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February 20, 2019 • 12:42 pm

English, That Makes You a Powerful Communicator!

How to improve communication skills

Having good communication skills is must in today’s world. English is the only way through which one can convey his message to anybody because every nation or city has different type of languages but English is like common to all!

First of all, I want to let you know the uses and benefits of a good communication in English.

Whether you are a student giving competitive exams or wishing to go abroad for higher studies or an employee dealing with different kinds of people or anybody else, English is going to be a necessary part of your daily life, so start communicating in English only.

People who are not so familiar with English may find it difficult to speak it fluently but the tips given below may help you to make it easy :)

1.  Don’t Scruple in Speaking English

Don’t let the fear of speaking English and making mistakes come over you. Sometimes, it may be hard to get the right words for what you actually want to say, but don’t hesitate to speak it out. Slowly it will become your habit to speak in English.

2.  Don’t be a Grammatical Person all the Time

Using too much grammar will not let you speak smoothly. It’s not that only a grammatical person can speak or communicate well, sometimes you’ll have to keep aside your grammar sense to bring fluency in your language.

It’s just words, what we use for expressing us, not the grammar!

3.  Focus on Pronunciation

Sometimes we are well known to words but our poor pronunciation skill leads us to worst communication with others. A good pronunciation helps you to express yourself in a better way..

For being presentable, it’s very important to pronounce well your sentences.

4.  Use Vocabulary and Phraseology

Make a wise use of idioms and phrases for effective English speaking . A primary school student can also speak well but your vocabulary is what will differentiate between you and that school going kid. So use phrases and unique vocab just to make your communication more expressive.

5.  Read, Watch and Listen to English in Different Contexts

This is an enjoyable exercise to improve your English by reading English newspapers, books, novels, blogs and articles, listening to English songs and watching English movies. It generates a curiosity to know the meanings of new words.

Listening and singing it out helps you in improving pronunciation and Watching English News and movies will make you listening more correct and Reading selective English material will let you open dictionaries.

6.  Think in English, Talk in English, Teach in English, Write in English… Just English, English & English







  • Whenever you talk with your family members or friends either on the phone or face to face, talk in English only. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, they are your close ones so what can be more helpful to practice with them!
  • While creating plans in your mind or imagining something, think in English!
  • Talk with yourself looking at mirror!

   Yes, it sounds funny or filmy though it can be very practical.





  • Try to teach people in English, this will later become your habit to speak in English only.
  • Use interesting vocabs and phrases, idioms, words, symbols to make your writing presentable and efficient too.

7.  Record Yourself and Improve the Way You Speak

Though we hear ourselves all the time, we really don't know how we sound like. So record yourself! And concentrate on your weak points after hearing your own speech.

The best way is to record your voice while reading and then analyse your recording. That way you can do it again and again until you get it right!

8.  Utilize Internet and Dictionaries

Well! Internet is a guidance itself. So search for more unique words and latest trends of communication and everything which will help you to be a Powerful Communicator. In case you are not having internet with you then use dictionary to search right meaning for words.

So from now, Stop getting nervous in communicating with others, just follow these simple tips and Start Speaking English :)