CBSE UGC NET vs CSIR NET! What are the Differences b/w these two Exams?

If you are willing to pursue your career either as a Research Analyst or as a Lecturer in any reputed Indian University, then choosing UGC NET or CSIR NET as your career path will be the smartest decision you can ever take!


These exams are the best channels through which you can showcase your talent and fulfill your dream of getting placed at prestigious positions of JRF’s or Assistant Professors.


However, both the exams are conducted for the same purposes but their admission procedures are different!


Below, in this blog, we’ll tell you about the major differences between CBSE UGC NET and CSIR NET Exam.



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Let’s proceed towards understanding the differences between CBSE UGC NET Exam and CSIR NET Exam in a better way!



Differences between CBSE UGC NET and CSIR NET – 5 Facts to Consider!


Many of the post graduates get confused that whether they should appear in CBSE UGC NET Exam or CSIR NET Exam. Which exam will be suitable for them to fulfill their goals?


To ease out their queries and make it convenient for them to clearly distinguish between CBSE UGC NET Exam and CSIR NET Exam, we have come up with the 5 facts about both the exams that will define the major differences between them. Please check the points below –



Exam Convener Institutes


Exam Subjects


Paper Patterns


Eligibility Conditions


Qualifying Criteria


Career Scope


Other Difference



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[CBSE UGC NET vs CSIR NET] The Exam Convener Institutes are Different!


The exam convener institutes of both the exams are different.







Previously, the UGC NET Exam was conducted by the University Grants Commission. But now, on behalf of UGC, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) conducts the UGC NET Exam. That is why the (this) exam is also known as CBSE NET.


CSIR NET Exam is conducted by Human Resource Development Group (HRDG) of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR).



Both the exams are conducted twice a year usually in the months of June/July and December/January.



[CBSE UGC NET vs CSIR NET] Each of the Exam is Conducted in Different Subjects


Here comes the major difference between these two exams that both the exams are conducted for different subjects.






With the help of the list of subjects provided below, you can make a smart choice and decide which exam will be preferable for you?



List of CBSE UGC NET Exam Subjects



Subject code


01 Economics
02 Political Science
03 Philosophy
04 Psychology
05 Sociology
06 History
07 Anthropology
08 Commerce
09 Education
10 Social Work
11 Defense & Strategic Studies
12 Home Science
14 Public Administration
15 Population Studies
16 Music
17 Management
18 Maithili
19 Bengali
20 Hindi
21 Kannada
22 Malayalam
23 Oriya
24 Punjabi
25 Sanskrit
26 Tamil
27 Telugu
28 Urdu
29 Arabic
30 English
31 Linguistics
32 Chinese
33 Dogri
34 Nepali
35 Manipuri
36 Assamese
37 Gujarati
38 Marathi
39 French
40 Spanish
41 Russian
42 Persian
43 Rajasthani
44 German
45 Japanese
46 Adult Education / Continuing Education / Andragogy / Non-Formal Education
47 Physical Education
49 Arab Culture and Islamic Studies
50 Indian Culture
55 Labour Welfare / Pers. Mgmt. / Indl Rela/ Labr & Soc Welfr/ HRM
58 Law
59 Library and Information Services
60 Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian & Peace Studies
62 Comparative Study of Religions
63 Mass Communication and Journalism
65 Dance
66 Museology & Conservation
67 Archaeology
68 Criminology
70 Tribal & Regional Language/Literature/td>
71 Folk Literature
72 Comparative Literature
73 Sanskrit Traditional Subjects (including Jyotisha / Sidhanta Jyotisha / Navya Vyakarna / Vyakarna / Mimamsa/Navya Nyaya / Sankhya Yoga / Tulanatmaka Darsana / Shukla Yajurveda / Madhva Vedanta / Dharma Sastra / Sahitya / Purana-itihasa /Agama /Advaita Vedanta)
74 Women Studies
79 Visual Arts (including Drawing & Painting / Sculpture / Graphics / Applied Art / History of Art)
80 Geography
81 Social Medicine & Community Health
82 Forensic Science
83 Pali
84 Kashmiri
85 Konkani
86 Social Medicine & Community Health
87 Computer Science and Applications
88 Electronic Sciences
89 Environmental Sciences
90 International and Area Studies
91 Prakrit
92 Human Rights and Duties
93 Tourism Administration & Management
95 Santali
96 Karnatik Music (Vocal Instrument, Percussion)
97 Rabindra Sangeet
98 Percussion Instruments
99 Drama/ Theatre
100 Yoga
To get the complete syllabus of all the above subjects, please visit here – CBSE UGC NET Syllabus!



If you are having your post-graduation degree in any of the above exams, then you can opt CBSE UGC NET Exam to proceed towards your further career goals.



You can also get the CBSE UGC NET Exam Syllabus in PDF Format! Download for Free!



List of CSIR NET Exam Subjects



S. No. Subjects
01 General Aptitude
02 Chemical Science
03 Earth Science
04 Life Science
05 Physical Science
06 Mathematical Science
To get the complete syllabus of all the above subjects, please visit here – CSIR NET Syllabus!



With the help of subjects list given above, you can wisely make a choice that whether you should appear in CSIR NET or not!



Grab the complete prescribed CSIR NET Syllabus in PDF Format! Download for Free!


[CBSE UGC NET vs CSIR NET] The Paper Pattern and Format is Different!


To qualify these two exams, candidates must showcase their knowledge in General Aptitude Paper (Paper-1) and two other Subject Papers (Paper-2 and Paper-3).

But the main difference comes when we look upon the Paper Pattern for CBSE UGC NET Exam and CSIR NET Exam.






Below we are providing you the complete paper pattern for the exams! You can check it and analyze the difference between the two.



The CBSE UGC NET Exam is conducted within three different papers (Paper-I, Paper-II and Paper-III) whereas the CSIR NET Exam consists only a single paper with three different sections (Part-A, Part-B and Part-C).


The Paper-I and Part-A consist the questions from General Aptitude and remaining two sections consist the questions from the opted subjects.


The CBSE UGC NET Exam is conducted for total 350 marks (Paper-I: 100; Paper-II: 100; Paper-III: 150) whereas CSIR NET is conducted for total 200 Marks.


The Marking Scheme for all the subjects is same in UGC NET but in CSIR NET, the marking scheme is different for each subject.


The candidates get total 5 hours to solve the CBSE UGC NET Paper whereas only 3 hours are allotted to CSIR NET aspirants to solve the complete paper.


There is no negative marking in CBSE UGC NET Exam but in CSIR NET, if any candidate answers incorrectly in PART-A and PART-B, then 0.50 and 0.75 marks will be deducted respectively.



To see the paper pattern for both the exams in detail, please follow the links given below-


CBSE UGC NET Exam Pattern

 CSIR NET Exam Pattern.



[CBSE UGC NET vs CSIR NET] There’s a Different Eligibility Criteria for both!


The eligible candidates are identified on the basis of different requisites decided by the respected exam convener institutes.






As per the CBSE UGC NET Eligibility conditions-



The candidates should have a post-graduation degree (in the any of the UGC NET subjects) passed with 55% (for General Candidates) or 50% (for ST/SC/PWD/OBC) marks.


Upper Age Limit – 28 Years.



As per the CSIR NET Eligibility conditions –



The candidates should have passed M.Sc. / Integrated BS-MS / BS-4 Years / BE/B-Tech / B-Pharma / MBBS with 55% (for General Candidates) or 50% (for ST/SC/PWD/OBC) marks.


Upper Age Limit – 28 Years.



[CBSE UGC NET vs CSIR NET] Both Exam have Different Selection Criteria!


Basically, the selection process for both the exams is similar! In both the exams, candidates must appear in the written test and qualify it.

But when it comes to the selection criteria, then we must say it is quite different for both.






You can check the cutoff marks for both the exams and have an idea about the selection criteria by visiting the following links –


CBSE UGC NET Cutoff Marks

CSIR NET Cutoff Marks.



[CBSE UGC NET vs CSIR NET] Career Scope is Different!


There’s a different career scope after qualifying both the exams.


The CBSE UGC NET qualified candidates get a chance to work with NET Coordinating Institutes whereas CSIR NET qualified candidates have to work with the CSIR Research Laboratories.







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There’s one more difference between these exams that the CBSE UGC NET Exam is conducted at 90 Exam Centers whereas CSIR NET is conducted at 27 Exam Centers.


Apart from these differences, there are few similarities between them!




Similarities between CBSE UGC NET Exam and CSIR NET Exam!


As you all know that CBSE UGC NET and CSIR NET, both the exams are conducted for the selection of such talented candidates who dream to have their career as Researchers or College Professors.


There are few factors which make both the exams similar. Below we are listing up all the similarities between CBSE UGC NET Exam and CSIR NET Exam, please check it out!



Both the exams have similar suffix i.e. ‘NET’.


 Both the exams are conducted for recruitment of JRF and Assistant Professors.


 Both are pen-paper based exams. They are conducted offline, where the responses to the questions are marked in an OMR sheet.


The qualifying procedure is similar. Candidates are selected only based on their performances in written test.


CBSE UGC NET Exam and CSIR NET Exam are conducted twice a year, usually in the months of June and December.


The candidates are assessed on the basis of their Aptitude Knowledge and Subject Knowledge.


The eligibility criteria are also similar in some factors like –


Candidates are required to have valid PG Degree in concerned subject passed with 55% marks for General Category and 50% marks for ST/SC/PWD/OBC Category candidates.


The upper age limit is 28 years for both the exams.


The Application Forms are submitted online for both the exams.



So, these were the similarities between CBSE UGC NET Exam and CSIR NET Exam.



Hope we have cleared all your doubts and confusion regarding the similarities and differences between CBSE UGC NET and CSIR NET Exam.


If you still have any query, you can ask us in the comment section below!


To keep yourself updated with every single information about CBSE NET and CSIR NET Exam, you can join us on Facebook and YouTube!






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    • Eduncle Team

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