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NationalNational Current Affairs | Access the Latest Happenings across India



1. Solar Lightning system is being sanctioned by NABARD in Arunachal Pradesh


The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has sanctioned the LED solar street Lighting system for Arunachal Pradesh.


 The Project is estimated to be fund of around INR 87.83 lakh for the four districts of the state Tirap, Longding, Namsai and Tawang.


 The Chairman of NABARD Harsh Kumar Bhanwala was present in the inauguration along with the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Pema Khandu.




2. Artificial Intelligence System to be used by the Railways for Manipur Tunnel


The Railway Systems is to be engaged with Artificial Intelligence System for first time for controlling the air circulation, signages and even supervision and the maintenance work in the Railway Tunnel of Imphal.


 This technique is being already used by National transporter to detect flaws or problems in the signaling system, this is the first time that such technology will be used in the tunnel in India.


 The system would help to control the air circulation in the system.


 The technique is very helpful in alerting the passengers in case of fire accidents and other hazards for quick response.




3. India’s first Advisory Center to be setup in IIT Kanpur


IIT Kanpur has setup the India’s first Advisory Center for Energy Regulation (CER).


 The step has been taken by the assistance of Government of United Kingdom for the purpose of providing the independent advisory on policy and Regulatory mater in the power and Energy sector.




4. Workshop on Ganga and its diversity held on in New Delhi


A long day workshop on “Ganga and its biodiversity: Developing a Road Map for Habitat and Species Conservation” was held in Delhi for the benefit of Nature.


 The inauguration was done by the Union Minister of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Shri Nitin Gadkari.


 The purpose of this workshop was to conserve more than 2000 aquatic species of Rivers of India Specially Ganga, to create the employment opportunities from Bamboo plantation, construction of river banks, Mukti dhams and Ghats.




5. “Clean and Renewable Energy” conference held in Bhopal


The one-day Regional Conference on the theme of “New and Renewable Energy” was held in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.


 The one-day seminar was held in Bhopal and was inaugurated by Minister of New and Renewable Energy Narayan Singh Kushwaha in collaboration with Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Govt, of Maharashtra, RIS CII and Ministry of Finance.




6. Software for disease monitoring ‘Nidaan’ launched in Rajasthan


To monitor the seasonal and non-communicable disease Rajasthan has launched a software ‘Nidaan’.


 The action plan would be helpful in controlling the diseases by online entries of 46 diseases and health care services




7. Nipah Virus Outbreaks in Kerala


Kerala continues to suffer from the Nipah Virus as the disease has outreached on high alert.


 Nipah Virus is a severe disease caused in both animals and human beings as per the reports of World Health Organization (WHO).


 The Virus was first found in Malaysia and Singapore in 1998 and effected 12 people severely in India till now.




8. Bangladesh Bhawan inaugurated by Sheikh Hasina and PM of India


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladesh Prime govt. representative Sheikh Hasina arrived at Shanti Niketan to attend the convocation of Visva Bharati University.


 Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee welcomed Sheikh Hasina on two-day visit invitation of Mr. Narendra Modi.


 The inauguration is seen as the cultural tie-up between the countries.




9. UP govt. to change the name of Allahabad to Prayag


After the high demand of Sandhus and Hindu Community of Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is to change the name of Allahabad to ‘Prayag’.


 The name is in waiting to be approved by the State Cabinet soon, as per the govt official sources.


 As per the recent visit of Chief Minister to Allahabad for deciding the dates of Royal Bath (Shahi Snan), the Akhil Bharatiys Akhada Parishad has suggested him to change the name of Allahabad to Prayag as soon as possible before the upcoming Kumbha Mela 2019.




10. Maharashtra Govt to help Landless laborer’s


The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis has introduced a new scheme for landless laborers. The landless laborers among the Scheduled Castes (SC) could now purchase lands at low cost.


 The landless laborers among SC s can purchase rained agriculture land (two acres) of irrigated land by paying only five percent of the total cost. The Rest of amount up to eight lakh rupees would be tolerated by the State Govt




11. Minimum 1 crore Rupees compensation for the Paramilitary Jawans who dies in Action.


 The Central Govt. is going to announce the compensation of minimum INR 1 Crore for the paramilitary Soldiers and family who dies during war and actions.




12. HRD Minster launched the Samagra Siksha Scheme


The Union Minster of Human Resources and Development, Prakash Javadekar has launched the Samagra Shiksha- an integrated Scheme for School Education extending the support to the States from pre- school to the senior secondary levels for the first time in New Delhi.


 He also decided to provide Sports Equipment’s to every school of cost up to INR 5000 for Primary, INR 10000 for Upper Primary and upto INR 25000 for the SSC and HSC School under the program named “Khelega India Khilega India”.




13. Several developments projects in Jharkhand is going to start soon


The PM of India has laid the foundation for the projects to be started soon by the Central and State govt in Jharkhand.


 The projects are based on the Sindri Fertilizer Project renewal, Ranchi district Gas distribution project, All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), Deoghar Airport Development Projects, Patratu Super Thermal Power Projects.


 Around INR 27000 crore costing projects has been assigned for the Jharkhand state.





InternationalInternational Current Affairs | Know What’s happening around the World



1. World’s First Floating Nuclear Power Station is in Russia


Russia has become the first country to disclose the World’s first floating Nuclear Power station in the port of city of Murmansk, Russia.


 The State Nuclear Power Plant is being constructed by Rosatam. The Nuclear Power plant consists of the two reactors worth 35-megawatt nuclear reactors. The reactors are similar to the Ice Breaker Ships.




2. India Drags United States to WTO over Imposition of Duties


India has made the United States to the dispute settlement mechanism of World Trade Organization over obligation of import duties impact.


 India and United States has the sought consultations for the disagreement settlement process under the World Trade Organization’s dispute settlement.




3. India received first cargo ADNOC crude oil for its Mangalore Strategic Petroleum Reserve from Abu Dhabi


The visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has bought created a path for India in getting the crude oil from UAE as the ISPRL (Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited) and ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) has signed an agreement.


 As per the deal around 5.68 million barrels of crude oil would be stored at Mangaluru facility of India SPR for emergency and distribution purposes.




4. India and Russia Summit held in Sochi


The first informal summit between Russia President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was held in the City if Sochi, Russia.


 The purpose of this meet was to handle the counter terrorism, strategic partnership for global peace and stability.




5. Pakistan is among the top resources of money laundering in UK as per NCA reports


The National Crime Agency (NCA) OF United Kingdom has placed the neighbor country Pakistan among the top three resources of Money Laundering in the United Kingdom.


 As per the reports, Russia and Nigeria are the two other countries among the top money laundering resources in the United Kingdom.




6. 26th BASIC Ministerial meeting of Environment Ministers in Durban


The 26th BASIC Ministerial meeting of Environmental ministers was held in Durban, South Africa for finding options to save climate and Natural Environment for future generation.


 The Representatives from four countries Brazil, South Africa, India and China were present in the meet.




7. United Nations has disinvited China from the RIMPAC Exercise over South China Sea


The headquarters of United States Department of Defense has disinvited the China to participate in the RIM of the Pacific (RIMPAC) Exercises.


 As per the reports China, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei are fighting over the South China Sea and USA has disinvited China in the biennial exercise named RIMPAC.




8. Pakistan is hosting the SCO-RATS meet


Pakistan is hosting the three days Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (SCO-RATS) meeting.


 The participants of the meeting are 8 SCO Members: China, Kazakhstan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan.




9. Most target Phishing countries in the Word: India in top 3


As per the RSA Quarterly Fraud Report, India is one of the most targeted Countries in the World for Phishing and malware practices.


 The countries include US, Canada, India and Brazil with high rate of targeted phishing in the World.


 Some other countries in the list are Russia, Brazil, Netherlands, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Germany and South Africa.



Check out the – List of Countries their Capitals & Currency




10. India and Nepal on joint venture to save wildlife


India and Nepal govt. on a joint mission to save the forest life by controlling the Wildlife Poaching.


 The joint operation is to be carried out in Shuklaphanta National Park of Nepal and Krishnapur Wild life Sanctuary of Uttar Pradesh.


 The decision was taken at the meeting held in Uttarakhand where the Indian and Nepal would lead the Joint Patrolling.





MMOUsemorandum of Understanding (MoU) | Get the Best Information Out of Top Agreements



1. ABB India and NITI Aayog has signed an agreement on Statement of Intent


ABB India and NITI Aayog has signed an agreement on Statement of Intent (SoI) to support the Indian government in fulfilling the agenda of ‘Make in India’ by involving the latest developments in robotics and artificial intelligence.


 The NITI Aayog and ABB would work together across various sectors of economy including power and water utilities, food and heavy industries and transport system.



2. Agreement signed between India and Netherlands on several factors


The Prime Minister of Netherlands and India has signed various agreements on visit of Netherlands PM Mark Rutte to India.


 Total 51 agreements have been signed between the countries covering the Govt. and Private Sectors including the International Solar Alliances.


 The Agreement includes the establishment of world’s first digital freight passage with Netherlands as the gateway by the Mumbai based headquartered e-logistics company Cogoport.


 The agreements are generally based on the improvement of Cyber security, clean tech., food processing, health care and smart cities.


 The agreement for the betterment in the field of Agriculture especially horticulture, dairy products, Animal Husbandry and breeding for Haryana and Maharashtra state has been signed.


 New Dutch Consulate is to be opened in Bengaluru, whereas GKN Fokker Eloma Dutch company would establish a wiring facility system company in Pune.





BillsBills [Amendments & New] – See How Many New Bills have been passed in 2018



1. The Cabinet of India has passed the bills and amendments for improvement purpose


Promotion of Bilateral Cooperation in the field of Electronics and Information Technology among India and Angola.


 Agreement between India and France on Renewable Energy


 India and Denmark agreement on Food Safety Cooperation


 India and Morocco agreement for Renewable Energy


 Agreement between India and Turkey for Poppy Seeds


 Agreement between India and Singapore on Cooperation in the Personnel Management and Public Administration


 Provision of Mobile Connectivity in Left Wing Areas


 Agreement on Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) scheme for anticipation of mobile services in Meghalaya and North Eastern Region under Comprehensive Telecom Development (CTDP).





BEconomicsanking Awareness & Economics Current Affairs | Understand the Top Trends in India



1. Bhushan Steel is being acquired by Tata Steel with 72 % stake


TATA Steel plant has acquired with the 72% stake in the Bhushan Steel of around INR 36,400 crore. The announcement is being made by the TATA Steel organization.


 The deal is setup to help the banks to recover the NPAs amount of over 36000 crores.


 As per the Union Finance Minister Piyush Goyal “The Liquidation value of the Bhushan Steel was INR 14541 Crore, but the creditors received the 4 times of the amount (INR 36400 Crore). The reason could be the Robust and Transparency Insolvency & Bankrupt Code”.




2. Major operations to be located by Bank of Baroda at GIFT City


The Bank of Baroda has decided to locate major operations like Retail loan processing, deposit detailed account opening in this Shared Service Centre (SSC) at GIFT City.


 The Bank has acquired around 20000 sq ft office space for more than 200 staff members at GIFT City.




3. CDSL and BoB has signed an agreement for Pledge Finance


Bank of Baroda has signed an agreement with CDSL Commodity Repository (CCLR).


 The agreement is signed for the pledge finance under repository ecosystem for registered and accredited ware houses.


 The various features under the stakeholders was seamless transfer of ownership of commodity by the depositors, splitting of warehouse receipt by the depositors, real time and ease of access of information by the banks.




4. State Bank of India’s net loss has arisen to INR 7,718 crores


The State Bank of India is continuously suffering from the Losses and the loss is widened to INR 7718 Crores.


 The total provisions towards loan loss has risen to INR 23601 crores from INR 20,751 crores in the year ago quarter.




5. The Cabinet of India has passed ordinance to amend Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code


The Union Cabinet has approved an ordinance to amend the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) 2016.


 Homebuyers would be given the status of creditors in the insolvency process, through the amendment to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.


 This would help to ease out the economic condition of the Micro, Small and Macro Scale Industries.




6. Bank Credit grows at 12.64%, whereas the deposits at 7.61 %


The Reserve Bank of India  has announced the growth of Bank Credit at 12.64 % while the deposits at 7.61 % growth. As per the reports –


 Credit has grown by 12.64 percent year on year to INR 85, 51, 099 crores in the fortnight ending in May 11, 2018. As compared to the fortnight ending in 12 May 2017 the advances if the banks stood at INR 75,90,941 crores.


 Bank Credit has increased by 12.61 percent to INR 85,8,570 crores from INR 75, 82,391 crores in the period ended on 28 April 2017.





ScienceScience & Technology Current Events | Stay Advanced with Latest Inventions



1. First Interstellar immigrant discovered for Solar System


The asteroid named (514107) 2015 BZ509 has been discovered that moves in opposite to the Objects placed in the Solar System.


 As per the Dr. Fathi Namouni lead of the mission, the discovery would focus light on the mysteries about how our solar system, planets and life has originated.




2. India Test fires Brahmos Missile successfully along the Coast of Odisha


India has successfully tested the Brahmos Missile that is the Indo- Russia joint Venture program.


 The missile was tested at the coast of Odisha from a mobile stationed launcher named Launch pad -3 of the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur.


 The program was carried out by Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and the Brahmos Team members.




3. Scientist has identified the drug that would help to prevent damage caused to the brain by Solar radiation.


To prevent human brain damage by cosmic radiations, scientist has discovered the drug named “PLX5622”.


 The process was carried on mice that was exposed to the cosmic radiations with drug and it was seen positive results on them.




4. Data Visualization App launched by UNICEF


UNICEF has released a data visualization app with the help of National Institute of Education Planning and Administration (NIEPA) and the National Council for Educational Research and training (NCERT).


 The app would be very helpful to offer user friendly visual representative of complex analytics of the education scenario in the country.




5. IN LCU L54 commissioned in the Indian Navy


The Vice Admiral of Indian Navy GS Pabby, Chief of Material Commissioned IN LCU L54. Into the Indian Navy at Port Blair.


 The forth Landin Craft Utility (LCU) is the LCU L54 that plays major role in transportation and deployment of Main Battle Tanks, Armored Vehicles, heavy troops and technical equipment’s from sea shore to the ship and vice versa.




6. E-Catering facility launched at 23 major Railways Stations


Western Railways has launched the E- Catering facility at 23 major Railways Stations of India. The passengers could now order the food items from the wide range of Restaurants and food chains while on the way.


 The aim of this program is to provide better food facilities and hygiene.


 To order the Food in Train you have to enter the PNR no., Name of stations from where you want to order the food and Online Payment




7. Cloud Enabled Data Center inaugurated at Bhubaneshwar


Bhubaneswar has become the cloud enabled data center as the Union Minster for Electronics and & IT and Law & Justice Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad has inaugurated the project.


 The 24*7 online services would be provided to the e-Governance applications and its departments by the project.


 The National Informatics Center (NIC) provides the data services and cloud services for cost effective and service-oriented approach in sharing of computer resources.





Sports Current Affairs | Read all the Major SportsAchievements in Popular Tournaments



S.No. Tournaments/Sports Names Winners Pictures
1. Hockey India President Rajinder Singh  Hockey-India-President-Rajinder-Singh
2. Fifth Women Asian Championship Trophy for Hockey South Korea  Indian-Women-Hockey-Team
3. Won Italian Open Final Rafael Nadal  Rafael-Nadal-
4. Most Catches in the T20 World cup by Mahendra Singh Dhoni  Mahendra-Singh-Dhoni
5. Asian Junior Champion for MSLTA (Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association) winner Mihika Yadav  Asian-Junior-Champion-for-MSLTA-(Maharashtra-State-Lawn-Tennis-Association)-winner
6. Signed agreement with IOS Manika Batra and Mirabai Chanu  Manika-Batra-and-Mirabai-Chanu
7. England’s World Cup Captain for Football Harry Kane  Harry-Kane
8. European Golden Shoe for 5th Time Lionel Messi  Messi
9. First International Football Tournament to be hosted by Iraq  International-Football-Tournament
10. Countries first National Sports University to be setup in Manipur  Manipur-Sports-University
11. Retired from International Cricket AB de Villiers  ABdeVilliers
12. Formula Junior Racing Series 2018 Bala Prasath  Formula-Junior-Racing-Series-2018
13. Gold in the Munich Grand Prix Tejaswini  Tejaswini
14. Scales 3 highest Mountains in single season Nima Jangmu Sherpa  Nima-Jangmu-Sherpa
15. Returns at Canadian T20 League Steve Smith  Steve-Smith





Awards and Honours | Fetch the List of Top AwardsAwardees in Distinct Fields



S.No. Awards Names Awardees Names Pictures
1. Award given by the West Bengal Government to Asha Bhosle  Award-given-by-the-West-Bengal-Government-to-Asha-Bhosle
2. S& P Global Platts Metals Awards in CSR Category NMDC Ltd  NMDC
3.  Cannes Top Award Hirokazu Kore-eda  Palme-d’Or-Award-at-Cannes--Shoplifters
4. Ranked Sixth among the Wealthiest Country in the World India  India-Ranked-Sixth-Wealthiest
5. Digital Leader of the Year Award Nara Lokesh  Digital-Leader-of-the-Year-Award-Nara-Lokesh
6. TK Ramanathan Award Prajnesh Gunneswaran  TK-Ramanathan-Award
7. Ranked 145th in Health care access and quality India  Ranked-145th-in-Health-care-access-and-quality--India
8. Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to be hosted by India  ASEAN
9. Man, Booker International Prize Olga Tokarczuk  Olga-Tokarczuk
10. India’s Youngest Woman to scale Mount Everest Shivangi Pathak  Shivangi-Pathak
11. Became the first country in South East Asia for eliminating the trachoma Nepal  eliminating-the-trachoma
12. First in the IMDs Competitiveness Ranking United States  IMDs-Competitiveness-Ranking
13. Mark Twain Prize Julia Louis Dreyfus  Mark-Twain-Prize-Julia-Louis-Dreyfus
14. Clarivate Analytics India Innovation Award Council of Research Organization (CSIR)  CSIR
15. Nari Shakti Puraskar INSV Tarini Team  Nari-Shakti-Puraskar
16. BRICS Forum Award Sridevi  sridevi
17. Palme d’Or Award at Cannes Shoplifters  Shop-Lifters
18. Dirtiest Railway Stations in Country Thane, Kurla and Kalyan (Mumbai)  Mumbai-Raiway-Station
19. First Company to achieve 7 lakh crore m-cap milestones Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)  TCS
20. Medal of Honor in Afghan Assault Navy Seal- Britt K. Slabinski  Trump_Medal_of_Honor
21. National Biodiversity Award Singchung Bugun Village Community  Singchung-Bugun-Village-680x365





Appointments Latest GK Updates | Upgrade AppointmentsYour Knowledge Cart with the List of Top Influencers



S.No. Position & Organization Name Pictures
1. Appointed as Additional Charge of MP  Om Prakash Kohli (Gujarat Governor)  op-kohli-1472650603_835x547.
2. New Secretary to Ministry of Information and Broadcast Amit Khare  amit-khare
3. Appointed as director of BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited) Pravin Agrawal  BHEL
 4. CMD of Coal India ltd. Anil Kumar Jha  Anil-Kumar-Jha-appointed-CMD-of-Coal-India-752x440
5. Won Reelection for Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro  -nicolas-maduro-relection
6.  Elected 24th CM of Karnataka Kumaraswamy  Kumarswamy
7. First Female Chief of New York Stock Exchange Stacey Cunningham  Stacey-Cunningham
8. MD & CEO of Airtel Payments Bank Anubrata Biswas  Anubrata-Biswas
9. Next Ambassador of India to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania Pradeep Kumar Gupta  Pradeep-Kumar-Gupta
10. Chairperson of Punjab & Sindh Bank Charan Singh  Charan-Singh
11. Chairperson of Dena Bank Anjali Bansal  Anjali_Bansal
12. Chairperson of Central Bank of India Tapan Ray  Central-Bank-Of-India
13. Appointed as Governor of Mizoram and Odisha Ganeshi Lal and Kummanam Rajasekhran  Governor-of-Mizoram-&-Odisha
14. Press Council of India Chief (PCI) Justice CK Prasad  Justice-CK-Prasad
15. Chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) Sushil Chandra  sushilchandra





IDatesmportant Days & Dates | Mark them to Boost up your General Knowledge



S.No. Important Days Dates
1. International Biodiversity Day 22 May
2. Anti-Terrorism Day 21 May
3. International Day to End Obstetric Fistula 23 May
4. World Turtle Day 23 May
5. Common Wealth Day 24 May
6. International Day for Biological diversity 22 May





DeathRecent Deaths of Famous Personalities | Know who died today?



S.No. Names Pictures
1. Bansidhar Panda – Industrialist and Founder of Indian Metal and Ferro Alloys (IMFA)  Bansidhar-Panda
2. Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani – Veteran Telugu Writer  Yaddanapudi-Sulochana-Rani




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List of Important Abbreviations asked in General Awareness | IBPS, SSC, RRB Exams



Fill up your knowledge cart with the Important Abbreviations that are asked in General Awareness & Current Affairs section of the competitive exams like – IBPSSSC & RRB. Below, we are presenting you a list of Top Abbreviations that were used in this article. Please check it out –




S.No. Important Abbreviations Full Forms
1. NABARD National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
2. CER Center for Energy Regulation
3. AIIB Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
4. WHO World Health Organization
5. NIC National Informatics Center
6. AIIMS All India Institute of Medical Science
7. WTO World Trade Organization
8. ADNOC Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
9. ISPRL Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited
10. NCA National Crime Agency
11. RIMPAC RIM of the Pacific Exercise
12. SCORATS Shanghai Cooperation Organization Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure
13. SOI Statement of Intent
14. USOF Universal Service Obligation Fund
15. CTDP Comprehensive Telecom Development
16. SSC Shared Service Centre
17. IBC Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
18. ITR Integrated Test Range
19. DRDO Defense Research and Development Organization
20. NIEPA National Institute of Education Planning and Raining
21. NCERT National Council of Education Research and Training
22. LCU Landin Craft Utility
23. NERC Natural Environment Research Council
24. MSLTA Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Winner
25. NABARD National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
26. NMDC National Mineral Development Corporation
27. ASEAN Association of South east Asian Nations
28. CSIR Council of Research Organization
29. TCS Tata Consultancy Services
30. GST Goods and Services Tax
31. BHEL Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
32. PCI Press Council of India
33. CBDT Central Board of Direct Taxes
34. IMFA Industrialist and Founder of Indian Metal and Ferro Alloys




To fetch the complete list of Important Abbreviations that are asked in Competitive Exam, please visit the blog – Popular Abbreviations for Competitive Exams: SSC, IBPS, RRB, Govt Jobs.






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