindfulness in you and reduce imperfection.


So avoid distraction and pay attention on single a task with you.




10. Balance your stress


Stress is the most dangerous reason for you to damage the capacity of your brain to store and retrieve data and information. It can be considered as the worst enemy of human. It destroys the brain cells which cannot lead you to permanent memory loss.


To set a healthy environment Balance your stressfor your mind you need to avoid stress from your mind. Live in the real world, expect less and give your best in every task you do. Taking breaks between different tasks is very important to have a stress-free life.


Maintain some leisure time apart from working. This will help you relax. Speak up whatever comes in your mind rather that keeping them in your mind, thinking over and over again.


Laugh loudly whenever you want to, as laughing is also an exercise to remove stress. Make friends socialize with them. Share your moments which could bring laughter. Laugh at yourself. Spent your most of the time with funny and interesting people. Avoid people who give you negative thoughts. And listen to jokes, share them, laugh with them to have a stress-free lifestyle.




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These were some simple activities and methods which you can follow in your daily lives to keep your mind healthy and relaxed.


So if you're serious about improving your memory, go and start including these activities in your daily habits.  



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