Yogaraj CP, an Indian Yoga Teacher sets a Guinness World Record at Hong Kong

Yogaraj CP

Quick Facts

Ques: Who set a Guinness World Record for performing Yoga continuously up to 40 hours?

Ans: Yogaraj CP.

Ques: Why did Yogaraj CP has become set a world record in Yoga?

Ans: For performing Yoga continuously for 40 hours by demonstrating 1500 asanas.


Yogaraj CP, A 29 year old Indian yoga teacher sets a Guinness World Record for performing Yoga continuously for 40 hours non-stop, demonstrating more than 1,500 ‘asanas’ at Hong Kong.

Yogaraj CP showed his tremendous performance in ‘Longest Yoga Marathon (Male)’ by performing continuously for three days from Friday till today afternoon.

He did multiple twists and turns at his Tsim Sha Tsui studio, Prana Yogam, which was open to public for the duration of the challenge.

About Yogaraj CP

Yogaraj is a Hong Kong yoga instructor. He started practicing the discipline at the age of 5 and began teaching when he was 12.

After coming back to India in 2011, he held 23 postures while balancing on the seat of a moving motorbike. His record-breaking attempt this time was supported primarily by the Indian Consulate.

Yogaraj CP dedicates his success to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was instrumental last year in the UN’s decision to declare June 21 International Yoga Day.

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