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June 1, 2020 • 5:39 pm

Want To Speed Up Your Preparations? Solve UGC NET Papers Like Toppers



When you think of UGC NET Preparation, the most common question that comes to every mind is ‘what type of questions will come in the paper?’


You always worry about difficulty level of paper, changing pattern, marking scheme, time management during the exam, etc. There is one solution to all this – practice Previous Year Question Papers (of course after clearing all your concepts and fundamentals). By practicing UGC NET Previous Years Papers, you will be very close to the success.



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Why to Practice UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers? Let’s Find Out


In this blog, we are going to tell you how solving previous year papers is going to help you to score better. How important it is to practice as much as possible. How it helped the toppers in becoming the topper. But before that, do the first thing first! Download the UGC NET Previous Papers from the table given below.






In case, you think that you will get all the questions from previous papers itself, you are mistaken, but you can find a few questions from there. That will be a plus point as you already have the correct answer to it and this will save your time too. Or there is a possibility that you may get a question like the one you have practiced, in this case, you already know the solving process, so you will take less time to solve it.


According to one of the UGC NET Toppers, solving previous year papers helps you in brushing up all your concepts and fundamentals. The toppers told us that they have come across some new topics which were not there in the books while solving these papers. Hence, solving these papers you will get to learn the new topics which could be asked in your final exam.


And as you all have heard ‘Practice Makes the Man Perfect’, this is completely valid here.


You will see the change in your thought process, way of approaching the questions, solving and thinking speed, time management, all leading to a different level of performance.


Here, we bring you the advantages of solving UGC NET Question Papers & analyzing your answers with UGC NET Answer Keys.



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Solving these papers during last few months before exam can give you an upper hand. So, download your free set of previous year papers with their answer key now.


To get the important dates for UGC NET 2020 Exam, check our blog NTA UGC NET Notifications.




Role & Benefits of Solving Previous Year Papers While Preparing For UGC NET


In remaining last one month before the exam, you should make solving sample and previous year papers an integral part of your preparation. As reading all the books at this time will be very difficult and there will not be enough time for that. That’s what our toppers did before their exam.





Solving previous year papers will give you the idea of UGC NET Exam Pattern and questions. By solving these papers back to back will help in increasing your speed and accuracy level.



Time Management:


By solving the paper many times, you get the habit of solving the question in a particular time frame. It helps you in strategizing the paper solving process. Hence, better time management.



Revision Strategy:


Previous year papers are supposed to be the most reliable source for preparation. It gives the proper idea of UGC NET Syllabus and the important topics, hence helping you to make the proper strategy to revise all the topics based on their priorities.



Build Confidence:


When you do something again and again, you start to become comfortable with it. By solving the papers in proper time, you can come up from your exam fear and boost your confidence level.



Prepare Yourself for Something New:


There is always an element of surprise in question papers. When you practice a good number of question papers, you get familiar with this element and hence you become ready for the new surprise on the day.





It is a very good way to analyse yourself and measure your preparation level. To know your strong and weak areas and work accordingly.



Question Solving Skills:


By practicing so many questions, you get the idea of what approach you should use to solve the question. This improves your problem-solving skills with respect to time and accuracy.



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