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1. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has released National Air Quality Indices (AQI) for 24 cities across India in the month of January 2016.

In the list Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) and Muzzafarpur (Bihar) were on the top with an AQI value of 409 points each and were coded as ‘severe’ in terms of air pollution in January 2016.


2. The Union textile Ministry has bestowed the Indian Handloom Brand tag on Chettinad cotton saris for its unique designs and identity.

This tag was bestowed under the India Handloom Brand Scheme after checking its various quality parameters stipulated by the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).


Awards & Recognition:


1. Union Ministry of Labour and Employment announced the Prime Minister Shram Awards for the year 2014 on 9 February 2016.


There are nine nominations for the Shram Bhushan Award, Nineteen nominations for Shram Vir or Shram Veerangana and twenty six nominations for Shram Shree or Shram Devi Awards.

Even though, the total number of Shram Awards is 32, the number of workers receiving the awards is 54 which Included 3 women, as some of the awards have been shared by workers and/or teams of workers consisting of more than one worker. These include 36 workers from the public sector and 18 workers from the private sector.


2. Eight scientists received the UNESCO Medals for their contributions to the development of nanoscience and nanotechnologies at Paris.


Name Country Contribution
Professor Isamu Akasaki  Japan Created the blue light-emitting diodes, which resulted in the discovery of white light sources for illumination.


Professor Lei Jiang China Designed and fabricated the bio-inspired surfaces with specific wettability.
Professor Philippe Pernod France Worked on active nanostructured magnetic and multiferroic films, Micro-Magneto-Electro-Mechanical Systems and their applications, and multistable nanostructures.


Professor Nicholas Kotov United States of America Worked on biometric self-organization of Nano colloids, ultra-strong nanocomposites, tissue engineering with nanomaterials, and nanoscale drugs.
Academician Gennady Krasnikov Russian Federation For his efforts to broaden the use of nanotechnologies in manufacturing industries
Professor Igor Ashurbeyli Russian Federation For his work in the field of the development of new generation microelectronic devices, information systems and technologies.


Doctor Mikhail Dubina Russian Federation For his work in research and development of new medical technologies based on the use of nanostructures in the earlier on-line diagnostics as well as the creation of new nano biotechnological devices that could influence the   bioprocesses in the human body.


Doctor Natalya Mikhaylova Russian Federation For her work on the application of nanotechnologies in aesthetic medicine, in the fields of cosmetology, polysaccharide development, cancer therapy, reconstructive and plastic surgery.


Appointments & Resignations:


1. Former Director General of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) Rajendra Kumar Pachauri was appointed as the Executive Vice-Chairman of the organization with the immediate effect.


2. The South Asian Wrestling Federation announced the appointment of Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh as its President.


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU):


1. Union Railway Ministry signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Chhattisgarh Government for formation of Joint Venture Companies for development of railway infrastructure in the state.


2. India’s the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and United States Technical Development Agency (USTDA) were signed the grant agreement for India Aviation Safety Technical Assistance Phase II in New Delhi.


Science & Technology:


1. An international team of scientists (biologists) discovered a new species of hydroid polyps emitting green fluorescence in the Red Sea.


These polyps were found to be emitting light in the night in association with the gastropod Nassarius margaritifer.

These hydroid polyps also called hydrozoas (presumably a new species of the genus Cytaeis, whose body length reaches 1.5 mm) was found during the investigations of the biodiversity of coral reefs of the archipelago Farasan (Saudi Arabia, south of the Red Sea).




1. Former Prime Minister of Nepal and Nepali Congress (NC) President Sushil Koirala passed away due to Pneumonia in capital city Kathmandu. He was 79.


2. Renowned Urdu Poet and well known Bollywood lyricist Nida Fazli passed away in Mumbai, Maharashtra following a heart attack. He was 78 years old.


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