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For 2018, Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is going to be conducted the IBPS RRB Exam for Mains. As per the latest news, the Officer Scale I Main Admit Card has been released on the official website.


Since dates are approaching for IBPS RRB Exams, applicants might be searching for mantras to beat lakhs of students and step ahead for their dream.


So here we are, to guide you with perfect IBPS RRB Study Plan & Preparation Tips which will help you to go through the milestones like IBPS RRB Prelims and IBPS RRB Mains Exams.


Selection procedure for the post of Office Assistant is same as Officers Scale 1 except there is an interview for Scale 1 Officer’s posts.


Here is the 30 days plan you should strictly follow to get through IBPS RRB Office Assistant and Officer Scale 1.



IBPS RRB Study Plan for Officer Scale-I (Prelims) & Office Assistant


 IBPS RRB Study Plan for Officer Scale-I (Mains) & Officer Scale II, III (Single Paper)


IBPS RRB Preparation Tips to Crack the Exam




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30 Days IBPS RRB Study Plan for Office Assistant & Officer Scale-I Prelims Exam



In this IBPS RRB Study Plan & Preparation Tips Guide, we have included important topics that you must attempt in the 1st week of preparation. As these topics are surely asked so you should focus more on them and then the rest of the topics.


For 2nd and 3rd weeks, there are the topics which are sometimes asked and carry low weightage in IBPS RRB Exam for Office Assistant and Scale 1 posts.


For the last week, the focus should be more on revising the learned topics and practicing through IBPS Previous Years Papers/Mock Test Papers.



Before getting started –





Week–1 Study Plan


Start your preparation with the important topics which will be surely asked in IBPS RRB Prelims Exam for Office Assistant and Office Scale 1.


Let’s see which topics you should cover in Week-1. Please have a look below!



Days Topics Total No. of Questions Asked Every Year
 Day 1  Syllogism 5
Input Output Devices 0-5
Data Interpretation 15
 Day 2 Alphanumeric Series 0-5
Ranking/ Direction 0-5
Permutation & Combination  5
 Day 3 Seating Arrangement 10
Series and Sequence 5
Simplification 5
 Day 4  Logical Reasoning 5-10
Ratio & Proportion 1-2
Percentage Average 1-2
 Day 5 Tabulation 5-7
Puzzle 5
Number System 3
 Day 6 Coding-Decoding 5
Profit Loss 2
Blood Relations 5
 Day 7 Work & Time 2
Data Sufficiency 0-5
Inequalities 5



Important Tip: A Quick revision of all the topics learned during the day should be done by day-end. This helps in memorizing the topics.


After doing each topic, go for the practice session for 2 hours.



Free Download IBPS RRB Syllabus PDF to get a fair idea about the topics that you must cover for the Exam!




Week–2 Study Plan


After the completion of the first week, you are charged to study with a planned and more focused approach. Make yourself fully loaded with confidence. You need to study smartly with the help of the daily schedules discussed below.



Days Topics Number of Questions
 Day 1  Time & Distance 02
Mirror/ Water Image -
Miscellaneous Test -
 Day 2 Simple & Compound Interest 1-2
Passage and conclusions -
Statement and Action’s Courses  -
 Day 3 Interest & Surds & Indices 1-2
Statement and Arguments -
Statement and Assumptions -
 Day 4  Sequence & Series 1-2
Mixture & Allegation  -
Word Formation -
 Day 5 Time and Work Problems -
Assertion and Reason -
 Day 6 Approximation Wrong Number -
Mensuration -
Ranking and time sequence. -
 Day 7 Decimal Fractions -
Square Root Cube Root -
Analogy -




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Week-3 Study Plan


IBPS RRB Exam is the tough nut that many fear of cracking, but with Eduncle’s result-oriented approach, you can achieve the desired result. Gear up and begin the 3rd week with full enthusiasm.



Days Topics
 Day 1  Average Problems
Odd Man Out
Alphabet test
 Day 2 Partnership
Average Problems
Causes and Effects
 Day 3 Graphs and Pie Charts
Direction Sense
Decision Making
 Day 4  Case Study
Figure Series
Statement & Conclusion
 Day 5 Odd Figures
Mirror & Water Image
Number Series
 Day 6 Data Tables
Passage and Conclusion
Finding Wrong number in series
 Day 7 Revise Syllogism, Seating Arrangement
Revise Coding and Decoding
Revise concept of logical Reasoning







Week-4 Study Plan


Last Week of the IBPS RRB Preparation should be dedicated to revision. Revise previously done topics and do solve as many mock test papers and previous year papers.


Practice and Practice more – Make this as your desired Goal for the last week.


Below, we have listed the study challenges for this last week. As per the assigned challenge, you need to accomplish them on the allotted day itself.



Days Take Challenges & Beat the Top Scores
 Day 1  Mock Test papers and previous year papers for Syllogism
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Input-Output Devices
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Data Interpretation
 Day 2 Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Alphanumeric Series
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Ranking/ Direction
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Permutation & Combination
 Day 3 Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Seating Arrangement
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Series and Sequence
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Simplification
 Day 4  Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Logical Reasoning
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Ratio & Proportion
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Percentage Average
 Day 5 Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Tabulation
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Puzzle
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Number System
 Day 6 Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Coding-Decoding
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Profit Loss
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Blood Relations
 Day 7 Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Work & Time
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Data Sufficiency
Mock Test Papers and previous year papers for Inequalities



Did you find the tips useful? Please let us know your feedback in the Comments Section given at the end of the blog.



Important Notification – The IBPS RRB Officer Scale -1 Prelims & Office Assistant Result has been declared in 07th September 2018. Stay Tuned for Latest Updates!


Those who qualify in IBPS RRB Prelims Exam will be able to appear in the Mains Exam. Below, we are presenting the IBPS RRB Preparation Tips for Officer Scale – I (Mains), Officer Scale – II & Officer Scale – III Exam.




IBPS RRB Preparation Tips & Study Plan for IBPS RRB Officer Scale I (Mains), II & III Exam


Here is the Week-Wise Study Plan to crack IBPS RRB Main Exam for Officer Scale – I (Mains), Officer Scale – II & III (Single Paper).


In all these 3 Exams, the sections are almost similar, so within a single IBPS RRB Preparation Plan, the aspirants can prepare for these separate examinations.


Qualifying Prelims Exam of IBPS RRB Officer Scale-I will lead you to the IBPS RRB Mains which will consist of following sections –



IBPS RRB Reasoning

 IBPS RRB Quantitative Aptitude

 IBPS RRB General Awareness

 IBPS RRB English

 IBPS RRB Computer Awareness

 IBPS RRB Hindi (Link to be available soon)

For Officer Scale II and Officer Scale III, there will be one more section and that is – IBPS RRB Professional Language.


Please read the IBPS RRB Tips & Tricks to crack the exam –



Week-1 Study Plan


After qualifying Prelims of Officer’s Scale-I Exam, candidates should feel confident and more enthusiastic to appear in the Main Exam.

Candidates who have applied for Scale II and Scale III Posts Exams can also follow this IBPS RRB Study Plan.


Week 1 includes important topics from Financial and Computer, General Awareness and Knowledge sections.



Days Topics Time Duration
 Day 1  Indian Financial System 2-3 Hours
Current Affairs of last 6 months 2 hours
Basic Computer Fundamentals 2-3 Hours
 Day 2 Countries/Currencies 1 hour
History of Indian Banking Industry 2 hours
Basic Software & Hardware and their Functionalities  2 hours
 Day 3 Indian Economy 2 hours
Regulatory Bodies like RBI, SEBI, IRDA, FSDC, FMC 2-3 hours
History and Future computers 2 Hours
 Day 4  International Economy 2 Hours
Monetary & Credit Polices 2-3 Hours
Networking 3 Hours
 Day 5 Banking Terms 2-3 Hours
Budget Basics and Current Union Budget 2 Hours
Computer Abbreviation 2 Hours
 Day 6 Books and their Authors 2-3 Hours
Capital Market & Money Market 2 Hours
Microsoft office 1 hour
 Day 7 RBI 2-3 Hours
Government Schemes 2 Hours
Basic Knowledge of Internet Use 1 Hour




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Week-2 Study Plan


Week 2 includes some topics left from financial awareness with some topics of Hindi Language and English.



Days Topics Time Duration
 Day 1  Fiscal-Monetary Policies 2-3 Hours
Abbreviations and Economics Terms 2 Hours
Shortcut Keys 1 Hour
 Day 2 Repo Rate 1 Hour
Vyakaran 2 Hours
Gadyansh (paragraph) 2 Hours
 Day 3 Reserve Repo Rate 2 Hours
Mistakes in Hindi Language 1 Hour
Fill in the blanks with Suitable Words in Hindi 2 Hours
 Day 4  Social Function of Banks 1 Hour
Samanarthak Shabd 2 Hours
Cloze Test 2 Hours
 Day 5 UNO 2-3 Hours
Vipritarthak Shabd 2 Hours
Spotting Errors for English 2 Hours
 Day 6 Marketing 2-3 Hours
Phrases Substitutions 2 Hours
Jumbled Blanks in a sentence 2 Hours
 Day 7 Awards & honors 1 Hours
Double blanks in a sentence 2 Hours
Idioms & Phrases 2-3 Hours







Week-3 Study Plan


Week 3 includes topics from General Awareness and Reasoning Section.


Note: IBPS RRB aspirants should study minimum 8-9 hours to prepare well and crack this nut.



Days Topics Time Duration
 Day 1  Sports 2 Hours
Reconstruction of sentence & passage 2-3 Hours
One Word Substitutions 2 Hours
 Day 2 Finance 2-3 Hours
Commonly Misspelled Words 2 Hours
Comprehensions  2-3 Hours
 Day 3 Agriculture 2 Hours
Synonyms and Antonyms 2-3 Hours
History of Banking 2-3 Hours
 Day 4  Syllogism 2 Hours
Input Output 2-3 Hours
Alphanumeric Series 2-3 Hours
 Day 5 Ranking/Direction/Alphabet 2-3 Hours
Seating Arrangement 2-3 Hours
Logical Reasoning 2-3 Hours
 Day 6 Tabulation 2-3 Hours
Puzzle 2-3 Hours
Coding Decoding 2-3 Hours
 Day 7 Data Sufficiency 2-3 Hours
Inequalities 2-3 Hours
Data Interpretation 2-3 Hours




Week-4 Study Plan


For the last week preparation, we have included Quantitative Section topics with Reasoning topics. You have prepared both these sections for Prelims so this time you just need to practice more and more questions to beat other candidates in IBPS RRB Exam 2018.



Days Topics Time Duration
 Day 1  Permutation, Combination & Probability 2-3 Hours
Series and Sequence 2-3 Hours
Simplification 2-3 Hours
 Day 2 Ratio & Proportion 2-3 Hours
Percentage and Average 2-3 Hours
Number System  2-3 Hours
 Day 3 Profit & Loss 2-3 Hours
Time and Distance 2-3 Hours
Simple Interest 2-3 Hours
 Day 4  Compound Interest 2-3 Hours
Interest & Surds & Indices 2-3 Hours
Sequence & Series 2-3 Hours
 Day 5 Mixture & Allegation 2-3 Hours
Revision and Mock test papers of General Awareness Topics 2-3 Hours
 Day 6 Revision and Mock test papers of Hindi and English Sections 8-9 hours
 Day 7 Revision and Mock test papers of Financial Awareness Section 8-9 Hours



NOTE: Spend more and more time practicing Previous Year Papers and Mock Test Series.





Week-5 Study Plan


Candidates applying for Scale II officer’s posts need to opt one professional language.


Candidates who have applied for Officer’s Scale II Posts and have opted one of the below professional languages can go for the week 5 planning.


The IBPS RRB Professional Language Paper is conducted to filter out the suitable candidates for any of the following positions –



Information Technology Officer

 Chartered Accountant

 Law Officer

 Marketing Officer

 Treasury Manager

 Marketing Officer

 Agricultural Officer



Candidates applying for IBPS RRB Scale-II Specialist grade may schedule the below timetable. Here we are providing the plan for the candidates who have opted marketing as a professional language.



Days Topics Time Duration
 Day 1  Marketing Overview 2-3 Hours
Concept, Nature, Scope & Important of Marketing 2-3 Hours
Meaning, Functions & Importance of Marketing Management 2-3 Hours
 Day 2 Marketing Process & Marketing Planning 2-3 Hours
Consumer/Buy Behavior 2-3 Hours
Market Segmentation  2-3 Hours
 Day 3 Marketing Research 2-3 Hours
Product Planning and Development 2-3 Hours
Sales Promotion and its Objectives 2-3 Hours
 Day 4  Branding, Packaging and Labeling 2-3 Hours
Pricing Decisions: Pricing, Pricing Decision Strategies 2-3 Hours
Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade, Personal Selling Services Marketing, Bank Marketing, Insurance Marketing 2-3 Hours
 Day 5 Marketing Organization, Marketing Program 2-3 Hours
Marketing Decision Making 2-3 Hours
Sales Forecasting 2-3 Hours
 Day 6 Product Distribution: Definition, Channels of Distribution, Advertisement 2-3 Hours
Sales Management 2-3 Hours
Marketing Environment 2-3 Hours
 Day 7 Rural Marketing 2-3 Hours
International Marketing 2-3 Hours
Social Responsibility & Business Ethics 2-3 Hours




Were this Tips Helpful to you? If you need more assistance, please post your queries in the Comment Box below.



IBPS RRB Preparation Tips to Crack the Exam – Follow the Expert Strategies!



Keep yourself motivated throughout these months of preparation to follow these IBPS RRB Exam Tips –



Take small breaks whenever you need.


 The Success Mantra to qualify in Prelims is Reasoning Section. Practice hard and practice daily.

Practicing questions verbally won’t give you benefit so practice it with paper and pen.


 There will be passage questions which are time-consuming, so candidates need to fasten their reading & answer giving abilities.


 There will be shortcuts, but they won’t work until and unless you practice them by writing down. You must know the correct time & technique to use these shortcuts effectively.


 Reasoning part is more analytical so try to analyze the questions better.


 As there are hundreds of formulae in Quant Section so make short notes to wrap-up all the shortcut tricks & methods at one place. Use these notes at the time of revision.


 Build your basics strong.


 Solve Previous Years Papers & Learn to use shortcuts efficiently. This will boost up your speed. Since all that matter is the speed to set your place in the IBPS RRB Exam.


 Dedicate 2-3 hours for reading English and Hindi newspapers.


 Don’t skip a single section. In IBPS Recruitment Exams, candidates are judged based on their separated performances in each section.



We hope that these tips will be helpful to you. If you want to keep yourself updated with Interesting Study Hacks about IBPS RRB Exam, please join us on Facebook & YouTube.


Happy Preparing!

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