Courses & Scholarships offered by TIFR

coursesCourses Duration

Ph.D. Program: 5 Years
Integrated Ph.D. Program: 6 Years
M.Sc. Program: 3 Years


For Ph.D. and I-Ph.D. programmes, the academic year starts from August 1, every year.  The academic year for M.Sc. programme begins from July 1, every year.



Ph.D.Students receive a monthly scholarship of Rs 16,000/- (enhanced to Rs 18,000/- after registration) and an annual contingency grant of Rs 20,000/-, in addition to a tuition grant covering the annual fees.  The annual fee is Rs 4000/-.

I-Ph.D. (Mathematics/Physics/Biology)Students receive a monthly scholarship of Rs 16,000/- (enhanced to Rs 18,000/- from third year onwards, subject to passing the Comprehensive Exam/registration), in addition to a tuition grant covering the annual fees.

M.Sc. (Biology)Students receive a monthly scholarship of Rs 12,000/- and the annual fee is Rs 2000/-.

Note: Accommodation will be provided to Ph.D. and I-Ph.D. students only, at a nominal cost.  


Courses Offered:

Mathematics (Ph.D. and Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. Programs)
Physics (Ph.D. and Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. Programs)
  • Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Department of Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science
  • Department of High Energy Physics
  • Department of Nuclear & Atomic Physics
  • Department of Theoretical Physics
    All above at TIFR, Mumbai Campus –


  • TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences (TCIS), Hyderabad – ( : Theoretical and experimental activities in physical, chemical, biological and engineering sciences within and across disciplines.
  • International Centre for Theoretical Sciences ( Activities in all theoretical sciences.
Chemistry (Ph.D. Program)
Biology (Ph.D., Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. and M.Sc.)
Computer & Systems Sciences (including Communications and Applied Probability) - Ph.D. program

School of Technology & Computer Science (STCS), TIFR, Mumbai –

Science Education (Ph.D. Program)

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE), Mumbai.  For admission procedure, see



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